Now here’s a real gender rebel

Transwoman Jen Bob is not afraid of the truth. He’s a man who prefers a feminine appearance. He transitioned so that he looks the way he feels comfortable, but he knows he’s not a woman, and he’s opposed to the transgendering of children who are too young to make such life-changing decisions.

This is how you rebel against gender—by being yourself and accepting who you are, not by pretending you are LITERALLY THE OPPOSITE SEX.

I’m apparently a bigoted transphobic TERF who wants everyone who’s not a cis overlord to die a horrible death, but despite this daft characterization of my position, I support this man living his life any way he wants, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him. I particularly love that he is not afraid to use his normal male voice instead of speaking in the horrid falsetto most transwomen use. He seems relaxed, comfortable, sane, and reasonable. This video is much appreciated. Thanks Jen.


15 thoughts on “Now here’s a real gender rebel

  1. He’s so right about let’s all hope that Jazz Jennings has a great life and everything turns out great, cause that poor kid didn’t have any real choice in being trans or a pawn for trans politics. And he’s a kid, I hope all kids grow up to have great lives.

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  2. The guy is right. If he wasn’t male, he wouldn’t be trans and wouldn’t have to get surgery in the first place. Why is that so difficult to understand for some people?

    Though probably, he and others like him will be kicked out from the trans-umbrella soon, exactly because their desire to have surgery is an acknowledgement that penis is not, and can never be, female, and that doesn’t mesh with the propaganda that woman is a feeling, and anyone can be a woman just by feeling like it.

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  3. Jen Bob is doing his/her part to bring sanity to the trans-trend debate.
    I’ve become a subscriber of Jen’s YT-channel because I think we need more gender-critical trans-women like Jen speaking up their truth.
    The unnecessary conflict between women (especially RADFEM’s) and trans-women could end with a little common sense, respect and mutual support between these two very distinct groups of people.


  4. Well, that was refreshing.

    I would very much like for more transwomen like Jen to speak up and out at the borderline-psycho personalities in the transwomen camp who are screaming at everyone not willingly playing along with their fantasies. Everything said here was ‘dead-on,’ and rational, and it can’t just be that the radfems are being transphobic when one of their own calls ‘bullshit,’ and recognizes that these ‘demands’ by transwomen are recent and ridiculous.

    It’s a bit like ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ isn’t it. And no one is allowed to point out the truth.

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  5. Jen Bob is awesome! It’s too bad there aren’t more sensible people like him in the trans community. Someone commenting on another gender-critical blog was convinced Jen Bob has to be some kind of elaborate hoax or a bad part-time cross-dresser, since he still uses a male voice after 13 years and doesn’t have the “right” makeup or wig. It’s amazing how these handmaidens keep up their cognitive dissonance even when provided with proof that not everyone does things exactly the same way.

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  6. This guy seems pretty reasonable. And I’m so glad that he recognizes that there’s a bunch of perverted in the trans movement, unlike the libfems. I would totally support trans if they were more like this guy! But as it stands, the trans Borg in its current form is too powerful and the autogynephilic assholes are just too loud.


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