Abusing teenage girls is “progressive” now

Lots of you have probably heard of the lawsuit regarding the male-to-trans teen who was twerking in the girls’ locker room and making girls uncomfortable.

From the Daily Signal:

“A group of students and parents from Minnesota filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the federal government and their school district for allowing a transgender student who was born male but identifies as female into the girls’ locker rooms, showers, and restrooms.

The lawsuit was filed by the conservative nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom representing concerned parents and students who formed a group called Privacy Matters. The group is suing over Minnesota’s Virginia Public Schools’ policy for transgender students, arguing that the current policy is an invasion of personal privacy.

According to the complaint, a transgender student in Duluth, Minnesota, was allowed to enter the girls’ locker room and would dance “in a sexually explicit manner—‘twerking,’ ‘grinding,’ and dancing like he was on a ‘stripper pole’ to songs with explicit lyrics, including ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis.”

“On another occasion,” the complaint noted, “a female student saw the male student lift his dress to reveal his underwear while ‘grinding’ to the music.”

Right-wing sites have been reporting on this more accurately, acknowledging the male student as male and that the privacy rights of the girls have been violated. However, despite the MtT student’s obviously outrageous and abusive behaviour, the so-called “progressive” media is defending him.

Here is an article by a man who is apparently gay and who is an “LGBT editor” for Think Progress who defends the abusive male student as a regular girl “who happens to have a personality.” He scoffs at the idea that this male student is not a girl, and calls his abusive behaviour “ordinary teenage behavior.”

Let’s take a look at the “ordinary teenage behaviour” he is defending.

From the Washington Times:

“The transgender student, only identified as “Student X” in the complaint, would allegedly dance to lewd music while in the locker room, including by “twerking, grinding, and lifting up his skirt to reveal his underwear” in front of high school girls.

He is also accused of following two female students seeking privacy in a secondary locker room and disrobing in front of them.

Student X also allegedly questioned one female student about her bra size and then asked her to “trade body parts” with him.”

The trans activist party line is that boys who identify as girls simply want to change with their teammates and there’s nothing sinister going on. I’ve been a teenage girl in a girls’ change room, and nobody behaved like this. We changed quickly, we were generally embarrassed about being seen undressed even by other girls, and we did NOT have sexy dance parties. If this teenage boy actually had sex dysphoria and hated his male parts, would he dance around, undress, show off and lift his skirt? I doubt it. He’s behaving like an entitled asshole who has no concern about the girls he is making uncomfortable, and he appears quite gleeful about violating their boundaries.

That fact that he actually followed female students who went elsewhere for privacy and continued to undress in front of them really highlights how abusive he is. If this were just a matter of him wanting to use a change room like any other girl, he would have no reason to follow girls elsewhere and continue to intimidate them.

The “LGBT editor” from Think Progress, Zack Ford, offers a whole array of excuses for the MtT’s abusive behavior. He suggests that by conspicuously undressing his male body in a female locker room, the MtT student was simply “using the locker room for its intended purpose.” In response to the MtT following a girl who was uncomfortable around him, Ford says he was just “calling out her rejection.” (Why wasn’t she allowed to reject him???) Regarding the lewd dance routine, Ford says “Dancing is a thing that happens in high school locker rooms.”

The attitude Ford displays toward the teen girls at this school is that they should accept a male’s version of reality even if it is different from their own, which is a form of abuse called gas-lighting. Further, Ford wants them to accept the MtT’s boundary-crossing behaviour without complaint. Teaching girls that they must ignore their feelings of discomfort and defer to male wishes is grooming them for abuse.

I can’t imagine how it could be “progressive” or “pro-LGBT” to gas-light and groom teenage girls into accepting sexual abuse. If you ask me, sexual abuse is NEVER progressive and never acceptable. I am completely baffled when people suggest that promoting sexual abuse is somehow a way to advance “LGBT rights.” Lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals do NOT benefit from the promotion or acceptance of sexual abuse. The only people who benefit from that are the predators.

I am a lesbian, and when I’m in a female locker room, I change as quickly as possible while being careful not to look at anyone, and then I get out right away. I would never do anything to make anyone uncomfortable. Never have I ever witnessed a sexy dance party in a locker room! People who think that girls are in a regular habit of twerking and pole dancing while changing for gym class have been watching too much porn.

