Comedy sketch: The queer theory reading group

So much this!


11 thoughts on “Comedy sketch: The queer theory reading group

    • I know. I absolutely love the “deer caught in the headlights” look on her face when she’s accused of infantalizing her partner for calling her “baby.” And I love how easy it is to counter someone’s silly argument by making an even sillier one. LOL

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      • It gets so layered. I am much more careful about what language I use when I write, than when I talk. These are different parts of the brain, apparently. And what I think can get even worse, but it’s all habit.

        I do have a lot of respect for how what language we use shapes us, but it’s not as easy to edit one’s self all the time as some may think, especially impromptu. And sometimes you just want to use a word, it’s exactly what’s needed, but how that is seen may not always be positive.

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        • I’m very much out of the habit of talking to people, and awhile back I was talking to someone on the phone (which I do maybe once a year, if that) and found myself repeatedly using “man” as an interjection. This is common usage in liberal venues, where I grew up, and it was like having old tapes replaying. But I haven’t done that in writing in ages.

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  1. Hands up, those commenters who date women – which of the women at that table would you be able to get through an entire date with without running away screaming?

    Hint – it’s the “problematic” one.

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