Another butch comedian!

How is it that I had never heard of Rhea Butcher? She is fantastic! Thanks for the link, Merricat.


4 thoughts on “Another butch comedian!

  1. Hilarious! She has so much good material. I ran into her stuff online a few months back and I’m glad you reminded me about her.

    I have been accosted at liquor stores multiple times just this year because the owners thought I was a teenage or pre-adolescent boy. But I can almost always tell the difference between a teenage boy and a butch woman right away. Because it isn’t like there is no difference between how we look. There are secondary sex characteristics to be aware of and I’m totally gobsmacked that people honestly can’t tell I’m a woman. The problem really is that the general population isn’t taught to see women unless we look prettified or whatever.

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  2. So, I know how much you love videos, ‘Sage–she actually has just started a series called ‘Take My Wife’ with her wife, Cameron Esposito, that you can see on YouTube. Ep. 1 is the only one out so far, I think, but it’s worth a look.

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