Video: NUS Safespace & No-Platform Censorship

Magdalen Burns talks about being kicked out of the LGBT and Women’s Liberation groups on her university campus for disagreeing with the party line. Under the guise of protecting LGBT minorities, they have kicked a lesbian out of the LGBT group. “Minorities” apparently doesn’t include lesbians. It’s also ironic that a feminist vlogger and activist who works in favour of women’s rights got kicked out of a group that is purportedly for women’s liberation.

Burns is doing excellent work on behalf of women. The silly cowards who put unnecessary “trigger warnings” on every single thing could learn a lot from her.


7 thoughts on “Video: NUS Safespace & No-Platform Censorship

    • Mind you the punks used to be super annoying at concerts!

      What is tragic with this lot is they are literally eating their own, it’s like a modern day “great purge” of dissenters from the party line but using ostracism instead.

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  1. Still sounds like the average ‘mean girl’ cliques seen in every school in the world. No ‘seat at the table’ for anyone that does not look, talk, and act just like the ‘most special snowflakes.’

    Sad that the young people today are so ‘sensitive,’ intolerant, and exclusive–I’d rather hoped they’d out-do their parents regarding acceptance of others and their differences.

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