Video: When to fire your therapist

This is another brilliant video by Maria Catt. It’s about more than just bad therapists, it’s also about valuing all parts of yourself, especially those parts that don’t conform to stereotypes.


3 thoughts on “Video: When to fire your therapist

  1. I wonder why therapists are pushing these treatment options so much. Do you have any ideas? Is it straight people wanting to be good allies and only having this one tool to use?

    Is there some kind of institutional connection between trans activism and the field of counseling/social work? I would think there would at least some kind of alternative for treating what is called “dysphoria” other than transitioning, but I have rarely heard of any alternative model of care. Maybe it reminds practitioners too much of how their field used to diagnose homosexuals as mentally ill, but personally I wish more professionals on my campus had approached these issues as a mental health problem rather than as an innate identity/body incongruity.

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    • As a culture we’re very used to seeing the medical and psych professions as guardians of our well being. We have these people on pedestals and regard their learning as prejudice-proof and objective. Even a cursory look at their track records tells a different story. Medicine has a long and sordid history. The displacement of midwives, Tuskegee, animal vivisection , experimentation on the poor and the mentally ill are a few of the examples that come readily to mind. Psychiatry, in its last heyday, was eyeball deep in lobotomies and electroshock “treatment”. (I believe these are still carried out because I witnessed an attempted coerced consent as recently as 10 or so years ago.) Both professions were front and center in the eugenics movement of yore both here and across the puddle. Why wouldn’t they be involved in this one?

      These folks get a lot of positive feedback from the culture and a most of them believe their own hype about their curative powers. Unfortunately most people believe that as well. Shrinks serve a purpose, bedded as they are with the pharmaceutical cabal. So I get it that many therapists want to help people but ultimately, they are part of the same machinery. However minor the cogs they do make it run.

      So let’s not forget that even though they are trained professionals they are not immune to trends. These fallible and wholly indebted humans are as susceptible to groupthink as any other nine-to-fiver. Being unpopular can be a costly liability in a system that relies on referrals to pay the rent and buy groceries. The way I see it this is a free-market problem and unfortunately ethics has been shown the back door.

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  2. Some people are pushing it because they’ve been convinced by trans activists that patients will commit suicide if their identity is not validated, some of them are pushing it because it’s making them money, some of them have been bullied and threatened by trans activists until they basically have no right to question trans ideology, and some of them are trying to justify their own transition.
    The only people who are talking about alternatives to transition are detransitioners who are writing on their blogs. The medical profession has not caught on yet.
    Lots of people are saying “Follow the money.” There is money to be made in transitioning people, but there’s no money to be made in people who are happy in their natural bodies.

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