“Queer” indoctrination for kids

Fourth Wave Now blogged about this new YouTube channel called Queer Kids Stuff that markets trans ideology to young kids. Her post can be found here. Instead of commenting on 4thWave, I am writing my own post, since, as usual, I am writing an entire essay.

The goal of this YouTube series is to teach the ideology of the queer/trans movement to kids. I’ve been observing for some time now how “queer” is becoming its own subculture that has little to do with homosexuals. (For more info, click the “queer community” blog tag.) Queer/trans is a sort of cult where a haircut and an outfit are an identity, where biological sex doesn’t exist, where being “different” in superficial ways makes you cool, and people want to be “different” just for the sake of being different, and where people are misunderstood and oppressed by normal, boring people who just don’t get it. It seems a bit like middle-class bored teenagers with teenage angst forming an alternative youth culture together, except it’s being promoted by fully grown adults.

Because the queer/trans cult doesn’t believe in biological sex, they don’t believe in sexual orientation either. They think that people have a “gender,” not a sex, and that people are attracted to a “gender,” not a sex. However, biological sex does exist, and homosexuals are attracted to the same sex. I am attracted to people who are female, not people who perform femininity.

This cult has formed out of what used to be the GLBT community. Even though gay men and lesbians barely have anything to do with each other, and even though trans is a totally different thing from being gay, we are all together in a community for some reason, and the trans have totally taken over. And by “trans” I don’t mean ordinary people with dysphoria who just want to live their lives, but weird people with ideology around erasing biological sex and creating safety for people to practice their sexual fetish in public and forcing random strangers to validate their special identities. This new cult is not a safe space for lesbians and gays, and when we speak for ourselves sometimes we get kicked out of the group for oppressing the special snowflakes with our inconvenient knowledge of biological sex and our own sexual orientation.

The first video in Queer Kids Stuff is about explaining what gay means.

The host, Lindsay, explains that gay means when someone loves someone of the same gender. That’s not true. I’m not surprised Lindsay would say that though, because, as I said, the Q/T cult doesn’t believe in biological sex. Also, Lindsay posted her bio on her web site, and although she vaguely alludes to possibly being lesbian or bisexual, she doesn’t call herself by any sexual orientation label, and just calls herself “queer.” Calling yourself “queer” is a way of disappearing your sexual orientation, because “queer” has become so vague that anyone can claim it, including straight people.

Although I don’t think small children would even understand the bit about “attracted to a gender,” the video does give some child-friendly and well-presented information—that some families have two moms or two dads. That’s how I would explain it—because that’s all kids need to know and all they would understand. (The video also mentions that some families have “many moms” and “many dads.” Obviously we need to be inclusive of polyamorous couples who are in relationships with everyone in their community. *eyeroll* )

The second video explains what gender is. It starts off by saying that girls can wear short hair and a tie if they want. Then it explains that people can belong to one of three categories, boys, girls or people. That would be pretty confusing for a kid, because boys and girls are both people, and putting them in three categories like that implies that “people” is a distinct category from boys and girls.

The video goes on to explain that anyone from any of these categories can wear whatever they want. The fact that a video about gender starts off with a discussion of clothing vaguely implies that gender is about clothing. However, it never explicitly says what gender is. The closest they come to explaining what gender means is when they write the word gender above the words boy, girl, and people. This implies that gender is whether you’re a boy, a girl, or a person. Since this is only implied in writing, but never said out loud, I don’t even think small kids will pick up on this.

The teddy bear asks a really good question, which is, if girls, boys, and people can wear whatever they want, then how do you tell what gender they are? (Once again, this questions betrays the underlying assumption that gender has to do with what clothing someone is wearing.)

Any sane person at this point would say that girls have vaginas and boys have penises, and that they’re still girls or boys no matter what they’re wearing. But in transland, there is no such thing as sex! There is only this confusing, vague concept of “gender” that seems to have something to do with clothes, but not exactly, and that can be labelled as “girl” or “boy” even though the concepts of “girl” and “boy” cannot be defined. No matter how you twist yourself, you can never follow the logic.

