Hello readers!

So I managed to stay away from Facebook for about four days, which is like an eternity for me. I had a terrible time staying away from WordPress—I basically stayed away from my own blog but still read other people’s blogs, just without commenting for a few days. So that was a rather short vacation, and I am absolutely pathetic at staying away from the Internet.

I did get to the park where I was intending to visit the ducks. As it happened, the ducks weren’t there that day, but I did have a lovely time with some frogs that were singing in a pond. I LOVE frogs that sing in ponds. And I need to make sure I get to that park on a regular basis throughout the summer. I’m going back tomorrow.

I realized some things about blogging over the last week. I was trying to post as often as possible, preferably every day or every other day, which means I was constantly reading articles and looking for things to post about. This was taking up large amounts of my time and mental energy. I finally had to let go and stop caring about reading every damn article that I come across. What I really needed a break from was the constant ingestion of bullshit, wankery and depressing news. I did, in fact, take a break from that.

It looks like my vacation is officially over since I am writing again on here, but in a way it’s not over, because I realized that I didn’t just need a week off and then start again at my usual pace. I needed to slow the pace down on a more permanent basis. The best pieces I’ve written on here took weeks to write, because I read books and slowly digested ideas and thoughts and then revised and edited several times before posting. But, in an effort to post often and keep conversation flowing, I started posting everything I could find, just for the sake of posting something. I want to get away from that habit, because I think the strong point of my writing is that I read and think and take my time with things before blogging about them, and without that, then my blog loses its quality. So I guess this “vacation” was just me putting on the brakes and telling myself to slow down.

I’m still reading Deep Green Resistance, and I was right that now that I’m out of the theory section it’s less depressing. I’m reading about the psychology of resistance, and strategies, tactics, organization, and security. It’s all very interesting and I’m glad I’m reading this book.

I’ll be reading the comments that came in while I was away from my blog. I hear there’s information about the word “manko.” Thanks for that! Y’all are lovely. 🙂


38 thoughts on “Announcements

  1. Glad you’re back! Glad you had a head-clearing rest. I would kill to see some frogs. 😯🐸

    Sounds like a good new posting policy. One of my favorite post of yours was the one about Havelock Ellis. Also the ones where you analyze what trans/non-binary people have said about themselves. And show how it makes no sense or demonstrates that they’re just gay.

    Blog World can sure take over. 🕰 😱 Twitter’s even worse. Important to read stuff that isn’t politics sometimes. Just now and yesterday I have spent WAAAAAY too many hours reading about the British EU referendum. 😞

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  2. Heard my tablet ‘ding’ a new msg and immediately thought of you, wondering if it was a new post, and now here you are…

    I absolutely agree that one should ‘take a moment’ on a fairly regular basis, if only to refocus on exactly what we want and need from this life. Course adjustments are required in any journey, so slowing the ship or bringing it to a complete halt is necessary to take proper readings

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  3. Welcome back! And great idea – fewer, better is the way to go. I had a blog once and when I got readers, I felt like I had to keep constantly producing to keep them! It all became exhausting. My best stuff took long to write, too, for the same reasons. Just so you know, I’ll be here even if you’re only posting once a week or even less. 🙂 And do get to that park every day.

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  4. Yes, writing quality essays takes time. It’s probably okay to have a few posts that you just zing out, but I always appreciate your more in-depth pieces for sure.

    The frogs sound lovely. I haven’t seen or heard a frog since I don’t know when.

    Can you all imagine there was a day when we didn’t have the internet and smartphones and texting? Sometimes I think about that and it blows me away. I used to read actual books much more and now appreciate the time on the train when I can read on my iPhone. 😉

    Does anybody know offhand what decade might be the last decade when people who remember the world before the internet will be alive?

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  5. Good to have you back, I know the feeling of getting obsessive about it , reddit is my weakness, Its so easy to get drawn into stupid debates that no one else is listening to. I think its probably a testosterone related thing.

    Writing on the blog is wierd, sometimes I’ll work for weeks on something and no one seams to be touched by it. Sometimes something will come out very quickly, I’ll make myself wait for a day, quick edit and out and it touches loads of people.

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