Video: Gender Identity in Student Spaces

A conference was held in London, U.K this summer called Thinking Differently. It was a place for feminists to discuss gender identity and transgenderism. There were lots of great speakers and I recommend watching the whole thing.

In this clip, Magdalen Burns talks about being kicked out of her campus LGBT group and her women’s liberation group for violating “safe space” rules by disagreeing with their dogma.

It’s interesting hearing her talk about all the reasons why she was kicked out of various groups—all of them are really stupid reasons. But the part that I found most poignant was that she knows around ten gays and lesbians who have been kicked out of their university LGBT society by people who identify as “queer” but not lesbian or gay. It looks like we have reached a point where ordinary gays and lesbians are officially kicked out of LGBT—the important people in that group now are people identifying as queer and trans. The words queer and trans are so vague that anyone could identify this way, the only real criteria is you have to adhere to the group dogma. As Magdalen says, if you’re an 18-year-old lesbian in your first year on campus you’re going to fear not being able to be around other lesbians.

Whatever the hell “queer” is, it’s pretty hostile to homosexuals.


11 thoughts on “Video: Gender Identity in Student Spaces

  1. Sagey-one, do you have a link to the taped conference at all? I’d really like to see what the rest of the speakers had to say. I’ve searched for it but only get the adverts for the tickets.
    Thanks! And thanks for your great blog.

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  2. Just a side note: these trans/queer groups also kick out trans folks who don’t toe the line. They believe ideology is more important than individuals.


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