Video: Masturbation for FtMs

So this is an entertaining video in which trans man Chase (who seems to have either ADHD or a caffeine addiction) teaches trans men (aka females with dysphoria) how to masturbate. It begins, as all trans videos begin, with a list of trigger warnings. This video might trigger you because of GENITALS and MASTURBATION, very scary topics indeed! (At least he* said “genitals.” Usually they say “junk,” because even the word “genitals” is too anatomically correct to be acceptable by the trans cult.)

The first thing Chase talks about, after giving a second round of trigger warnings because OMG GENITALS, is how people with dysphoria are not expected to enjoy masturbation. Legit topic! I would think that there are a few people out there with dysphoria who can’t relate to their genitals in any way, or who have anxiety about the way they relate to their genitals. I read a post by a detransitioner once saying that she used to analyze the gendered implications of her movements while she was masturbating, which made it hard to get anywhere. Man, scrutinizing all your movements in case they have implications for your “gender” would be a real mood killer. That would kill my mood too, if I did that.

I told you I’d be giving out TERFy advice during this series on FtM videos. Here is my first bit of excellent TERFy advice: Don’t scrutinize the gendered implications of your movements while you’re masturbating. It turns out that your biological sex isn’t actually determined by whether you “thrust” or “wiggle” during your solo sexytimes. Your sex is determined by whether your body produces ova or sperm, which is something that you cannot change, regardless of what wanking technique you use!

Gender is not the same thing as sex. Your “gender” is whether you perform masculinity or femininity, as determined by a sexist patriarchal culture. Some more TERFy advice: you can perform either masculinity or femininity, or any variation of those two constructs, and still be female! It turns out that females can have any behaviour, mannerisms, personalities, interests, or wanking techniques they want, and still be female! So it truly doesn’t do any good to analyze whether you enjoy thrusting or not during your sexytimes, whether alone or with a partner, because either way, you are still a perfectly normal female.

Chase says that he used to think that if he enjoyed his body and felt horny, then he wasn’t really trans, because a trans person shouldn’t be feeling good about his body. Luckily, he has already stopped feeling that way. You are allowed to enjoy your body at any time, whether you are identifying as trans or not, and regardless of what kind of outfit and haircut you currently have, and whether your personality is considered “masculine” or “feminine.” Chase and I agree on that point.

When he starts talking about techniques to use to masturbate while dysphoric, 100% of his advice is that you should buy sex toys. If you guessed that he has a product deal with a company that makes sex toys, and that they give him free samples to review on his video channel, and that he gets paid a commission if someone clicks on the link to their site and buys a product, then you guessed right! It looks like advice for FtMs on how to masturbate is largely based on what capitalism wants to sell to them. This is totally a liberation movement, though. Liberation movements are all about what capitalism wants to sell to people who are suffering!

Moving right along. The first product that Chase (doesn’t) recommend is a three-in-one packer, pee-er, and sexer, which he says doesn’t work very well and is quite expensive! Well, awesome advice then! 😀 (In case you can’t understand trans speak, a packer, pee-er and sexer is a fake penis which you can wear around, pee through, or use as a dildo with a presumably female partner.)

Well okay, he only says it doesn’t work well as a pee-er or a sexer. He does think it works as a masturbator though. And here’s what I learned about FtM masturbation—are you ready for this? You take a fake penis, you put it against your actual genitals, and you jerk off the fake penis as the toy stimulates your actual genitals. That way you get sexual pleasure while pretending that what you’re touching is your penis! I find this very amusing. It’s not inherently wrong to use a fake penis to stimulate your clitoris, whatever floats your boat, it’s not hurting anybody. But at some point don’t you want to consider the fact that your actual sexual pleasure is coming from that horrifying organ that causes so much TRIGGERING, the clitoris? *gasp* Like, your pleasure is coming from an organ you supposedly don’t want to have? And doesn’t it occur to you at some point or another that the wonderful feelings you get from your clitoris are actually a reason to value having one?

