“Clothing is my favorite thing about being trans”

Apparently, feminists are “bigots” for suggesting that transwomen are just cross-dressers who like dresses and makeup and that they’re motivated by autogynephilia. The reason we say this stuff is because, not only is that what the research says, but transwomen openly admit it themselves.

Meet Rachel Williams, a male who doesn’t mind his male body but does like makeup and feminine outfits. In a video entitled Do I Love Or Hate Being Trans? He explains his motivation for transition:

“The clothing is one of the greatest things I love about being trans. My primary motivation for transitioning was so that I could express myself in a feminine way without getting pushback from society. So I transitioned to be perceived to be a woman in order to gain the freedom to wear makeup and feminine clothing without getting insulted or harassed. So for me clothing is one of the reasons I love being trans because I get to go shopping in the women’s section and not have people give me the stink eye or feel like I’m suffering from homophobia for being a man whose interested in makeup and clothing. So for me the freedom to wear feminine clothing and to wear makeup without having people second-guess my motivations or feel like I’m just a cross-dresser or a deviant has been the best thing about being trans.”

Of course, there’s more to it than that. In a blog post he wrote in February, he admits the following:

“Am I autogynephilic or not according to the theory? Well, I do fit into the mold to some extent. I was not overly effeminate as a young child – I enjoyed rough and tumble play, active sports, and playing with boys (I’m going to bracket a long and complex issue about what defines being effeminate and just use the standard definition), and I was attracted to girls. I did have a history of cross-dressing fetishism, with a particular predilection for nylon. In a nutshell, I would wear women’s clothing and become aroused.”

“In highschool and college, I discovered porn with trans women. If I was having sexual fantasies at all back then, it was probably about trans women, not myself as a woman with a vagina living in a female gender role. According to Lawrence’s formulation of the theory, autogynephilia is defined as becoming what we love – loving something so much that we want to ourselves become the object of our desire. Normally the supposition is that what trans women loved was cis women. But I was attracted to trans women (as well as cis women). So I want to coin a new term: autotransgynephilia – the love of oneself as a trans woman. Non-op autotransgynephilia is a love affair with the idea of being a non-op trans woman, that is, a trans woman who is on hormones and has a feminine appearance but decides to not have bottom surgery.

“I eventually came to realize that the reason I was so fascinated by trans woman porn was that I was projecting myself into the bodies of the trans women as I watched and identifying with them. I realized over time that I wanted the body of a non-op trans woman. I liked that aesthetic. I wanted that for myself. I am becoming what I love.”

(I’m not linking, but you can Google the quotes and find it if you want to read more.) So he actually isn’t interested in being a woman—he’s interested in being a cross-dressing male, and he’s in love with the vision of himself as a cross-dressing male. How charming!

In the above-referenced video, he explains that he doesn’t actually have dysphoria.

“I don’t have dysphoria about my body. My penis doesn’t bother me. I’m planning on keeping it forever. I don’t want vaginoplasty so I’m considered a non-op transwoman. I’m fairly blessed that I can get up in the morning and see my body and not feel disgusted by it. That’s a huge privilege because a lot of transwomen feel disgust about their body parts and I’m fairly comfortable with my body. I don’t feel like I have to hide who I am or feel like I can’t utilize my body during sex or feel like I have to be ashamed of certain parts of my body. I’m fairly lucky in that sense that I don’t feel strong body dysphoria.”

So he doesn’t mind being male, he just likes makeup and outfits. So he probably doesn’t expect other people to see him as female, does he? Nope—he actually DOES expect other people to see him as female. From the video:

“Once people discover your trans status they see you differently. They don’t see you as a real female. They kinda see you as something else or maybe even still as like a male or a boy or whatever. So the whole dating men thing, or even dating women people can still be transphobic. There are certain lesbians out there who are transphobic and won’t see you as a real woman.”

So, just to recap:

  • No sex dysphoria
  • Comfortable in a male body
  • Aroused by women’s clothing
  • Decided to become a transwoman after watching porn
  • Calls himself a “transwoman” instead of a “crossdresser” because he gets social acceptance this way
  • Has a female partner, uses his penis during sex
  • Thinks lesbians and straight men are bigots for not wanting to sleep with him
  • Because of gender identity legislation, has full rights to use sex-segregated facilities for women.

I’m filing this under PEAK TRANS.