She also explains that there are people who are transgender, which means they don’t identify with the gender that doctors tell them they are when they were born. This is not true. Doctors note the baby’s sex, but they have no power to assign a “gender.” Gender is a set of mannerisms, appearances and behaviors that are culturally connected to people’s biological sex. Doctors do not singlehandedly create the culture that babies will grow up in. It’s primarily the parents, but also the community at large, who assigns the baby a “gender” by socializing them in certain ways. Further, the way Lindsay explains this in the video would be completely incomprehensible to a small child.

The answer Lindsay gives to Teddy is that you tell what gender someone is by asking for their pronouns. Can you imagine kindergarten children asking for each other’s pronouns to see what “gender” their playmates are? This stuff is way beyond their comprehension.

The third video explains what queer is. “It’s not a thing, it’s an idea,” Lindsay says. “Queer has to do with being different, and how everyone is different from everyone else. Some people are different because they’re gay or because of their gender. You can be different in lots of ways. We are all a little different or weird or even strange and that’s a good thing. So I guess we’re all a little bit queer.” Teddy asks, “Me too?” and Lindsay answers, “Of course, teddy!”

The unicorn song she sings emphasizes that queer means different. The last line is “queer means different and being different is so much fun!”

As the video closes, she says, “Now we want to know what makes you a little bit queer.”

This is bizarre and surreal.

The word queer has a long tradition of being a pejorative for homosexual, and if you ask older gay men they often recall being called this word while being beaten for being gay. Today, queer is an umbrella term that is supposed to include lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, people who have cool haircuts, people who practice BDSM, and people who feel they are special or unique in some way.

This video turns queer into something even sillier. Now it’s simply a synonym for “different” and kids should learn this word as a positive word to describe how we’re all different. All I can say is, what the fuck?

Lindsay says we’re all a little queer, which is so weird, because we certainly aren’t all a little homosexual, in fact, about 95% of people are heterosexual, so obviously when Lindsay uses the word this way she simply means “different,” and this has nothing to do with being gay.

Could it have to do with being trans? Who knows! Anyone can claim to be trans for any reason. You don’t even have to have dysphoria. You can just have a cool haircut and outfit and choose some pronouns and an identity label and voilà—you’re trans!

There is probably a very tiny percentage of people who actually have sex dysphoria—smaller even than the number of people who are homosexual. So judging by Lindsay’s assertion that we’re “all a little queer,” it seems like queer is neither about being homosexual nor having sex dysphoria—I think it’s primarily about having a cool identity label.

She closes this video by encouraging kids to list reasons why they are queer. Huh? The kids have just learned that queer means “different,” and that you can be different in lots of ways. So in what ways are kids different, that they can come up with on their own at a young age? Maybe that their eye colours and their hair colours are different? I doubt they’d come up with anything about sexual orientation, since little kids don’t understand sexuality yet.

These videos give me a weird and creepy feeling. I’m possibly supposed to be included in the queer community because I’m a lesbian, but this is not the sort of video I would make. I don’t want kids to be indoctrinated into weird, anti-science ideology. I don’t want kids to be confused about what girls and boys are. Everyone needs to understand the difference between male and female because this is part of our understanding of human beings, and it will become very important once kids reach puberty because they need to understand how reproduction works. The erasure of biological sex erases sexual orientation entirely, which does not benefit lesbians or gays. The gender identity ideology supports allowing male people into female locker rooms and washrooms, which is not safe for females. This ideology also makes it “bigoted” and sometimes illegal to name male people as male and for female people to assert their boundaries and need for privacy. I do not support any of this and it makes me angry that this sort of ideology is being pushed in the name of “LGBT” which I am supposedly a part of.