The people who are launching anti-trans lawsuits are generally conservatives, and conservatives are likely to be homophobic already. If so-called “LGBT” organizations and writers are defending the abusers who are targeting the daughters of these conservative parents, what do you suppose those parents are going to think about lesbians, gays and bisexuals? Gays rights activists spent decades convincing heterosexual America that we are not sexual predators or perverts, and now “LGBT” activists are defending sexual predators and perverts as being under the “LBGT” umbrella. I am one of the Ls in “LGBT” and I do not want to be under the same umbrella as men who sexually abuse women—I don’t even want to be on the same planet as them.

As long as the trans cult refuses to distinguish between sex dysphoria and sexual fetishes, and as long as they defend abusers, they are harming lesbians, gays and bisexuals. I am so alienated from “LGBT” at this point, I am almost starting to cringe when I see that acronym. That is really fucking sad.

So-called “Progressive” people, take a good hard look at what you’re supporting, and who it benefits and who it’s hurting.


53 thoughts on “Abusing teenage girls is “progressive” now

  1. Thank you for the post. The complexities of interrupting violence aimed at trans people while grappling with misogyny aimed at lesbians by transforms and their progressive allies requires this kind of honest discourse. Gracias.


  2. I HATE “LGBT”, and when.a Lesbian does something notable(in a positive way” they call.her an “LGBT ACTIVIST” or queer woman, never Lesbian anymore. And gay men are ALWAYS supporting these born males..cuz half of them are drag queens themselves. Males WILL ALWAYS support males first and foremost.

    I dont agree with what trans wholesale are doing to girls, women or the Lesbian communities. Maybe they should turn Amazon on him and kick him the fuck out. They are not Female, they ARE AND ACT completely male no matter WHAT they are wearing. It is sexualized MALE behavior even if he’s imitating girls or women. Thats what it is: a hypersexualized imitation of females, and stalking is classic MALE behavior!!!

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  3. It seems like I reach peak trans all over again at least once a day! I totally agree about the need to expunge the T from LGBTQWERTY already. That whole alphabet soup is such a mess, constantly adding new letters that have nothing to do with same-sex attraction. Why, for example, are intersex people there when they have completely different concerns than the LGB community? Why include asexuals, who don’t experience sexual attraction at all? Why have two Qs, for both the now-meaningless label “queer” and “questioning”? I know someone who didn’t like the idea of adding a D for demisexual, yet thought nothing of possibly adding a C for “cis” (ugh), since allies are in this too.

    My locker room experience has been similar to yours. In junior high, I remember seeing exactly one girl completely naked, as she stepped out of the shower after swimming. I was so shocked to see someone else naked, and at how she herself didn’t share the extreme modesty all the rest of us had while changing. Many of us wore our bathing suits under our clothes on swim days, and then carefully maneuvered on our street clothes under a towel afterwards. We didn’t even take off our bathing suits in the shower, except for that one girl. I ended up going to three different high schools, and at the first two, where we also had swimming, everyone was likewise very modest and careful. The girls at my final high school were also very modest. It was in the junior high locker room that I picked up the habit I still have today, of simultaneously taking off and putting on different tops instead of taking off the first top and then putting on the second.

    In the JCC locker room, I see a fair number of women who get totally naked, and I always avert my eyes. I once had to go up to a naked woman to ask if I’d left my bottle of shampoo in the shower her daughter was in, and I avoided looking at her body while we were speaking and when she retrieved the shampoo for me. (I wonder if it’s a generational thing, since they all seem to be older than I am.) I change in one of the dressing rooms, or with the modest techniques I picked up all those years ago. Never have I ever seen anyone prancing around in the nude or a state of partial undress, grinding against benches and lockers, chasing after other girls and women, singing X-rated songs, or acting like someone in a porno. My little campers similarly changed for swimming in a modest fashion, and no men or boys were allowed in the room when we were all changing before leaving for the JCC. I actually taught some of them my modest changing tricks, since they were very uncomfortable about undressing in front of anyone. Heads would’ve rolled had a boy been caught out pretending to be a girl, or if I’d seen a grown man or teenage boy dancing around naked in front of my little campers at the JCC locker room! Some of these girls are so modest, they wear waterproof coverups or long T-shirts over their swimsuits, or refuse to swim in the presence of male lifeguards or male swimmers.