52 thoughts on ““Clothing is my favorite thing about being trans”

  1. Purple Sage you called him out 100%. He loves that SEXY FEMALE image of himself and expects us all to applaud from the sidelines. Not trans, just a fetish driven male. They all hide under that trans umbrella and love the feeling of duping everyone that they come into contact with. He loves the clothing. Oh yeh, it’s all about the clothing. We’re not transphobic, but we see him and he’s not a real woman, not even 0.00001%.

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  2. Such an upside down world when homosexuals *and* heterosexuals are described as “transphobic” and “bigots” because they don’t want to sleep with people of a sex they aren’t attracted to. How long before terms like “homosexual” and “heterosexual” are deemed “transphobic” in and of themselves and we have to say “homogender” or “heterogender” ‘cuz you know, that’s what we have sex with after all, our “gender.” /s

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      • I like people who defy gender stereotypes by doing the exact opposite of what is expected of their sex. How would one call that?
        So far I have only had crushes on feminine men, so I suppose I could be homogender, but if it turned out that I’m also attracted to masculine women, then how would that be called?
        I would call it antigender, but not sure that’d be allowed by the trans cult.

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    • The loathsome Sophia Banks said exactly that on Twitter after the Orlando massacre. For real. That homosexual was a transphobic term. Now I have to go wash out my brain.

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  3. Hello! Can we mention women here? That small number of forgotten expired sell-by date species?

    Do you know, Rachel Willams complete with penis (a female one no doubt) who likes wearing dresses and make-up, how goddamn irritating it is to HAVE to do that because society (the patriarchal one) expects you to do so? When really, all you want to do is pull on a T-shirt and a pair of men’s shorts (cos they have pockets and aren’t so tight you can’t breathe) but, women have to wear the clothes dictated by teh menz.

    No, you don’t. You get a kick out of wearing women’s clothes and putting crap on your face. I have no issue with that. Go ahead. Not my choice, but if you like it fine. Just, why, does that make you a woman?

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      • Yeah. I’m a woman with a penis and wear girly clothes and make-up and get off on myself.

        Um, I’m a woman, I don’t wear girly clothes, or make-up, I don’t have a penis, I used to have periods (that means blood coming out of me every month, or more often, every two or three weeks), i could have got pregnant if I hadn’t been on the pill, I could always and could still be raped, I’ve been discriminated against at work, I’ve been sexually assaulted as have most women, and the list goes on. That’s being a woman. Not putting on a false face.

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  4. What I find really frustrating is that I was all for this guy until the end. Because really, what is wrong with being a man who likes wearing women’s clothes and make up? And if that’s his sexual preference then sure, I mean I don’t want to know but as long as he’s happy then and no-one’s getting hurt then grand.
    But you don’t get to be that guy and expect people to treat you as a woman. He is a cross dresser and I’d lay a whole lot of money on a bet that he’d be perfectly happy as a cross dresser if there wasn’t so many perks now to being a transwoman.

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    • I keep thinking stuff like that too. That if the Fantasia Fair (crossdresser festival) men would just stay in their little bubble what the fuck do I care? Especially as long as I don’t have to know about it.

      But just like porn users needing a more intensive hit after a while the invention of transgender as an equal rights movement began in the 90s, according to Sheila Jefferys in Gender Hurts, with “Virginia” Prince. A part-time cross-dresser. Now the fetish needs to be in public to satisfy the fetish apparently.

      So what I’m taking away from all of this is there’s no difference between this kind of transvestite and that kind of transvestite. Transgender? Screw it. They’re all fetishists. And Transworld has them running it, then other people like Maria Catt etc get roped in to thinking that trans is a thing and that they have that. And are harmed.

      OK done ranting. 😊

      Great post too. Put this one in the Intro Kit for Newbies. 😖

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  5. A little theoretical idea that cropped up while reading this: Imagine if all women dropped “femininity” at once – like all women in the world, on one day, all decided to forego makeup, wear jeans and t-shirts or other plain, casual, “unisex” clothes, chucked on some sensible shoes, casually brushed through their hair (long hair can be as unisex as short – buns and ponytails and braids included.) So every woman in the world was suddenly just a human being going about their daily life (like men do every day.)

    This would leave femininity to be performed only by men who find it alluring in some way. They could wear all the makeup and heels and dresses they wanted. Short skirts and frilly undergarments, cleavage, long sparkling gowns, fancy up-dos that take forever to style or sleek tresses that must be protected from the weather. If this was all we saw of femininity, wouldn’t it be obvious what it’s all about, that it’s designed to constrain a person for sexual objectification and accessibility, utterly and completely controlled and created by this oppressor class that is so turned on by it they wear it themselves for their own jollies?