If the “queer” community wants to remove women’s rights to safety and privacy, wants to gas-light us, violate our boundaries, and remove our right to speak about our biology, and erase sexual orientation, then the queer community is hostile toward all women and particularly toward lesbians.

The people who benefit from this sort of activism are primarily people who want their special snowflake identity validated and males who want to enter female-only spaces. I do not wish to support these causes.

Sex dysphoria is a real condition, and I don’t think that people who have sex dysphoria are benefitting from the actions of this cult. The end result of this silliness is that more people will become conservative, because the liberals have lost their goddamn minds, and there will be a backlash against lesbians and gays, because we will be blamed for this.

Conservatives have been complaining for decades that the homosexuals are trying to recruit or indoctrinate their children, and we actually weren’t! Now look at what the queer cult is doing!

Here’s what I think kids should learn about being gay. If a teacher is talking about different types of families, they should list a family with two moms or two dads as a possibility, and remain quite neutral about this. That’s it! There is absolutely no need to put on a unicorn suit and play a song on a ukulele about how being gay is fabulous and fun. This isn’t a lifestyle being marketed to people. All we want is to be able to exist without being hated, basically. Teachers also should stop the bullies who engage in homophobic bullying. It should be pretty routine to stop any sort of bullying, and that includes bullying of gay kids or kids with gay parents.

But indoctrinating kids into weird ideology? No, absolutely not!


18 thoughts on ““Queer” indoctrination for kids

  1. What’s interesting to me is that conservatives seem to prefer that their kids be queer or trans, rather than being homosexual. Its easier to believe male and female souls somehow get mixed up and end up in the wrong body, than to accept that their child is gay. Its then, I started to catch a glimmer of how strong the stigma of being homosexual is in a conservative (patriarchal) religious community.

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  2. Really good analysis. Should be read by counsellors and medical professionals. Occurs to me the real damage is due to science and the law occupying this phenomenon. Otherwise it would be another stage like goth or hippy. What is also significant is the number of girls
    Who clam to be male and gay. Th fancy girls and ‘couple up. So appearing o b gay men. I agree gender dysphoria is often not presen in fact man are very fond of hmselves. Compassionate adults respond th sympathy and indlulgence, feeding h monster of deliuded thinking.


  3. On a forum I mostly lurked on until recently (couldn’t hold my tongue any longer and got banned for being “transphobic”) one “queer” member posted about how terrible their father was for talking about the “gay community”, “gay pride” and refusing to call anyone, far less their own child, “queer”. As I recall, the reason given by the father was that they knew “queer” as a homophobic slur and insult, and it was not a word they wanted to use. This desire not to speak words known by the speaker to be extremely offensive was neither understood nor accepted by anyone on that particular forum.

    The person who posted about this terrible misbehaviour on the part of their father got a lot of support and the father was derided as unsupportive, unreasonable, and in need of education.

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  4. I’m worried about the backlash too. It’s almost impossible for gay and lesbian people to distance themselves from this at the moment. But the last time I was at a college queer activist center, maybe about a small handful of the regulars there were actually homosexuals.

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  5. The end result of this silliness is that more people will become conservative, because the liberals have lost their goddamn minds, and there will be a backlash against lesbians and gays, because we will be blamed for this.

    This is already happening. I’ve got relatives, not rapid right-wingers, but just fairly conservative church-goers in mainstream religions who say, “This is what the gay agenda has brought us.”

    Trying to talk to them and untangle sexual orientation and gender ideology is difficult. The genderists have appropriated and twisted a lot of the ideas and rhetoric of both feminism and gay and lesbian rights, so it’s hard at first for the average person to see the difference. Especially if they’re not motivated to think about it in the first place.

    Great post, PS. This indoctrination for children is beyond creepy.

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    • Crap. That’s horrible.

      Yes it’s all a huge confusing rigmarole when you first start hearing about it. I think one of the vital things to make this comprehendible to people outside it is to say very clearly the trans/Queer people are engaged in propaganda and are consciously trying to deceive you.