So there is another gadget you can buy, called the “bro sleeve,” and luckily this one is cheaper and works better, and it’s a little flexible jelly cylinder that is sort of like a mini-fleshlight. It’s made to fit a mini-penis (aka enlarged clitoris). You just shove your clit “dick” in there (it would be easier after testosterone has enlarged it) and then you can jerk off your “bro-sleeve” with your clit “dick” inside! What a neat trick!

He says the obligatory sex-pozzie line that “anything you like is okay,” and then he gives some silly examples of things you might like that are okay. One of them is “some people might be into pissing all over each other.” I think he was trying to be funny—Chase is a rather funny person and I think this was meant for comedy value. But I have to tell you about a hilarious moment I had today where the YouTube video was paused just at that moment, and I woke up my computer from its screen saver, and the moment it woke up it immediately played Chase’s line “some people might be into pissing all over each other.” I laughed so hard OMG.

Chase is kind enough to realize that not everyone has money to order sex toys off the Internet, so he mentions that you can also make a DIY fleshlight using a condom and a water bottle. I’m trying to picture someone doing this, and I just can’t picture it. Would you really rather make a contraption out of household objects when you could just use your hand? I’m telling you, I am WAY too lazy to be an FtM. I just want to rub one out and be done with it without having to do any arts and crafts projects first.

So here is even more TERFy advice, for the lazy FtM who doesn’t want to purchase or build any contraptions to masturbate with. Just fucking use your hand! Use your imagination to pretend you have a penis! And enjoy the feeling you get from your CLITORIS while you are pretending you have a penis!

A lot of these FtMs are attracted to women, and since I am an Evil Transphobe who understands what biological sex is, I have to note that FtMs are female. Old-fashioned second wavers like me tend to refer to females who are attracted to females by an old-fashioned word called lesbian. It turns out that it’s totally normal for lesbians to imagine themselves penetrating another female—that’s one of the things that you enjoy thinking about (and doing) when you’re a female homosexual. (I have written more about this here.) And by the way, you can do that without a penis! Lesbians already have everything they need for lesbians sex on their bodies. The Goddess knew what she was doing when she made lesbians.

Chase is so very kind. At the end of his video he says he hopes no one was triggered. They really are careful about the triggering in the trans cult. I hope they don’t notice the vulva cookies in my last post. (Or if they do, they can just call them “junk” cookies, or “little dick” cookies, and then they won’t be triggering.)

*I have used male pronouns for a trans man. Usually I go full-on MISGENDERING and use someone’s birth sex, but Chase passes so well as male that it feels weird to say “she.”



44 thoughts on “Video: Masturbation for FtMs

  1. Good lord. So much fail. How much mental gymnastics must be needed to convince yourself you’re getting pleasure from the inert object you’re holding against your clitoris, rather than from the clitoris itself?

    And analysing one’s movements while masturbating? Mood killer indeed. It’d kill any mood other than “stop the world I want to get off.”

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  2. I’m a bit confused by some elements of your post- why would you usually misgender? And why do you describe FtMs as “women with dysphoria”? Do you not believe in trans? I’m just curious.


  3. “I just want to rub one out and be done with it without having to do any arts and crafts projects first.”

    I lol’ed audibly.

    What I find really worrying (and I didn’t watch the video so I’m just going by your descriptions) is the part that basically sounds like masturbating with an object meant to represent a penis. Now that’s all well and good if you’re straight or bi but with the large percentage of lesbians who identify as trans that’s just…. Confusing. Mental gymnastics. I understand sex dysphoria and thinking you want to have a penis – I have gone through those mental gymnastics myself (I have to stop sitting on that blog and write it) – but nothing did me more good than getting any and all thoughts of penises out of the bedroom.

    These are the kinds of things that are just so… Just such really unhealthy advice, especially to young lesbians.

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      • What I really wanted to say was that there is such an enormous emotional aspect to the best orgasms that the most anatomically correct silicone cannot possibly deliver. If you’re not being honest with yourself then it just doesn’t work.