    It’s like it always gets down to the oppression of women for sex. And it’s like, fine, use women’s oppression as your fetish as long as you’re keeping it to yourself – dress as a woman to shop in the women’s department if that’s what makes you comfortable indulging. But the moment you start asking others to play along with it – especially asking other women to play along – now you’re just asking for sexual favors, as gross and offensive as any other man, if not more so.

    I wonder what these dudes would be left with if there were no women playing femininity along with them anymore, no women they could identify with through clothing and nail polish. Only little specialty shops for dresses and heels and makeup and only each other, because without women to identify with they couldn’t cry “oppression!” without only having themselves to blame.

    Maybe someday.

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    • I would really like to see what would happen if even only the women in one big city did this … though perhaps, those dudes’ idea of what a woman is is more influenced by media than by women they meet in everyday life.

      Perhaps it would be more effective if we could get about 25% of regular dudes to start performing femininity … there must be an upper limit as to how many males can do this before it ceases to be interesting to fetishists.

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      • The idea of men performing femininity to neutralize the trans is weird. But interesting.🤔

        I can’t imagine it really happening. What I’m imagining is a movie where there’s these transwomen and they discover that they’re trapped in a hotel with a convention of Glitter Rock fans. Glitter Rock reenactors! Like in the photo gendercriticaldad posted. But way more Traffic. 😜 And the transwomen can’t tell who’s trans and who’s some macho 70s-nostalgia guy! They talk to the Traffic fans about shoes but they won’t giggle at all! And don’t understand that it’s sexual! Hilarity ensues.

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        • As much as I love that idea, it won’t work on the hardcore fetishists. There’s already one culture (Japan) where there’s been a music genre in which men perform femininity in a far more extreme way than the glitter rock dudes of the 70s, and that genre has been around and publicly well known for about 20 years or so now. Still hasn’t stopped the dudes who get off on donning laydee clothes in public or private for sexual purposes. It does seem to help immunize the general public against the idea that the desire to wear skirts and makeup indicates a laydee brain/soul, though, so still not a bad idea in general. I’m not sure there’s anything that could neutralize the fetishists short of every single man in the world putting on fishnets and a leather miniskirt.

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      • It’s less about the men performing femininity as it is about the women – all women, including every woman in every tv show, movie, online video, facet of the media, etc. – giving up femininity as part of being a woman. If femininity is no longer attached to the oppression of the female sex, than what is all that stuff but meaningless style preferences?

        It would be absolutely revolutionary for women to break free of having to put on the uniform of “being a woman” every day. As we know, uniforms define classes of people – prisoners wear uniforms. This is all about throwing it off and saying “This isn’t my prisoner’s uniform anymore.” So the male fetishists left wearing it are clearly seen as people with a prison/oppression fetish and the rest of society goes, “Oh, that’s not healthy – maybe we should back off on making women wear that all the time.”

        That would evolve into people being able to wear whatever they like and never being called “too girly” or “too manly” for their fashion choices, male or female.

        I have a terrible migraine. I hope I’m making sense!

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    • “If this was all we saw of femininity, wouldn’t it be obvious what it’s all about, that it’s designed to constrain a person for sexual objectification and accessibility, utterly and completely controlled and created by this oppressor class”

      I think saying women who dress in feminine fashions are only doing so for the male sexual gaze, is like saying women who don’t dress in feminine fashions are doing so in order to look like men. In both cases, people looking on from the outside can make those judgements, but the women in question may just be dressing like that in order to feel comfortable and happy in themselves as women.

      I’m a woman – not, a trans feminine guy – who has always enjoyed feminine fashions, for myself, not for men, and who is romantically attracted to women who wear feminine fashions also. I find feminine fashions relaxing, artistically creative, and beautiful in all ways, both non sexual, (predominantly), and sexual. I have no issues with women who don’t feel the same way – it’s just the way I am personally. I feel that colourful and fancy fabrics, pink, glitter, feathers, high heels and kitten heels, bows, frills, lace, curled and elaborate hair styles, etc, are only said to be feminine because that’s the judgement society makes on them at the moment, (it was rather different, during the Glam Rock era and in the 1980s, to some extent); and, if people want to sexualise dressing like that, or to heterosexualise it in the case of women, they’re entitled to their opinion, but that’s not how I experience it. I also feel that, as regards feminine fashions which accentuate the body shape or which reveal cleavage or legs, that what those are doing are talking about biology, and that biology is not the same thing as (sexist) gender roles or sexy times. So, I feel I can have my own power centre of healthy boundaries and personal choices and self care, not live in submission to men, and, love other women romantically and intimately, and also love feminine fashions at the same time. I very strongly feel that I can dress femininely and have a feminine dressing woman lover while still being a feminist, because, if men see that as being about them, that’s not my problem – I don’t have to care what men think, I don’t have to put men first, to me that’s what feminism is or should be about.


