‘Transgender Ken’ cake causing the moral decay of America

This week in morally corrupt baked goods news, a lovely cake made from a Ken doll wearing an icing dress is causing a social media storm among people who have too much time on their hands and extremely misguided priorities.

Ken cake

I checked out the bakery’s Facebook page and it seems that most of the haters are not the Oppressed Laydee type but the religious conservative type. After reading a few all-caps rants about how one cake at a private party is SHOVING HOMOSEXUALITY DOWN ALL OUR THROATS I decided I had enough of that, and stopped reading.

I think Ken’s dress is lovely, and so is the flower sash.

You can read more here. Thanks to Miep for sending me the link.


23 thoughts on “‘Transgender Ken’ cake causing the moral decay of America

  1. I only approve of this if there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO fondant involved. #FondantHaters 😀

    Fondant is an evil conspiracy against the creaminess of icing. And I’m pretty sure it’s had dealings with Kraft caramels which are disgusting. 🌴

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      • I don’t think I would have noticed it’s a “male” doll, just from looking at the picture – would just have thought it is not a barbie doll, as Barbie is never that muscular. Or flat-chested.
        People place way too much importance on the alleged sex of plastic dolls. There’s no proof Ken was intended to be male here. The hips are obscured by the cake. Or perhaps there are no hips, because the cake maker only used the upper part of a Ken doll.

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