Transwoman calls police over misgendering

From the Daily Mail:

“Don’t call me ‘he’! Transgender Tory councillor calls in police because Labour opponent keeps calling her ‘he’ in meetings

A Tory councillor who transitioned from male to female a decade ago has complained to police after being addressed as ‘he’ by her Labour opponent.

Transgender Bolton councillor Zoe Kirk-Robinson has accused the town’s former mayor of ‘misgendering’ her after he repeatedly called her ‘he’ and ‘him’ instead of ‘she’ and ‘her’ at a meeting.

Officers are understood to be taking the allegation seriously and investigating the incident as a potential hate crime.”

So calling a man ‘he’ is a potential hate crime! It’s so nice of the police to take men so seriously when they report a hate crime. Women around the world endure human rights abuses daily in the form of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape, and the vast majority of the time the perpetrators are never convicted. But obviously a hate crime involving a grammatically correct pronoun used against a man is a police priority!

Mr. Kirk-Robinson is firmly opposed to so-called “hate crimes” against transwomen, but when it comes to actual women, he is not so kind.

Zoe 1

Zoe 2

It’s okay to call actual women “worthless bitch” and “sick, twisted old bitch,” apparently.

These guys are always making it clear that even though they “identify as women,” they hate actual women, and they aren’t seen as women by other people. If he was actually seen as a woman, then no one would give a shit if someone was verbally abusing him. Verbal abuse directed at women is no big deal and not a problem because we are seen as less than human. Transwomen believe in their fully human status and so does everyone else around them, because everyone knows they’re male.

Does anyone else think about what would happen if it became a hate crime to call a man “he,” and if you could actually get arrested for it?


25 thoughts on “Transwoman calls police over misgendering

  1. What a fucking asshole. I prefer to think about what it would be like if all the men who use the B word got ticketed for it.
    😊 <- here's me thinking about that

    I saw this story on Twitter and it is truly astonishing and idiotic. But I would take the idea the police are taking this seriously with a massive grain of salt. Hate crimes are hate motivated serious crimes. Like punching somebody in the face because they're gay. Now, police have a lot of latitude. So because this guy's a fancy ass Tory MP the POLICE may run around and do a bunch of investigating. But when it comes to prosecution that's down to the Crown Prosecution Service and they're not going to prosecute. Because there is no underlying "real" crime. Like punching somebody in the face.

    There's a misconception that yelling the N-word at somebody is a crime. It's not. I don't know if that should be or not but it isn't. So the trans cannot exploit bigoted speech being a crime because it isn't. And there's no reason to think random trans MPs are aware of that. Oh wait, a lawmaker should know that. 🙄 Trans people, valuing their fantasies so highly, will probably have trouble understanding that just because you can say misgengering is "literal murder" on Twitter it doesn't mean the law actually sees it that way. 😂

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    • A gay man of my acquaintance once explained it thusly: marching around with signs reading “God Hates Faggots” is not a hate crime, but screaming “die, faggot” whilst beating up a gay man is one, and thus qualifies for more stringent penalties than mere unmodified aggravated assault.

      Hate speech is not a hate crime, and misgendering is pretty thin soup even as hate speech goes, as people misgender each other by accident all the time, and most people don’t pitch a fit about it. The argument would be that it’s hate speech in this case because these guys are a protected class, and that the “misgendering” is intentional, but it would be difficult to prove harm, because to insist this causes psychological harm implies there is something wrong with being a man, or a woman. “He” and “she” are not in themselves pejorative terms. I would hate to have to try to win this one in a legal context, yet there are all sorts of stupid laws popping up giving these guys preferential treatment. People won’t stand for it in the long run, I expect, but it may take some time to walk this all back legally, what with people like the ACLU being cheerleaders.

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      • I like that illustration from your gay male friend. That’s it exactly.

        That ‘he’ and ‘she’ are not epithets! I never thought of that. Of course! Yes the Westborough Baptist Church signs are hate speech, but not a crime. And misgendering somebody isn’t even hate speech. Yet again with the trans a whole new phenomenon has to be invented for them. Let’s just not invented.

        The ACLU 😖

        (Apparently, somewhere either here or on Twitter, today I typed misgengering. And I’m standing by it!)

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        • Yeah. Like transgenderism itself isn’t quite a developmental disorder, and it’s not quite a psychological disorder. It’s some kind of new chimera, and since nobody can ever quite understand it, we have to be unfailingly accommodating no matter what the latest instructions are.

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  2. Who wrote the book he’s banging on about? Because she should call the cops too and report his Twitter tantrum as a hate crime, just to see what happens. And when people are all “that’s ridiculous” point them right back at the angry trans dude’s original complaint.

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    • Haha, don’t be ridiculous, women are not a protected class. Hate crimes against women (motivated by misogyny) are totes okay! Men have been doing that since written history!
      Now, if a dude is the victim of what he perceives has hate crime …. that’s different!

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  3. Surely prosecuting someone for not believing something would be bringing about the implementation of ‘thought crime’?

    You cannot force someone to believe that a man can become a woman, anymore than you can force someone to believe in a god. We don’t punish people for not praying when they are non-believers, so can we really punish people for not using someone’s preferred pronouns?

    I guess what I’m saying is: Can the government force people to act on a belief they don’t ascribe to?

    Using preferred pronouns is the polite thing to do, but what bad comes from ‘misgendering’ someone? I’m not talking about bullying or harassment here, btw, which SHOULD ALWAYS be taken seriously.

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    • Exactly about the whole ‘law forcing people to believe things’ thing. The law has long since stop the medieval practice of enforcing belief. That’s why this is so ridiculous. And I’m sure the police report that will only be filled out because the guy’s an MP, will go straight into the circular file.

      Oooh, interesting thought: are there laws that protect us/people from institutional practices that require us to believe some particular thing. Like the schools enforcing this gender ideology on people. Does the law protect the kid who wants to opt out of ‘biology is a social construct’? 🤔

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  4. The politics got lost in the personal. Were they debating health service cuts, increase in rates, closure of the community centre. Clearly less important a news story than ‘he says she says’. A politician we could do without whatever they choose to call themselves. Betrays why they really took public office.

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  5. I can’t believe how quickly this pronoun madness arose. Five years ago, I’d never heard of “preferred pronouns” and “misgendering,” nor the implication that using the “wrong” pronoun was akin to literal violence, a hate crime, and causing people to kill themselves.

    This can’t help but remind me of the similar, much more legitimate issue of people who refuse to use a woman’s proper last name. I know so many women who’ve kept their birth names after marriage (including my own mother) who regularly get mail addressed to them with the husband’s surname, and are called by the wrong surname as well, in spite of repeatedly explaining neither spouse changed their last name. Yet when a woman complains she’s not being called by her proper name, many people laugh at her, mock her, call her some kind of crazed feminist who doesn’t respect her husband or care about her family, and refuse to respect the fact that she didn’t want to become passively identified and written out of existence as Mrs. Husband’s Full Name.

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