      • When we identify that feminine clothing and accessories are created for the male gaze, we are looking beyond individual people’s personal preferences and instead looking at society as a whole. Women are expected to like “feminine” things, whether that is their true preference or not. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any women who genuinely like femininity. It’s fine for you to like feminine things and I will not tell you that you can’t like them. But I will continue to point out the fact that all women are expected to like femininity and that this social expectation is so strong that women who aren’t feminine are alienated from their womanhood.

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      • There’s a blog I want to write about this topic, because there has to be room for personal expression for everyone, male and female. The problem is in the ordaining of some styles as “feminine” and everything else as “masculine”. We are seeing more and more in the neutral or unisex category which is a good thing. It’s the words “masculine” and “feminine” that hold the power.

        If dresses, pink, heels, etc. were not labeled as “feminine” there would be no issues with them as a form of oppression – they’d all just be style choices for both men and women to choose from. And they should be considered such, just like suits and ties should not be considered “masculine”. Clothing and styles shouldn’t have a gender role attached.

        In order to get to that point, however, we need to level the playing field. If all women refused to wear “feminine” fashion – just for one day! – perhaps then those styles would lose their attachment to women alone. However anyone would want to interpret them afterwards is up to them, and everyone is always welcome to express their style and comfort preferences however they like, without it meaning anything about their biological sex.

        At least in a more perfect world!

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    • One of my favorite fantasies (and probably a few others’ here, too) is women all stopping with this bullshit on the same day. That’s why men work so hard to harass feminists online and to control the mainstream media messages and not publish anything even remotely truly feminist news wise. Can’t have those ladies communicating with each other and planning things. Can’t have them realizing that other women feel the same way they do about this shit show. Oh no!

      And yes, I’m all about the ponytails and buns. They really are unisex and yet you look like you’re complying at the same time, which makes getting a job slightly easier. They totally neutralize a great deal of sexualization and yet they don’t get the hostility that short hair can get. I stopped wearing my hair down in public long ago. Long hair, dresses, heels… red flags to a bull. No thanks.

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  6. Finally, finally, finally! I really thought nobody else out there had the guts to openly criticize queer theory, transgenderism and the like! I’ve been called a transphobe countless times because I am a lesbian who won’t sleep with transsexuals and transgenders!

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        • I saw those, but I’ve also read posts criticising them for not being very welcoming to lesbians. I remember seeing r/Gender_crit and another one I can’t remember the name of. Are we talking about the same ones?


        • Really? I wonder in what way? Most of the commenters there are lesbians, and I haven’t seen any anti-lesbian stuff in the time I’ve been reading. Of course I could miss it, being hetero.


        • I wish I could find that comment again, maybe it was in another subreddit dedicated to lesbians only, but I don’t want to point the finger to anybody without proof. I was just wondering about your experience. I’m planning on getting on those subreddits anyway (just need to find the time!…). Thanks for the suggestion!


        • You’re welcome!

          Now if that sub was what I think it might be …there’s one there at least that calls itself reallesbians or truelesbians or some such, but it isn’t. It’s almost all trans, including the moderators.


        • The sidebar on /r/actuallesbians says “a place for cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, anyone in the lgbt community or anyone else interested! We’re not a militant or exclusive group, feel free to join up!” That doesn’t sound very GC?

          Based on their FAQ, /r/truelesbians is probably the one to go to. “Who is welcome to post on TrueLesbians? This sub is for the Ls in LGBTQ; if you are gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, hetero, or any other identity then you are not welcome to post here. Instead we encourage you to try r/lesbianactually, r/actuallesbians, r/ainbow, r/lgbt, or any one of the many, many other subs that maintain communities inclusive of your identity.”

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        • Thanks! In the end end, I only joined /r/truelesbians. The sub had a commotion at some point, because they allowed trans people to join, provided they would identify as such and, surprise surprise, problems came along. The subreddit started to look like any other queer subreddit and several redditors complained. In the end, the main mod changed the policy back as you can see it now and all is good 🙂


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