Not My Hero

Trans man Chris Mosier just rose to fame for being the first trans member of Team USA. An article in Rolling Stone describes her athletic skill and applauds her for breaking barriers for trans people in sports. That all sounds lovely at first, but by the sixth paragraph of the article, a nasty truth bomb explodes. Chris Mosier is a lesbian and she absolutely doesn’t want anyone to think she is.

“When Mosier met the woman who is now his wife, Zhen Heinemann, the conversations that used to end in confusion began to bring clarity. “I dated men all through college, and there I met the woman who is my wife,” he explains. “At the time, I was trying to figure out my sexuality and what that meant. I didn’t know a lot of gay people – and I didn’t know any trans people. All I knew is that I would get furious if people said we were lesbian. I would think, ‘That doesn’t fit for me. That’s not right because I’m not gay.’ At that time it came onto my radar – I had never thought about my gender identity before.” The term “gay” didn’t fit for Mosier because he did not identify as a woman. Being gay would not be a problem, except for the fact that he didn’t feel like a woman. Today, Mosier identifies as queer.”

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS: “I would get furious if people said we were lesbian.” So she was female (she hadn’t transitioned yet) and in love with another female, and she was “furious” that people called her a lesbian?? Not just uncomfortable, but furious. WHY??? Seriously, why would anyone be furious about being called a lesbian? I mean, if you’re not, then just correct the person, no harm done. Why would you be furious? If someone called me straight, I wouldn’t be furious. That would just be a simple mistake that is easily corrected, nothing to be furious about. The only reason you’d be furious about being called a lesbian is if you think a lesbian is something really, really horrible.

She doesn’t claim to be homophobic though—I’ve been looking at her Twitter feed and she has attended Pride festivals and seems to support “LGBT”—although I’m pretty sure that acronym doesn’t represent lesbians in any way. And guess what else? She has been inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame, and considers this a “huge honor.”

Chris Mosier

Wait…why is she in a Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame? She identifies as a straight man, so what qualifies her to be in a Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame anyway?

That’s not the only contradiction here. She said she was dating men in college, and she also said she’s not gay. Trans people say they were always the sex they identify as, so that means she’s been a man her whole life, doesn’t it? So while she was dating men, wasn’t she a “gay man”? So shouldn’t she have considered herself gay until she fell in love with a woman, and then identified as bisexual or straight after that, since she is now a man married to a woman? It seems as though she thought she was straight until she fell in love with a woman, and that means she identified as a woman, doesn’t it? You have to twist yourself into a pretzel to understand trans logic.

Take a look at this section again:

“I would think, ‘That doesn’t fit for me. That’s not right because I’m not gay.’ At that time it came onto my radar – I had never thought about my gender identity before.”

It sounds a lot like she didn’t think about being a man until she had a fit of internalized homophobia. It was only when she fell in love with a woman, (but was DEFINITELY NOT A LESBIAN), that she started thinking she was a man.

In case anyone’s wondering why I am calling her a lesbian, rather than a bisexual woman, this is why. I know she dated men in college. But she had a major fit when she fell in love with a woman, and decided she was really a man. If she was truly bisexual, she wouldn’t have needed to have that kind of fit. She could have remained a woman and married a man and had nothing to panic about. I think that she realized she only wanted to be with women, and that scared the shit out of her. That’s the only explanation that makes any sense to me. “Thou dost protest too much” about being NOT A LESBIAN.

According to her Twitter feed, she is quite comfortable with the trans athlete community. Here she is proud to meet Fallon Fox:

Chris Mosier FF

Yes, the lovely Fallon Fox—a violent misogynist who gleefully beat up a lesbian athlete.

She also supports Janet Mock, a misogynist man who calls women “fish” and believes firmly in harmful stereotypes about women.

Chris Mosier JM

What a disappointment. Women who would rather pretend to be men than be seen as lesbians are not heroes—especially when they ally with misogynist men on top of it. The sad thing is, if she was just honest and called herself a lesbian athlete, then she would be my hero. The fact that she is a successful female athlete would make her a hero. But not when she’s promoting lesbophobia. Fuck that.


12 thoughts on “Not My Hero

    • No wonder Chris is famous, she’s the poster girl of patriarchy.
      She’s the embodiment of misogyny.
      Patriarchy needs labels and the destruction of the past, as much as possible – true freedom and self-identity are dangerous, because a slave cannot have these things.
      I believe George Orwell’s “1984” book should have as subtitle: “The Triumph of Patriarchy”.

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  1. This person is a nutjob. Yes, a “fit of internalized homophobia”. And that’s sad. But this is someone who cannot bear to be different from what she thinks of as normal. There’s a level on which that is disgraceful.

    Our bigoted homophobic society is the main villain. But she just caved. And now she wants pats on the head and glamour for doing so.

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  2. Tragic. What did such self-hating women do before transition was a thing? I guess they either found feminism and learned to value women or took to other means of self destruction.
    I kinda pity the woman she married; for Chris, I have more disdain than compassion.

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