Vulva cookies!

Members of Women’s Liberation Front are making “piles and piles of vulva cookies” for their upcoming Wolf Fest. The results are not yet in as to whether or not vulva cookies have the ability to LITERALLY KILL transwomen the way vulva cupcakes do.

Just look at those little clitoris hearts! ā™„

vulva cookies 1

vulva cookies 2

[Update Aug 24: The chocolate vulvas have been baked! (Mmmmmm….chocolate vulvas….)]

chocolate vulvas


12 thoughts on “Vulva cookies!

  1. They look like butter press cookies, which are delicious and part of how I built the strength in my impressive arms and shoulders. (My grandma’s cookie press, which my mom inherited, is not the newer easy to use kind. No, you need MUSCLE behind it. She didn’t live to see my birth, but I’ve seen pictures of her and have a fair idea where my build comes from.)

    I love these!

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  2. So, I ‘snorked’ on my drink when I saw these, then I had to go have a look at the cupcakes. Now I want a cookie and there aren’t any in the house. I stg, Sage, if I end up driving to the store because of this…

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