Some more lesbian comedy

You can never have enough lesbian comedy! When she said “take-out” I laughed so hard, I think that laugh can be classified as a whoop! Yes, I whooped!


2 thoughts on “Some more lesbian comedy

  1. I went to see the movie Don’t Think Twice last night and saw a trailer for a movie I thought might interest you. But just a side note on that movie: wow, it was nice to have female characters who weren’t objectified and just wore whatever clothes appealed to them without the film making a big deal out of it. I didn’t know I hadn’t seen that until I saw it. What a relief!

    Anyway, but there was a trailer for this French film which I don’t see anyone talking about. I can’t even find the trailer with English subtitles on youtube right now. Here’s the trailer on youtube:

    It’s about lesbians and feminists in the 1970s and the director is a feminist. She says she wanted to make her Brokeback Mountain, as it were. So it might be a tearjerker.

    There’s a very interesting interview with her here in French (I’m afraid that no one is interviewing her in English) where she talks about how feminism (and especially Lesbian feminism) was an influence on her desire to make the film and how she was thrown by Blue Is the Warmest Color (called La Vie d’Adele) and almost gave up the project until she realized that there shouldn’t be just one movie about female love much less one directed by a man.

    Google translate will get you the gist of the interview (I checked in some places):,130091.php

    Here’s another clip:

    Just thought you might like to hear about this movie since it seems like it isn’t getting much mention in the press here in the United States.

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