Blatant homophobia

An article in Common Dreams called Amazing Grace: The Gift of a Transgender Child perfectly illustrates how the transgendering of children is a form of gay conversion therapy.

“When I saw the number of Sam’s therapist pop up on my phone, I was invaded by a familiar sense of dread. “What’s happened this time,” I thought.

I took a deep breath while my ringtone (Gangnam Style, a popular song then) persisted. When I finally answered, the therapist cut straight to the point: “Kay,” he said, “you don’t have a gay son, you have a heterosexual daughter.”

When I first read this, my jaw dropped open in shock. You don’t have a gay son, you have a heterosexual daughter. There it is right out in the open. They are transitioning a gay boy into a girl and calling him heterosexual. Within the article, the mother reports that her son had previously come out as gay.

As usual in cases where a boy is being called ‘really a girl,’ they list a bunch of silly sex stereotypes that he identifies with.

“My toddler son pointed to girls on diaper packages, in books, on the street and loudly declared “Sam!” Even before she could complete full sentences, she wanted us to know that she was a girl.

Desperate to understand my verbal, passionate child who rejected balls and trucks for dolls and dresses, and, when I’d dress her in boys clothes, declaring, “but Mama. I’m a girl! I’m a girl!”

Really? Your toddler pointed at a diaper package and you conclude from that that he is really a girl? Are you insane? And as for “dolls and dresses,” these are sex stereotypes. Lots of girls don’t actually like dolls and dresses. Some boys do. This is okay. Your biological sex is not determined by your clothing or toy preferences.

“Ever since I can remember, my child was different. The doctor said she was a boy, and she had the requisite boy parts, and none of us knew any better at the time. We didn’t understand back then that gender identity is formed in the brain, in utero and may be different from reproductive organs.”

The reason the doctor identified that your son is a boy is because he has a male body. A boy is a young human male. What on Earth do you think a boy is? A person who plays with trucks?

What is “formed in the brain in utero” is personality, not gender. Your son has a certain personality and this will probably not change. Most likely, his same-sex attractions won’t change, either. His “gender identity” is coming from the sex stereotypes that he has learned from his culture. He has been taught that his preferences for clothing and toys are “girls'” preferences because our culture is sexist. No gender identity could have ever formed if we weren’t teaching kids that certain things are only for boys or only for girls. On what would we base a “gender identity” if males and females could have any personality and preferences they want?

“So we parents of our “gender variant” children bonded over our shared distress and ignorance, meeting secretly once or twice a year, creating a precious and safe space where our children put on wigs and dresses and held endless fashion shows, bonding over their own secret: while their parents thought they were boys, many of knew they were girls.”

Why would a boy with a wig and a dress be a girl? Why isn’t he just a boy with a dress on? Do you believe that wigs and dresses have something to do with girlhood? If so, what?

In many of these cases, the parents are obviously homophobic. But this mother displays an accepting attitude toward gays here. She would have been happy to have a gay son.

“But I’d always assumed that my dramatic child who liked to dress like Hannah Montana was a gay boy. I wasn’t surprised when two years earlier, Sam told me as much. I admit to being relieved that Sam wasn’t coming out as transgender. As a mom, I knew that being gay would present obstacles, but nothing like the challenges Sam would have to face being transgender.

“So he could change his mind?” I asked fervently, hoping that despite the fact that my child had expressed the gender identity of a girl consistently since before the age of two, that maybe Sam would miraculously change his…her??…mind. I thought, why can’t he just be gay? I know how to do gay. Gay is great. Sam told me he was gay.”

It turns out the transgenderist propaganda is so powerful that even parents who are gay-friendly are swept into it. This mom knew her son was a gay boy and accepted it, but she still swallowed the bizarre idea that he is really a girl when the therapist said so.

What should have happened here is the therapist should have asked the boy “why do you say you are a girl?” and listened carefully to the response. They should have then challenged the boy’s incorrect ideas about what girls and boys are and let him know that boys come in all types and have all sorts of preferences. They should have let him know that’s it’s common for gay boys to identify with the stereotypes that society assigns to girls, and that they usually still grow up to enjoy being gay men in their natural bodies. The therapist should have explained to the parents that most gender dysphoric children grow up to be gay or lesbian and that their son needs gender nonconforming role models to look up to so he can develop a positive identity as a feminine gay man.

The parents should have thought about the effects of sex stereotypes and internalized homophobia on their son, and when the therapist was unable to explore these issues they should have looked for a different therapist. They should have been suspicious about anyone telling their gay son that he is a heterosexual female, when that theory makes so little sense. Males are not females. The parents should be critical of the fact that their son is being turned into a lifelong medical patient who will be pretending to be the opposite sex. They should be concerned that he’s reducing his future romantic prospects because he will be a gay man who appears to be a woman, and this will make it hard for him to date gay men, who want other men, and straight men, who want biological women.

Gay and lesbian youth go through phases when they are coming to terms with their sexuality. It’s not easy to come out as gay. Coming out is a long process that can include roadblocks and strange detours. It’s possible to know and not know at the same time that you are same-sex attracted. We are a minority, and we are still not well represented in the culture, so for some kids it’s hard to imagine themselves as a happy gay adult. There is still homophobia in the world and kids pick up on that.

