Video: Transing of a 5 Year Old Tomboy

Magdalen Berns is really on a roll with her videos. This one is about a little girl who is being taught to believe she really is male because she likes to wear short hair and “boys'” clothes. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to any of the adults in her life that it’s okay for girls to have short hair and for them to wear clothes that make them comfortable. Also, it’s okay for a little girl to see herself in the position of a Disney prince who gets to dance with a pretty princess. This child is likely to grow up to be lesbian or bisexual, although her parents don’t seem to want to encourage that outcome.


11 thoughts on “Video: Transing of a 5 Year Old Tomboy

    • Gallus Mag’s writing is just incredible. “Driven by the transgender lobby, a cluster of extremely well-funded physician providers have for the past several years been prescribing fertility-suppressing drugs on an FDA unapproved, “off use” basis to halt the maturation of children deemed as failing to conform to social stereotypes based on sex. These physician’s rationale is that studies show a tiny percentage (around 2%) of these sex-role non-conforming children will end up seeking surgical “sex change”, and a larger minority (around 15%) will report some form of continued distress with sex-roles post puberty. Providers who pioneer this “cosmetic medicine” protocol among a pediatric population operate from the belief that the distress of those 2% of children who may go on to identify themselves as transsexual later in life will be alleviated by administering puberty-preventing drugs before the children reach sexual maturity. This protocol is followed by the administration of sterilization and lifetime cross-sex hormone medicine and reconstructive cosmetic surgeries intended to disguise their reproductive function as that of the opposite sex.

      This clinical practice is in opposition to multiple long-term studies which show that such treatments do not decrease morbidity rates for transgender people post “treatment”. Physicians administering these drugs also operate from the conclusion that the severity of the distress of those 2% of children (those who later go on to request medical cross-hormone and surgical treatments to appear socially as opposite-sex persons) is so profound that it should be prioritized above the harmful outcomes for the majority lesbian and gay children referred for these experimental treatments.”


  1. Let’s be real: the harmful outcomes for LGB children are basically the point. Having a kid who at three plays with the “wrong” toys is one thing. Allowing that kid to grow up to be a lesbian? Quelle horreur! I mean – she wants to dance with the princess, and everybody knows what comes of that…

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  2. This is so infuriating! It’s like everyone just forgot, over the last five years or so, about the immaturity of children’s brains, how neuroplasticity makes them more vulnerable to the power of suggestion, and how frequently children change their minds. We don’t let little kids vote, buy alcohol, drive, live on their own, take out a mortgage, or get married, so why do they suddenly have so much wisdom as to know they want to live as the opposite sex?

    I’m particularly angry at this disproportionately exploding trend because so many otherwise intelligent, science-minded, skeptical people I know have obediently swilled down the Trans, Inc. Kool-Aid and are unquestioningly accepting all this nonsense. In the last few days, two Facebook friends in particular have been going on and on about “TERFs” as though they’re a real thing, and leveling false allegations at a certain page accused of being “transphobic.”

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    • Humans are social animals, people go along with the direction of the herd. The herd is in favor of castrating and medically experimenting on gender defiant kids, so they moo right along.
      Give it 5,10 years when herd opinion changes direction and they will be mooing about how awful transing children is and how wrong it is to castrate, sterilize and medically experiment on children. And watch, they will be blaming feminists for this medical abuse that they support today, prolly still be calling them TERFs.

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      • Yeah, it is shocking – sterilizing children is just so obviously wrong, but with the transgender cult, it is an “the end justifies the means” ideology – an ideology which, applied elsewhere, most people would rightly oppose.


        • Its not shocking, sterilizing children has happened before, see the eugenics movement. That was once the height of progressiveness till the nazis came along and it fell out of fashion. And who get blamed for it? Feminists. Same with Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare, feminists get all the blame and in both cases, yes, feminists did largely support both eugenics and SRA but so was the rest of society.


  3. This made me puddle up. My sister was a tomboy who grew up to be a heterosexual woman. Why can’t the mainstream see how completely barbaric this is? Oh yeah, money (I’m talking to you unethical psychiatrists, “gender specialists” and pharma companies) makes the world go round.

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  4. This breaks my heart in ways I can’t really articulate. I was a tomboy who only ever played “Han Solo”, and my own girl is somewhat famous in our family for declaring that she’d rather play “King” than “Princess” – since it was obvious that’s where the real power was… Why, in 2016, is space disappearing for non-conforming women like us?

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