Vacation/Open Thread

Well, the time has come that I knew would inevitably happen. My internet addiction has driven me crazy and it’s time for a detox. I am going to attempt to take a break from both Facebook and WordPress. This will be extremely difficult, as my phone is permanently glued to my hands and I will probably have to use a chainsaw to detach it.

During my vacation, I will hopefully spend some time at a local park where there is a lovely stream with ducks. Ducks are so cute, and fun to watch, and they have life totally figured out. They just float along wherever the stream takes them, finding food along their way, and sometimes stopping to sun themselves on a rock. They don’t give a shit about the stupid crap that’s happening on the Internet. I need to be more like those ducks.

While I’m gone, I’m leaving our lovely friend Miep in charge. I have given her “Editor” level administrative power on my blog so that she can moderate comments. While Miep is in charge she has full discretion in regards to what comments to allow or ban, so if you want to post here, don’t piss her off! And thank you very much Miep, I feel much better taking a vacation knowing that someone is around to step in if anything weird happens around here.

I am not sure how long my vacation will be. I no longer have any idea what it feels like to be away from the Internet so I’m not sure how long I will even be able to stand not being here. Hopefully a few days? And hopefully long enough to remember what it feels like to not care about petty arguments and stupid drama that happens on social media.

When I get back I will be finally posting the Manifesto of the Gender Rebels which has been on hiatus for quite some time. Also, I will be reviewing the film Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, which arrived in the mail today!

If anyone sees me sneaking onto social media when I’m supposed to be taking a break, please do me a favor and punch me in the face.

To kick off this open thread, here are some random YouTube videos that I love.

The world’s coolest and most talented dancing parrot:

This adorable cockatiel enjoying fiddle music:

The squid that dances when you salt it:

The Florida State University Acabelles singing Royals by Lorde:

First World Problems Rap:

Top That from Teen Witch:

The guy who plays Nintendo music on the violin:

The guy who plays Inspector Gadget music on the flute while beat boxing:

Anything Goes rehearsal. I actually love the rehearsal more than the stage show. Because they’re not in costume, it has a different feel to it, like they’re just a bunch of regular people having a great time. And they are dazzling!

Anyway, open thread for whatever you want to discuss! Anyone can participate, and as always, no fighting!


19 thoughts on “Vacation/Open Thread

  1. Hope you have a nice detox! Ducks are very Zen.

    I am still on a hiatus from Twitter and Spacebook because, well, Twitter and Spacebook. I think it’s been almost two months now. Though I did look at one persons timeline on Twitter yesterday, I didn’t log in. I doubt I’ll ever go back. They both seem to be breeding grounds for purveyors of magical thinking and their flying monkeys. I don’t have a smart phone though (by choice), so maybe it’s easier to stay disconnected.

    I felt a bit sorry for that squid in it’s soy sauce death throes, heh.

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      • It really is a hell hole, full of toxic gunk. And like you mention in your returning post, it’s impossible to keep up with everything – I don’t know how people do it (not interested to try either, leaving it after my very brief foray is far simpler). Something else you allude to in your new post – when something is not enjoyable, it can quickly become a chore.

        I didn’t know that re the squid, thank you for clarifying 🙂

        More importantly though – welcome back. I enjoy reading your posts (and comments elsewhere).

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  2. I actually am attempting to do the same thing, thoug….here I am anyway.

    Facebook is toxic. The anger I carry with me is probably slowly killing me. I could argue forever with people, but then there is my literal heart I have to take care of. A heart attack at 30 from years of PTSD and sheer rage isn’t really what I had in mind! Okay, I’m catastrophizing a little. 😛

    Anyway, good for you purplesage.


  3. Good luck with your break. I’m also on a blog break, (reading, writing, commenting), but have dipped into this blog today to read because I find it informative with all the cultural commentary, of books films times politics – the broad view, not just niche – and more so because different views, from people who are from different paths, are allowed. I just enjoyed reading about lesbians through the ages.

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  4. Enjoy, ‘sage! Will miss your timely and informative pieces, but I thoroughly understand…

    *Clears throat* “My name is BD and I have an internet addiction.”

    I need to do this.

    I need to do this so, so much. My crops are dying, my animals are starving, my bank account is empty, and yet–here I am…

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