Human biology is whatever we want it to be

A comedy piece published on Slate yesterday preaches that transwomen are biologically female and that “there is plainly no one type of body that we could accurately label a “male body.” This piece is full of Advanced Gender Theory, the kind that only makes sense to bored, middle-class college students who are smoking too much weed.

Here are some of the more hilarious bits:

“At birth, we classify infants as male or female based solely on the appearance of their external genitalia. Notably, this classification serves population control and surveillance and not medical purposes. The medical experts I have spoken with could not identify a single medical purpose for assigning sex at birth.”

“By embracing a narrative that one is born with a “male body,” we reinforce the idea that only the bodies we assign male at birth— bodies that have medically normative penises— are male. But that simply isn’t true. It is a choice to refer to some bodies as male and some bodies as female, not a fact.”

“Additionally, all components of sex from genitals to hormones to chromosomes exist on a spectrum rather than as a binary.”

“And yet, we maintain our investment in the narrative that our bodies are male or female at birth. But it is simply untenable to retain these narratives when we know our bodies to be far more complex and beautiful.”

This writer adamantly defends men’s right to redefine their penises as female, and at the end of the article, she reveals that she is a trans man. It makes me very sad when females defend men’s rights as if it’s in their own best interest.

Anyway, the comments on this article have been great. Nobody is buying this crap at all. Everyone is noticing that if we think human biology is whatever we make up on the spot, then we’ll have absolutely no idea how babies are made. Some hilarious jokes were made by commenters, such as:

“I’m telling my husband that he’s having the next kid.”
“You are going to have to grab some of your eggs and jam them in his penis.”

“Save me OB/GYN Kenobi”

And I can’t possibly make up any jokes that will come anywhere near the level of genius of that OB/GYN Kenobi joke. But I do have this to say: these gender studies people seriously need to get a grip. Humans aren’t just random collections of meaningless body parts that can be mixed and matched on a whim. The words male and female actually mean something. I think that even disciples of Advanced Gender Bullshit 401 know how babies are made, and I think that every time they say this stuff, they’re expressing a wish rather than a belief. Every person who menstruates knows that she can become pregnant, regardless of her feelings about her gender, and she also knows who can get her pregnant. Can you imagine what life would be like if we truly believed that male and female were meaningless and that biology was totally random? People would be completely unable to know whether they can become pregnant or not and how. If the fact that I menstruate didn’t actually indicate to me that I have a uterus and ovaries, and that these parts are involved in gestating babies, then I’d have no idea that I needed to use birth control. If I truly believed that having a penis didn’t indicate that someone produced sperm, then I’d have no idea which people around me would be capable of getting me pregnant. If bodies were just random mix ‘n’ match parts, and if our sexual anatomy was actually a spectrum, rather than a binary, then I’d have absolutely no idea what parts of other people I could touch without either being impregnated or impregnating somebody else. Maybe touching someone’s elbow with my foot could get them pregnant, right? I mean why not, if our biology is this unfathomable spectrum of possibilities?

The thing is, even trans activists know that biology is real. They’re just promoting an increasingly silly party line because if they don’t, they’ll be causing the suicides of 100,000,000 wankers with Internet connections. I don’t think promoting silly nonsense is doing anything to help people who are dealing with gender dysphoria. What people really need is reality-based help and support that helps them to work out things like trauma, internalized sexism, internalized homophobia, sexual fetishes, dissociation, low self-esteem and depression. If these issues were dealt with honestly and effectively, hardly anyone would ever go on to require serious medical interventions. And what we need above all else is to stop enforcing the cultural constructions of masculinity and femininity on people, because if these roles didn’t exist then it wouldn’t be possible for someone to perform them the wrong way.


42 thoughts on “Human biology is whatever we want it to be

  1. No medical reason??. Wow. If gender is so arbitrary then why do people need to change anything? Also, besides menstruation and pregnancy there are PLENTY of unique biological experiences each gender has. Yes, there are people with extra chromosomes and varying secondary sex characteristics but these are usually accompanied by other health problems. Biological sex matters on many levels, it’s the stupid stereotypes that need to go.

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  2. That person probably does know that indeed sex is important to know medically, babies undergo a number of checks for congenital anomalies, from checking for clicky hips to the making sure the genito-urinary system and anus is patent and all working normally. It doesn’t suit them to address this and that reality trumps their condescending rhetorical imaginings that they are attempting to school us with.

