Speaking of facial hair

A lovely woman named Rose Geil has gone public about having a beard.


8 thoughts on “Speaking of facial hair

  1. Now his is what “living authentically” is actually about, this is being your “true self.” Good on her, I bet the trans are spinning about this, or maybe this will give those men with beards who claim to be women and lesbians more traction?

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    • I dunno, I think that battle is lost, anyway.
      It was lost the moment when some women decided to accept men who made some effort to appear feminine (like, shaving, wearing dresses, make up, etc) into women’s spaces. They essentially decided, that biology doesn’t matter.

      Whether the dude who wants to invade women’s spaces has to shave off his beard, or not, won’t make much of a difference.


  2. It’s a good thing but I think it should be publicised that beards on women can be caused by polycystic ovaries. Why I think this is one of my friends is a woman who had a beard growth from being 13 or 14, but she didn’t realise it was due to polycystic ovaries – she just thought of it as a cosmetic problem she had – until, that is she went to her GP at age 28 because she hadn’t had a period for a year, and then she had lots of medical tests, and one of these was for diabetes, and it turned out she was seriously ill with type one diabetes – in fact, her GP paid her a home visit on his day off on Sunday because the medics were so concerned about her diabetes, and made her go to hospital immediately – and it turned out her diabetes had been caused by the polycystic ovaries being untreated, because p.o. are a risk factor for diabetes. This is what my friend told me, and she was very bitter about the fact that she didn’t know her beard could be a sign of p.o., and due to that she could have died or become disabled i.e. blind or lost parts of her body or had heart attack or stroke, because of diabetes, for she’d had no awareness of having diabetes and they thought she’d had it for a significant amount of time by the time she was diagnosed, which probably wouldn’t have happened if she’d been having screening for it if her p.o. had been diagnosed.

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