The Little Lesbian Handbook is Live

Check out This Soft Space’s Lesbian Handbook! It is also posted as a page on my blog.

This Soft Space

With many thanks to PurpleSageFem for her edits, additions, and lovely formatting work, I’m pleased to present the Little Lesbian Handbook, available both as a downloadable PDF and at

Our goal with this project was to create a comprehensive booklet of information for lesbians who are beginning to explore their orientation and what it means to be a lesbian. My hope was to answer a lot of questions I had when I first realized I was a lesbian and a lot of questions I have seen in blog comments and tumblr asks over the past year. Although much of this information can be collected elsewhere, having it all in one place will hopefully give some women a source of comfort to fall back on when needed. It helps, I think, to have something so solid explaining so much.

Our wish is to disseminate this information as far and…

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5 thoughts on “The Little Lesbian Handbook is Live

  1. Also — may I include a link to your blog/your WordPress name under the credits when I post it on Tumblr? I totally understand too if you don’t want that general crowd hopping over here so just let me know what you think.

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