    By embracing the narrative that there is such a thing as a male body, the medical profession can then detect such things as undescended testes in little boys and correct this,

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    • It’s important for biological qualities of a human to be on his or her medical chart, but it’s interesting that we also think sex must be on birth certificates, driver’s licenses, marriage licenses. All that is more about gendering than it is about an need for information, to a great extent.

      However, we live in a heavily gendered culture and the backlash is that women do need to be able to identify and at times exclude men, because sexual hierarchy and predation.

      Another angle would be how people are identified for epidemiological data. This is medically related so actual sex needs to be determined. Changing legal gender markers messes that up, unless the data only comes from medical charts, and somehow I suspect that is not the case.

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    • And if biology doesn’t matter, why are they screaming for hormones and surgery and everything else to be given to them on demand? Why do they insist seventysquillion Brave and Stunning laydees kill themselves every day because they can’t get treatment? (That’s when they aren’t doing the penis-is-female bullshit, of course.)

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  3. I think the best comment goes to MaryLou Singleton of WoLF

    “The author states there is not a single reason for health care providers to classify people by sex, which is why so many health care providers insert IUDs into penises, I guess.”

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  4. What struck me immediately here is the comment about their being no reason to identify the sex of a baby at birth. The only reason to label people as to their sex from birth, and to continue to label infants and children in ways that are indicators of their sex, is to enforce the two gender castes. Otherwise everybody could sort it out as needed and when appropriate. There is indeed no innate reason, outside of cultural contexts, to need to know what sex a person is upon absolutely any given encounter. But we live in a culture that genders people relentlessly.

    But the authors took this important point and distorted it into a bunch of nonsense. It’s like a mockery of solid gender theory.

    Also, I was once a bored middle class university student smoking too much grass, and I really would hate to think I would not have looked askance at all this. The furthest I ever went with it was seeing transsexual men as being hopelessly crazy and SRS was the only thing that alleviated their distress. I never thought they were women, I just was sold on the idea that SRS was an unusual, but medically necessary, treatment that required social accommodation. Back then I had no sense of these men as being potentially dangerous or manipulative. I just saw it as some weird kind of OCD. This was before men came up with “lady-sticks” etc., or at least before I heard of any of that.

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    • Hermann Kahn, the most insane nuclear weapons theorist of all time was all in favor of sex changing GNC children to wipe out all fag boys and dyke girls.

      Kahn was one of the inspirations for the “Dr Strangelove” character

      HK supported the idea that sex change would become commonplace for children by the seventies. We were smarter in the seventies.

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      • “Hermann Kahn, the most insane nuclear weapons theorist of all time was all in favor of sex changing GNC children to wipe out all fag boys and dyke girls.” Do you have a link for that?


        • Also of interest:

          “The idea of gender was developed by the sexologists, John Money and others, in the 1950’s and understood as ‘the social performance indicative of an internal sexed identity’ (Hausman, 1995:7). It arose from their work using surgery and hormones in the treatment of intersex children, and was used to determine which children should be treated and in what ways. As Hausman observes, there was a heterosexist bias from the beginning in the medical construction of intersexuality and transsexualism, because the physicians were concerned to construct appropriately gendered persons who would act out in acceptably heterosexual ways. Through the study of the history of transsexualism, Hausman argues that the ‘production of the concept of gender in Western culture can be analyzed (Hausman,1995:11). All of the medical ‘interventions’, as Hausman refers to them, depended upon ‘the construction of a rhetorical system that posits a prior gendered self necessary to justify surgical interventions’ (Hausman, 1995:71). She calls the doctors the ‘gender managers’, and stresses that opposition to homosexuality fueled their work and justified the sterilization that was a component part of the treatment, as they considered that it was ‘more important that the patient is not homosexual than that the patient is fertile’ (Hausman, 1995:74)”

          Sheila Jeffreys, “Gender Hurts,” pp 27-28. I believe the text referenced is “Changing Sex” by Bernice Hausman.


        • Prediction 41 from In the Year 2000 by Kahn and Wiener: “Improved capability to change sex of children and/or adults.” I can’t find the whole text of that section online, but I recall when I browsed the book many years ago that relief of emotional distress, perhaps the parents’ distress as much as the child’s, was the motive for changing the sex of children.

