Lesbian Farmers—The Musical!

Did you hear about when Rush Limbaugh said that Obama was giving money to lesbians to become farmers in red states? (If only!)

Well, the very talented pianist and comedian Kathryn Lounsbery has written and performed an entire musical by herself about lesbian farmers! (Well, okay, she performs it by herself by it was written by her and Helen Berger.)

Also, if you’d like to see a very sexy photo shoot about how to dress like a lesbian farmer, click here!


5 thoughts on “Lesbian Farmers—The Musical!

  1. Lesbians clearly need to be petitioning for funding to become farmers elsewhere. Maybe Michigan.

    The Gulf Coast is getting dodgy lately in terms of weather and pollution. And Texas gets hurricanes *and* random flooding *and* severe drought, depending on what year it is. You don’t want to go and take up farming just anywhere these days.

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  2. Well, I grow all my veggies for the year, but I’m more of a homesteader. I live in the woods and just got done hauling and stacking my wood for the winter. It was 86 yesterday, but it will be in the 40s this week. I’ve lived in a red state before, but I’ll take Northern Maine any day. It’s pretty “Red” in Aroostook County….full of birthers and Trump supporters, but Mainers tend to let folks be. If you can handle the winters, you can make a go here.

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