The Manifesto is here!

A long time ago, our friend arainandagale mentioned freaks and weirdos being terms of endearment for her, and I loved that so much that I wrote a whole post called Freaks and Weirdos. Then she had the brilliant idea to write a Freaks and Weirdos Manifesto. She wrote a first draft, and then I wrote a second draft, making it longer, and at some point we decided to make it specifically about gender nonconforming people, then we decided to use the term “gender rebels.” It turned into The Manifesto of the Gender Rebels, and it has gotten quite awesome.

Several people were involved in editing this project: arainandagalecaptainyourface,
bullydawg, a woman who has commented here with the name Booom, and also my partner. I was waiting for a long time for another person to edit but she has been busy with life and after a few months of waiting I have decided to just post it. Since it’s a good introductory summary of the gender critical position, I have decided to make it a page rather than a post. That ways it’s sort of like an “about” page. It can be accessed here.

The manifesto is about both male and female gender rebels, but as I was editing it, I realized that rebelling against gender roles is very different for females and males. When females rebel against gender roles they are fighting their oppression, and when males rebel against gender, they are giving up their privilege. Rebelling against the system of gender is not just about wearing different clothes—if it was, there’d be no difference between male and female gender rebels. Gender roles are as much about the dominance and submission relationship between the sex classes as they are about clothing, so most of the gender rebels that exist are females who are refusing to submit to the female role. It’s rare for males to actually rebel against their role as oppressor, because they tend to be happy in their dominant position. For a man to rebel against socially constructed gender roles, he has to give up his male privilege, and do things like the housework and the childcare and fighting against porn culture and rape culture. Very few men do this, and the men who do are not trans, they are pro-feminist men. The men who go around wearing the trappings of femininity are not rebelling against gender roles, they are just fetishizing the subordinate role while maintaining their male privilege by keeping the gender system intact.

Writing this manifesto was a really good exercise in thinking about gender roles and how to fight against them, and who is actually fighting against them.

Thank you arainandagale for starting this, and thank you to everyone who contributed. I am very lucky to have such fantastic people participating on my blog!


12 thoughts on “The Manifesto is here!

  1. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! I could cry! It’s our baby! And she’s beautiful! Thank you, purplesage! It reads so well. I want to print it out and hand it out to people! It really is beautiful. You made my day and I am so proud. I’m COL–“crying out loud.” :,-)

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  2. Love the manifesto.

    I do wish there were more (some?) men writing pro feminist stuff, not to take it over, not to make it ‘sex positive’ (what a load of bollocks that is) and not to score right on points. Men have as much to gain, but no one is articulating that.

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  3. Cannot relate at all; I do not think trad male and female roles in the Anglosphere are dominant and submissive, just that they involve different spheres; I do not think most males look upon females with contempt for their femaleness or their femininity; and, I think plenty of men have always done very well both socially and financially via expressing femininity, ie in the arts, social work, spiritual work, etc. Just my opinion.


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