          The book is from 1967 when John Money and similar folks were considered the leading experts.


        • One can see how innate the conflict is here, between gay males and lesbians whose manifestos by necessity must include the right not to suffer medical interventions from homophobic medical personnel, and transgenderists who insist that receiving such interventions is in itself a right for people of all ages, including well below the age of consent.

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  5. While I’m a huge fan of the gender-neutral childrearing practiced by the parents in “The Story of an X,” at least X’s parents knew what their child’s actual sex was! They just raised X with all kinds of toys, clothes, and activities, instead of kowtowing to rigid stereotypes erroneously based on biological sex. I really hate how these transactivists and their handmaidens act like biological sex is just an opinion, and that so many people are intersex and don’t even know it. If a penis could really be female, and a girl might really be a boy, there would’ve been no reason for so many monarchs throughout history to have been so obsessive about producing male heirs. By transactivist logic, girls could’ve inherited the throne too and just declared themselves boys.

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  6. This is awesome. Holy shit on a cracker.

    The comments really are the best part. I encourage everyone to read them. It gives me hope for humanity that those comments are being made on a liberalish site and that they’re getting through. People are calling the obvious bullshit and the conflicts in identity/trans ideology.

    In addition to OB/GYN Kenobi, I enjoyed this one:
    “”What are ovaries?” for $200 Alex.””
    “Those things above the underies.”

    Or this:
    “If the newborn refuses to ask for directions to the nursery its a boy.”

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    • He wasn’t turned away because of his freaking identity. He was turned away because the salon doesn’t do dicks. Doubtless that is seen as discrimination too. Everyone must do dicks, no exceptions allowed.

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      • I mean, not that I’d have much sympathy if some dude suffered damage to his nutsack because he insisted that an untrained person attempt to wax it for him, but if they’d done that he’d probably be suing them for that too, so the conclusion is that this category of customers are in the “is a giant pain in the ass at best, is sexually harassing our employees at worst” category.

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        • Exactly.

          I just read over the wikipedia article on bikini waxing, which discusses Brazilian waxing. No wonder feminism is having such trouble if women are so cowed that most of us are subjecting ourselves to such torture.

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        • Yes, it’s totally abusive for a male to go to a waxing place and flash his dick at an employee. But all he has to say is the magic word *trans* and it’s totes different than any other male doing it because he says so!! The female employee is the abuser don’t cha’ know. What a fuckface asshole.

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        • It’s amazing that he even wanted an untrained person to wax his balls. How could that possibly be a good idea? Did he want his balls ripped off? (Cheap SRS?)


  7. Also, “surveillance”? Yes, the government is tracking what kind of bits everyone has for shady and potentially evil purposes because..? It’s all a bit underpants gnomes but I’m sure if would make sense if I just tightened the rim on this tinfoil hat that the author helpfully gave me.

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      • The point is about governmental intrusion into privacy I guess, but it’s worth noting that epidemiology is an important part of medicine, and it doesn’t work without accurate data. Right now we have moderately accurate data on male violence, (though it leaves out all the unreported stuff) data which is doubtless considered Opreshun. If we didn’t have any accurate data on what men get up to, because there wasn’t any accurate data on which sex people are, it would make it so much easier for them to gaslight us. Progress!

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        • The obfuscation of sex in regard to statistics is one of the most disturbing parts of this, both in terms of male violence and males filling jobs and being counted as women. It’s fucking evil.

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        • Yeah, when you’re running a culture that has a sexual hierachy, disappearing biological sex is a neat trick, eh? Turns it into even more of a shadow hierarchy than it already is. How can women challenge something that we’re not allowed to talk about?

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        • Yes, the hatred behind it, the utter determination to dominate us, is breathtaking. There are days when I read trans things that I think to myself “This has to be a nightmare and I’m going to wake up any minute.” Disappearing sex indeed:


        • Yeah. “Dear thirty-year-old self: you’re going to be in your late fifties and spending an inordinate amount of time discussing people who think biological sex isn’t real.” Jfc make it go away.

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        • I’d have told my younger self to lay off the recreational chemicals if I’d even entertained the idea that one day people would be solemnly declaring that human reproductive biology is not a thing.

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