The detransitioners are growing powerful


6 thoughts on “The detransitioners are growing powerful

  1. It takes a lot of guts to be yourself–especially if that self is in opposition to what’s accepted in popular culture. I’m glad people are talking about this. We need to hear the other side. We need to hear from people who are hurt by popular trends. Nothing is without consequences. Experiences like these are real and valuable!

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  2. I appreciate the brave women detransitioners speaking out. They offer not just their experience but the expression of how many ways there are to be a woman. The popular culture young girls grow up objectifies woman and renders those deemed unattractive invisible. Girls are set up to fail if they cannot live up to standards set by the media and beauty industry. I hope the stories shared here reach the counsellors, the school, the families, the teens, the health professionals. I would love this phenomenon to reach a point when a child says ‘ I think I was meant to be a boy..’ The response can be, ‘ oh your cousin’s aunt had that experience when she was young, go talk to her’ . Inevitably, as more teens declare themselves Trans more will detransition and the tipping point will be when it as much a rite of passage as any rebellious stage in a teens life. My fear is the interference of medical professionals and counsellors. So please, those who have been through it, keep sharing, keep talking and to anyone of influence, start listening.

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  4. Get to them BEFORE tgey transition, and kets set ANOTHER examole. They need not sacrifice their bodies to loce another woman, to dress the way they please, to be treated with respect, or to be happy. In the long run many trans are depressed and suicidal AFTER transition. It is not a solution.


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