There are already 100,000 posts on social media about how great the new Ghostbusters film is, but whatever, I just saw it and I want to gush about it!

Everything you’ve heard about it is true. It’s a very feminist film that passes the Bechdel test by a landslide and presents women as competent and heroic. It doesn’t sexualize the female characters and you have a feeling the whole time you’re watching it that women are actually people. It’s also generally funny and entertaining.

I’m not gonna lie, one of the things I love about this film is that it stars a lesbian actress—Kate McKinnon. She is a fantastic comedian and her role in this film is dazzling. She is a weirdo genius who invents gadgets to help them capture ghosts and is continuously improving upon her inventions. She also has a sly grin on her face all the time and a really confident swagger that makes her sexy as hell. But let me specify that she’s not sexy the way female characters are usually sexy. She’s sexy the way male characters are sexy, because of her confidence and genius and natural charm. Even though the film didn’t specify that her character is a lesbian, the Internet is buzzing with reasons why it was obvious anyway. She is very cozy with her female friends, almost in a flirtatious way. The first time you see her she’s in overalls. It’s like they were giving little hints. I keep hearing women saying they’re in love with her now—even straight women!

And I also love Melissa McCarthy, of course. She’s adorable and fun and she’s one of the most successful fat actresses ever. She really shines in this role and she does an awesome job being possessed by an evil ghost!

I’m also finding Leslie Jones inspiring. She’s gotten a ridiculous amount of hate on Twitter from butthurt, racist, misogynist crybabies who are jealous of how successful she is. Before I saw the film I was concerned about the fact that the three white women are highly-educated scientists and the black woman is working-class. Like, why couldn’t the black woman be a scientist? But I felt better after watching it because she’s portrayed as smart, well-read, confident and brave. Jones really made her a fantastic character.

The film has a sort of self-awareness about being the first major Hollywood film to star women as action heroes. For example, when one of the women asks why there’s no flashing warning lights on the dangerous equipment, another answers “Flashing lights are for dudes.” Ha! There’s also a time when they shoot a ghost right between the legs—MISANDRY!! (And there are definitely MRAs on the Internet complaining this is the Most Misandrist Film Ever—more incentive for us to watch it!) Also, there is the gender-reversal of their secretary. They hire a really stupid but attractive male secretary who’s completely incompetent at his job but provides eye candy for the women to look at. A deliberate reference to the way female secretaries are portrayed in male-centered movies.

I watched it in 3D and OMG—let me tell you that when a ghost projectile vomited and the vomit looked like it was flying right into my face I yelled some swear words across the theatre! It’s even a bit scary at times, for those people who, like me, are terrified when a ghost is coming around the corner any second now.

I didn’t put this in my lesbian film category because technically there’s no explicit lesbian content, but I am quite confident that 100% of all lesbians will love this film. Watch it like I did, with lesbian friends, in 3D, and high-fiving each other whenever Kate McKinnon does something awesome, which is all the time!

Ten thousand stars out of five!



19 thoughts on “Ghostbusters!

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing this!
    Since I re-watched the old Ghostbusters (with one main characters carrying and wanting to use roofies, hitting on his female students and the whole Gatekeeper/Keymaster rape mess: all treated as comedy) I felt icky about ever liking it. So, from the start I was just wishing for a remake that will at least not be as sexist. And that I will be able to enjoy. The all women team made me cautiously hopeful. But from everything I’ve been hearing, the movie is simply delightful and even better then my most optimistic dreams.

    But yeah, the misogynistic outcry against the movie (and actual people who made it) is ridiculous. So many men (who haven’t even bothered to see the movie) saying that it’s terrible and not at all funny. The whole silly “It’s a flop!” thing. The vicious harassment and attacks on Leslie Jones. And now I’m seeing a lot of hate for Kate McKinnon because (as she said she have never seen a penis) she’s supposedly a evil transmisogynist TERF.
    Who knows what they’ll use to wail again it next.

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