French police “exhausted,” ask unions to hold off

The strike continues in France. I first wrote about it here.

From the Telegraph:

“France’s main police union on Tuesday pleaded with workers to put off a national day of demonstrations on Thursday against a controversial labour law saying they are too “exhausted” to cope with protests on top of dealing with the Euro and terror threats.

The plea came as workers unions opposed to the labour law categorically rejected government demands that any demonstration on Thursday in Paris must be “static” after previous marches through the French capital ended in violent standoffs with police and vandalism.

Stuck in the middle of the standoff between the government and the hardline CGT union and its allies, France’s main police union Alliance said officers were in desperate need of respite.

“We’re asking for this demonstration to be postponed, along with any other static protests as our colleagues are on all fronts and are exhausted, worn out, and tired,” said Frédéric Lagache, Alliance deputy secretary general.

“They find these demonstrations all the harder to bear as they are repetitive and very violent,” he said. According to several police unions, some 200 officers were injured in demonstrations on June 14. Police chiefs put the number at 28.”

This is how you do left-wing activism, folks. You strengthen unions, you strengthen class consciousness and solidarity among the working class, you protest violently when the ruling class tries to take away your rights, you shut down major institutions, you disrupt capitalism, you protest for so long that the police can’t control you anymore. And then you win. We should be paying lots more attention to this situation. This is a model of what activism we should be doing elsewhere. The U.S.A is completely controlled by industries that create private wealth for a tiny number of individuals who extract resources from the planet and its people and cause widespread poverty, illness, and environmental destruction. We absolutely need to be fighting back. We’ll know we’re doing it right when the ruling class is scared of us.

Those who are promoting individual solutions to problems based on consumerism and “choosing choices” are not on the left, they are promoting neoliberalism and capitalism, some of the most destructive forces on the planet, which is hurting the very people they’re trying to help.

We’ll be liberated from oppression when we are no longer controlled by an elite group of capitalists who plunder everything they can find, and when we can create our own culture based on a fair and just economy that protects the living planet and treats humans and non-human animals with respect and dignity. The revolution will only happen after we stop navel-gazing and act on adult maturity and responsibility to carefully plan strategies that will work, and execute our plans with full commitment.


6 thoughts on “French police “exhausted,” ask unions to hold off

    • Me too. I’m not even a communist, (I’m a DGRist), but I keep wanting to go around yelling “THE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION IS HERE!!!!” 😀 It’s exhilarating to see the power of the people in action, and to think that others could do this, too, if we could only get our act together.

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      • One of the reasons Brexit happened is because people actually had the chance to demonstate with their feet. Sorry. My Roman history coming out as usual. But people need the confidence to be able to do that. And we have been so down-trodden for so long that we don’t dare say boo to the goose. Except we did on Thursday. And good on the French. Revolt and rebellion happens in different ways. Even those of us with grey hair, deemed in our dotage get our chance.

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  1. Viva la revolucion! Let’s take to the streets! I think there’s way too many folks who are too comfy-wumfy with their consumerist lifestyles and content to complain about their problems from a seated position. Well not me. I’m ready. It’s time to overthrow this shit-show!

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  2. I wish. It seems like the US is just dead. At least Europe has a little bit of fight left in it, although it seems it’s pretty much dying as well. I don’t think there’s much hope, barring a DGR-style ecological revolution.

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