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  4. I wonder why, if one has enough imagination to convince oneself that some piece of plastic is one’s own penis, it is not possible to use that same imagination to convince oneself that one’s vulva is a penis. Especially since MtT seem quite well able to convince themselves and even others that their penises are enlargened clitorises.

    I suppose it has something to do with that product deal.

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  5. I can’t stop laughing and feeling sad at the same time. This is truly a cult, and now it’s been foraged by the sex toys’ industry!

    I also love it that trans and “queer” people in general play it coy with their pretzel words, while solemnly claiming that words mean nothing anyway.

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  6. I think I ran across Chase when I was looking up information (just for curiosity’s sake) on phalloplasty, before hitting peak trans. She hasn’t had the procedure (though recently suggested it’s on the table), but had a video on the topic. I recently went through and unsubscribed to almost all the trans-identified folks on my YouTube list, though Chase was one of the ones I kept, because of her fun, entertaining personality. If only some of her videos weren’t loaded with 10+ trigger warnings in 5 minutes, Tumblr-speak, and insulting euphemisms like “people with hoo-has” and “people with penises.”

    Over-thinking about the state of your genitals during masturbation has to be a pretty serious buzzkill, since that’s supposed to be a time when sex is all about yourself and what you want sexually.

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    • Hoo-ha? That’s not a euphemism for vulva. A hoo-ha in my understanding is a kind of group, public conniption fit™. Like a ruckus. I think you’d need like *sentient labia* for your vulva to engage in a hoo-ha, let alone be one!

      PS I realize hoo-ha could easily be one of the myriad idiotic terms for a vulva. Because: our world. 🙄 But I think it’s funny. 😆

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  7. I’m definitely still surprised to come across trans people who don’t find all sensations emanating from their genitals to be disgusting and horrifying and/or physically painful and unpleasant. I realise they’ve basically become the “norm” over the last few years, and I know they exist intellectually, but actually interacting with one of them/seeing one of them in the flesh is so surreal.

    I wonder what this vlogger would say to someone who actually wasn’t able to deal with sensations involving their genitals at all and couldn’t receive any pleasure from stimulating them. (Though probably not much unless there was a product for that.)

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    • There are lots of people taking on trans identities who don’t even have sex dysphoria. I feel like FtMs usually do have dysphoria, but not always, sometimes I think they just like the masculine aesthetic and want to appear male.

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    • She’s really funny and charming but her videos are depressing because it’s so obvious that having a decent lesbian community, or maybe even just a community that wasn’t actively pushing genderist crap, could have saved her from a lifetime of unnecessary medical intervention.

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  8. It all just sounds so tiring. Who knew having a wank could be so stressful? I’m still trying to figure out how some mental health professionals have convinced themselves that telling their clients that dissociation isn’t a problem or something worth working on, it just means you’re in the wrong body, is in any way ethical. I can think of lots of reasons someone could be so dissociated from their body that they can’t touch their own genitals without freaking out, and none of them are good.

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  9. I take issue where you talk about a trans man using a strap on on a “presumably female” partner. I have only used mine on cis gay/bi males (about ten of them). All four of my trans man partners were like me and do not want to be penetrated.

    In a recent study, 75 percent of trans men were either solely into men or into multiple genders. The vast majority of us therefore like gay/bi men.. only 25 percent of us exclusively like women. So please stop assuming that we all date females.

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    • Hi Dysphorictransguy. I assumed the sex toys Chase was talking about were to be used on female partners because they seemed to be intended for vaginal insertion. It’s my understanding that anal ones are smaller, but I’m not into anal, so I wouldn’t really know. Anyway, there are lots of FtMs who are lesbians. Studies that track persistence and desistance of gender dysphoria in children show that most natal females who persist in gender dysphoria into adulthood are attracted to women (it’s nearly 100 per cent). I would be interested in reading the study you were looking at—I’m assuming it was more focused on adults. Do you have a link?

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