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    • I managed to skip gym class during most of my high school years. If you never showed up in the first place they didn’t seem to notice. I would have enjoyed it except for the mandatory nudity, it freaked me out. I didn’t know these girls, they weren’t my friends, why would I want to be naked around them?

      I cannot imagine what it would have been like if I had to go and there was some pervy boy in there too. I would have run away from home.

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      • I was the excuse for basically any girl who didn’t want to have to run in front of the boys. I had gotten permission to basically spend my gym time weight training so I didn’t have to spend valuable time after school doing strength training. Other girls got permission to come to the weight room with me. We were unsupervised, essentially, since our gym teacher didn’t think it was important for girls to be athletes, so he worked with the boys. I lifted. Most of the other girls sat on the benches and talked for the class period until we were sent to the locker rooms to change. Basically you got a passing grade for showing up. I don’t think my gym grade was any different from the other girls. The only advantage I got from spending gym time and part of my lunch time in the weight room was big muscles.

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    • yes and why include gender identity which has nothing to do with sexual orientation (or so they keep telling us). Where is the shared experience? Where are the shared goals? … for that matter, when have you ever seen trans activists fight for anyone but themselves? they certainly do not further the cause of gay rights or feminism. its all ‘ poor me me me me me me meeeee….’ everyone else is a terf or bigot for not putting them first and foremost into every movement they’ve hijacked and appropriated for their cause… what the hell is the matter with the world taking this crap seriously? when was the last time you saw a trans person out and about anyway? .

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      • Yes, the tendency of narcissists to lead trans activism makes it especially unpalatable and continues to work to marginalize anyone who either identifies as transgender or might simply be perceived to be such. But as it is an innately transgressive philosophy, I don’t know how they work their way to stable mainstream acceptance, even if they worked to ditch the people with dangerous personality disorders.

        The only path I know of is to abandon the entire notion of transgenderism and adopt the position that there is nothing inherently wrong with being extremely nonconforming to sex stereotypes. But this would threaten the sex hierarchy that exists in so many cultures so badly that they would likely crumble if they fully accepted this.

        Thus transgenderism was invented, to not only make sure everybody stays in their boxes, but to glamorize the boxes as well.

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  4. I would call the behaviour immature exhibitionism , rude and disturbing. It happens and in my experience such behaviour whether by straight boys or trans boys is always reported by well adjusted kids and performed by mal adjusted. I have been around kids a long time, this is delinquent male exhibitionism which should result in a sanction. And parents contacted.

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  5. I think people forget how vulnerable a lot of middle and high school girls feel. A good amount of them have already been sexually assaulted in some way — something like 82% of all juvenile victims are girls, and 1/4 girls pre-18 are sexually assaulted. We are dealing with a population that has a lack of choice and control over their life. So of course these young women are going to feel protective of themselves. They didn’t develop that quality from nowhere. And good for them for being strong enough to say “no.”

    That’s what continues to amaze me. People think women all these years were lying or exaggerating about rape and assault. It’s just ever so conveniently a non-issue for these trans activists. And who the fuck is Zack Ford? Can males stop telling women what to think? Ever?

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        • Wow, I think you just caused a gazillion transwomen to spontaneously combust. I think I may have told my very best friend in 5th grade what happened, but I did so in the privacy of the branches of my favorite tree. And if I could have had my way, I think I would have just stayed up there and had cheese sandwiches delivered on a daily basis.

          I never told anyone my cup size and I never even knew what my accurate size would be, because I bound down.

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  6. I’m with you on this one. That behavior is wildly inappropriate, especially when some girls explicitly left to be in a safer environment away from the public display of body parts.

    Though, I’m a bit shocked you never witnessed people lewd dancing in locker rooms. That was something pretty much /all/ of my classmates participated in at one time or another, of course there were reserved girls that were respected and they were given space away from us rowdy and hormonal kids. Still, the lack of respect this kid had for her fellow peers is NOT okay it’s abuse.

    It sucks that there is a weird double standard, because a cisgender girl would probably be punished on the spot had an adult walked in on that behavior. It’s not right. Punishment for purposeful nudity/ sexual behavior should be across all gender identities, because ANYONE could be a potential victim.


