Lesbian film: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (2011)

This is on the list of good lesbian films because it was created by women for women and stars an actual lesbian! As well as being a lesbian film, it’s also a sci-fi B movie, so if you don’t like that genre then it might not be for you. My partner and I loved it—we were totally into its quirky and geeky humor, and we actually watched it twice in the same weekend. The second time, we made a friend of ours watch it and she didn’t laugh at all, she thought it was weird. Some people just don’t know how to appreciate a really good bad movie!

This is the story of three lesbian space aliens who are kicked out of their home planet because their big emotions are bad for the ozone layer. The idea is, on Earth, they will fall in love and get their hearts broken and then they will no longer be full of emotions that will damage their home planet. Each of the three aliens has a different approach to dating. One of them dates an Earthling, Jane, (played by lesbian comedian Lisa Haas), another one goes on as many dates as she can with different women, and the third is hopelessly in love with another alien and isn’t interested in anyone but her.

While the aliens are trying to fall in love and get their hearts broken as per the instructions from their home planet’s government, their movements are being tracked by a pair of men-in-black characters whose job is to prevent alien-human interactions. One of the men-in-black is a “dumb cop” character and the other is smarter and although he’s a trainee, he is much better at his job than the trainer. The two have lots of time together while sitting in the car doing surveillance, and the conversations they have are full of weird, deadpan jokes. At one point they are talking about donuts, and it seems to be just a conversation about donuts at first, but when one of them says he won’t eat Boston creme donuts because he doesn’t like when the creme hits him in the face, all of a sudden the double entendre of the entire conversation becomes evident. It’s so deadpan though, you almost can’t even tell if it’s deliberate. I’m still giggling over that donut scene. 🙂

The alien characters do a parody of monotone speech and expressionless faces that comes from the bad alien movie genre. At first it seems as though the monotone speech is going to be annoying, but I feel like the actresses do a good job of letting their feelings show even while trying to be expressionless. What they’re feeling shows in their eyes even though their movements are purposefully stiff. I think they did a good job with the acting.

The special effects are bad on purpose too, keeping with the genre. The spaceship they fly in is a takeout food tray, and it flies comically across a fake starry sky. I just love it.

According to the Internet, this film is available on Netflix. It’s not available on Netflix in Canada though, and I could only get it by ordering it on DVD. It came from Germany for some reason, which is cool because now I have an envelope that says “Priority mail from Düsseldorf,” which I find very cute. In the U.S.A. you can rent it on Amazon for $5. Totally worth it.


9 thoughts on “Lesbian film: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (2011)

  1. I loved the way the men in black dudes were kinda of a reversal of the Bechdel Test that fails, yes there are two men but all they do is watch women and talk about them

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