Powerful artwork by detransitioner Guide On Raging Stars

Please go and check out these posters by Guide On Raging Stars. She has made posters out of some things she wishes her therapist would have said to her. (And thanks to 4thWaveNow for linking to this.) This moved me to tears. Absolutely fantastic work.




15 thoughts on “Powerful artwork by detransitioner Guide On Raging Stars

  1. This Sheryl Rindel, the Sheryl referenced in the posters, who was head gender poohbah at Transactive is a member of Sonrise Church an evangelical church that thinks homosexuality is a sin, here’s some of their literature http://www.isonrise.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/The-Depths-of-Sin-Romans-2-of-12.pdf

    Here’s a post by Sheryls husband who credits the church with saving their marriage by teaching them about proper gender roles http://whoisabout.org/Carl-Rindel/111668605518344182957

    Why is this asshole given access to gay and lesbian children where she encourages them to take cross sex hormones and have irreversible surgeries so they can appear to be the opposite sex?

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      • I just googled, Cathy Brennan and a blogger on tumblr did the digging. read Brennan’s post and the comments, that Jenn whatshisname guy from Transactive shows up to hang himself with his own rope, gawd, what an idiot.

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        • I know the young woman who did those posters has said she doesn’t want to sue Transactive as she wants to get on with her life, but damn those fuckers deserve to be sued to the moon and back if only so their operation can be shut down. Transactive partners with OHSU a teaching hospital here. It’s beyond criminal

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        • Then thanks for taking it a little further. GT has dealt with that organization before, and Jenn, but I missed this part that’s coming out now about the fundie homophobic plants.

          I reblogged CB’s article. The Tumblr post with the heartbreaking posters will get attention, put together the pieces and the picture is ugly. Amplify. Thanks again.

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