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    • That’s the heart of the story, that these girls were effectively told they could not recognize abusive behavior because their judgment was clouded by bigotry, a claim that, as you note, would never have come up if a person not identifying as transgender was harassing other girls. Transgenderism cannot be a get out of jail free card, that is abuse enabling and any sensible person can see that abusive persons will take advantage of this if allowed, as they will take advantage of any loophole that allows them to transgress with impunity.

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      • I agree. As a trans identifying person, I am really disturbed that people are treating transfolk as though they are different from others in this assbackwards thinking!! Punishment is in order, just because this kid is trans doesn’t mean that no one can ever punish bad behavior. That’s just ridiculous and even more harmful to everyone. Laws shouldn’t be discriminatory, which in this case it’s turning a blind eye towards cisgender students. Still not right, ever. No one should EVER be sexually abused like that, and they should punish those responsible. Cisgender or not. It doesn’t matter, sexual abuse is abuse no matter how you look at it. It’s very disturbing that those teens are feeling like as though their fears aren’t “politically correct”, uhhh no, that’s dangerous.

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  7. If an actual girl behaved like this, she would be expelled immediately as a “pervert” and predator. In other words, the ONLY reason he can get away with it is because he is male and is being given male privilege. Hooray for the parents who are standing up for their real daughters. (How sad that one has to say “real daughters.”)

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  8. “Regarding the lewd dance routine, Ford says “Dancing is a thing that happens in high school locker rooms.””

    How would he know what was happening in the girls locker room? I went to an all girls boarding school and never saw even the most extroverted and socially inappropriate girls acting like what’s described here. This is some weird, porny, male fantasy of girls having sexy pillowfights whenever we’re alone shit.

    I’m increasingly disturbed by the fact that there doesn’t seem to be an limit to what a person is allowed to get away with in terms of blatantly violating other people’s boundaries and generally acting like an asshole as long as they’re trans. What if this kid actually sexually assaulted one of the girls in his class? Would that be “normal locker room behavior” too? Is someone going to have to actually get killed before the people cheerleading this nonsense admit that they’re being ridiculous?

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  9. Way to go dehumanizing real girls there dude. Girls are human and they all “happen to have” personalities. U can have a personality without being an obnoxious pos.

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  10. Oh God, this article is giving me horrible flashbacks to the first year of high school when I was caught looking at another half-naked girl. It was a huge deal. Everyone made a point to tell me how “disgusting” and “unnatural” it was. Didn’t hear the end of it for years.
    At least it saved me having to come out, though. Such a double standard.

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  11. I wonder to what extent this kid’s boundary ignoring behavior is due to being told by his parents (and presumably the online trans community) that he/she is super special, superworthy, and anyone who has anything negative to say about or to them is a bigot and a transphobe. I can see how parents would like to shore up their child’s self esteem by such rhetoric, but I can also see how it could easily go too far, if the parents forget that other kids need protection too. If the parent’s haven’t taught the kid that other children have boundaries too and that they need to be respected, only emphasised that other kids need to accept him/her just the way he/she is, this could easily be the result. Especially the following other kids to a separate area sounds like the sort of behaviour that’s meant to say “you HAVE to accept me, no matter what”.

    I’m by no means denying that this behavior reeks of entitlement, just wondering how much of that entitlement has been put into the kid’s head by the parents, who may have misinterpreted what it means to support/love their child unconditionally. And what part did the Internet trans-community play in fostering and reinforcing that entitlement.

    It does also sound like the kid has internalised some very weird and pornified ideas of how girls behave and is following them, rather than watching and learning from what’s actually happening.

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    • The adults encouraging this behavior aren’t doing this kid any favors in the long run. At school other kids are forced to be around him to a certain extent, but as an adult he’s going to be very lonely if he doesn’t learn some social skills.

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      • Exactly, and this is a really important perspective to present. While he sounds like a little monster, a budding sociopath, we don’t know the full context. Kids who compulsively sexually act out often have been abused themselves. All this behavior is a clear red flag and an intervention is needed in the worst possible way.

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        • That too. There was a kid at my friend’s daughter’s school who kept lifting up her dress to show people her knickers. The school called social services.

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  12. Great post. I also cringe when I see the LGBT acronym and I’m getting ready to ditch it even as a tag to my posts. Did you hear about that movement that wanted to ditch the T? It apparently faded away, but I wonder if there’s more we can do about it.


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