      Once the person you’re explaining this to grasps that they’re being told about the linguistic slipperiness of scam artists it becomes a lot easier to understand. They stop trying to parse the words TransQueer™ 😆 is using to find out what it believes. And focus on WTF is this? And WTF do they want? And the whole idea this is some rarefied thing that if only they understood it they would agree with it goes away. And they feel more confident.

      Oh, and yeah we need to push back against this. Make it clear that this is a subculture and they are weird.

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  6. This is such brainwashing! It’s made even more reprehensible because it’s aimed right at toddlers, who are well known for being unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. In her book So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Kids, Diane E. Levin, Ph.D., talks about how children create movies in their minds as they build an understanding of new, unfamiliar concepts. As they get a new piece of information or evolve in their understanding, they add a new scene. Full knowledge and understanding of mature, adult concepts never comes fully-blown.

    She also talks about how many times, children think adult words have much more innocent meanings, as evidenced in the story of the kindergarten boy who got in lots of trouble for telling a friend he wanted to have sex with her, when he really meant he wanted to kiss her. So when Lindsay and Teddy use words and terms like “gender identity” and “queer,” the intended audience probably isn’t grasping this information with any sort of real understanding.

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  7. By the way, as I’m sure many people predicted, there’s this guy at University in Sydney who pretended just somehow be a transwoman in order to be eligible for a position in student government. It’ll a little rigmarole-y. So now the student government is going to have to define what criteria you have to meet to be considered a transwoman. Or as they might put it a “non-cisgender male” 😆 Here’s the article.


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  8. Sorry, it was well over 20 years from its founding in the 1970s before most gay rights rights groups disavowed NAMBLA and some only did so because of outside pressure. Indoctrination of boys into the ‘gay lifestyle’ is the sole purpose of NAMBLA. It isn’t appropriate to erase history even when it reflects poorly on a community.


  9. I think you have many valid points in this article. I do however have a bit of an issue about how your stance on trans came off. I am quite frankly unclear on your position and makes your piece confusing and lacking a solid position for those that may agree with you but do not do to ambiguity. Trans is absolutely a thing that people do have a strong dysphoria of their sexually assigned “gender” and strongly want to identify as the other gender AND change their sexual genitalia/top etc. I personally am “queer” but a lesbian first and for most. I just happen to be more comfortable saying I am queer in my current position with being out.

    Though I do not identify as non-binary or any other of the slew of terms popping up for those that do not conform to either gender ideal, I do dress androgynously and often get mistaken for a guy. I have a “cool” short hair cut and love dr. marten boots, but I still want my pronouns to match how I identify whether it is people’s assumption or not. So I guess I can UNDERSTAND the frustration for trans members of the community that do experience body dysphoria, wear closes that make them feel more comfortable, have a desire to change their biological genitalia, and get called pronouns of what their current genitalia tells their dr, people, themselves they are supposed to be. I would fight for being called the pronouns that felt correct too.

    As far as all the other terms, the majority of them say they are on the trans spectrum or not on the trans spectrum at all, but I do not know of many if any people that use the “they” or “ze” terms that say they are 100% a transexual. They are self-identified as “other than their assigned biological gender” but they are not transexual. Yes I think that this video series sounds kind of hideous. I would like to think that I could be a woman and a person, but I mean hey. I think the message that we are ALL people rather than “people” being the label of this mystical third category is where it all goes sideways for me.

    But I do agree with bathroom rights. Because, as a lesbian, I would like you to look around your community of self-identifies and biologically identified female lesbians and ask them if they have ever been discriminated or harmed verbally or physically in a bathroom for PRESENTING more masculinely. I know I have, and I am not even overly masculine in presentation.The bathroom rights DO help our community on a whole, and at the end of the day if a guy really wanted to come in and harm a female in a public bathroom, I doubt they would take the effort to change their pronouns, present femininely and then go hang out in their local target bathroom. Let’s be honest with the reality of bathroom dangers.


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