“The years between then and now have been enormously difficult. My child has been called “an abomination,” told she is going to hell, been denied the use of girls bathrooms, been suspended after other children have hit her, been caught in the middle of lawsuits, and has suffered rejection from some people close to her. But she never stopped believing in herself, never strayed from her quest to be seen, heard and understood for who she is.”

This child is not an abomination, and he is not going to hell. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. I am suspicious that the people making these terrible comments are acting out of homophobia.

We should not be sending gay and lesbian youth into opposite-sex bathrooms. This is not good for anyone. We should be teaching kids not to bully each other for being different, so that effeminate boys and masculine girls can be safe in the correct bathroom. I fully support giving these kids the option of using separate bathrooms if there is no other way to keep them safe from bullying.

I knew I was same-sex attracted when I was quite young. I still remember my sexual fantasies about other girls when I was nine years old. However, I went through all sorts of phases as a teenager before I developed a lesbian identity. I was “bisexual” in junior high school, and “straight” in senior high school (despite still finding other girls attractive), “bisexual” again when I began college, and finally lesbian after the age of 21.

This boy in this story is struggling with his sexual orientation and going through phases where he’s trying to explain it away and make excuses for it. I used to make excuses, too. In my diary at age 15 I wrote all sorts of excuses for why I was attracted to my female friend. I wrote over and over “We just understand each other well, and she’s really cool. But I’m still straight.” That was utter bullshit. I knew very well that I was totally in love and I wanted to have sex with her. Still, I wrote excuse after excuse to myself in attempt to explain my attraction without identifying as a lesbian.

All sorts of gay and lesbian youth are now being transitioned before they’ve gotten old enough to make sense of their feelings, to date a person of the same sex, and to get over their internalized homophobia. This isn’t progressive, it’s criminal.


52 thoughts on “Blatant homophobia

  1. Can we start calling this eugenics? Because that’s what it is. It isn’t the first time the psychiatric profession has tried to enforce the idea that there’s something wrong with gay people, either. It looked like most of them had gotten over that idea for a decade or two, but apparently not.

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  2. “No gender identity could have ever formed if we weren’t teaching kids that certain things are only for boys or only for girls. On what would we base a “gender identity” if males and females could have any personality and preferences they want?”

    I love this so much. Filing this idea away for future debates.

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    • The idea of Gender Identity is a crock of shit. It means nothing and cannot be backed up by science or logic. See Becca Reilly-Cooper’s Coventry talk on her website.

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  3. WOW! That was phenomenal! 😍😍😍 I’d nominate that for that Erasure anthology. So so good.

    I’ve been a straight person hater of homophobia for a bazillion years and I never knew about that wobbling back-and-forth trying to identify out of being gay when you’re a teenager and later. Did not know it. Pro-gay parents of gay kids might not know it either.

    This essay perfectly captures the gay conversion, homophobia element of trans. This is what so many of us need to be able to show people who think that trans is progressive but aren’t crazy Kool-Aid drinking ‘Allies’ yet. “No it’s not about bathrooms. It’s about what they’re doing to gay teenagers.” Then we hand them this and then we shut up.

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  4. i never know what to think when i read the claim by parents or guardians that the child expressed from a young age of four, three, even two years old that they were *literally* the opposite sex and fully believed it. i am suspicious of a few possibilities, the most obvious one being that those parents, or even the transgender people themselves, are either gaslighting themselves into misremembering, or are deliberately retconning this personal history so as to fit their new “narrative” (reduction of cognitive dissonance). it is simply incoherent to say that a two year old boy stated with conviction that he was actually a girl, AND you believed him, when children that age hardly have full control of their own language, let alone the thought patterns and understanding of reality that underlie the things they say. do you believe these parents/therapists/trans people are merely lying (both to others and themselves)? or are these children really saying the kinds of things about being the opposite sex that it is claimed they are saying? another possibility is that the few cases that the media chooses to headline are conveniently those about children who expressed these things. i can’t believe for a second that even a sizeable minority of trans people “knew” and said they were *literally* the opposite sex as pre-K children.

    you also point out that even gay-friendly parents may swallow the trans narrative whole even though they would be perfectly happy with a gay or lesbian child. i think this has to do with a more general trend of people trusting in science/medicine almost like the magic of the current age, a craft so obscure that they couldn’t possibly understand it themselves, so better listen to the “specialists”. that seems to me the only explanation for why someone like this woman would so stupidly follow this quack’s advice.

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    • “Retconning to reduce cognitive dissonance”. Bingo. Yeah I don’t believe in the tiny little kids believing they are the opposite sex either. And somebody always chimes in on articles that have that in with “would you believe them if they said they were a dog?” And I always think, yep, they wouldn’t.

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  5. What I found spooky was the ‘urgent instructions’ about puberty blockers as though this was some evil disease. And I was wondering why the kid was seeing a therapist but I’m guessing it’s cos the parents contacted the national centre.

    I tell you, I’m glad I didn’t grow up in a trans culture. Climbing trees, wearing shorts, playing with a science set and building toys? I’d have a dick by now 😦

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      • They do phalloplasties as well as vagioplasties. Phalloplasties are more expensive. They make them out of skin grafts in part. Sometimes they fall off. They did this to that Belgian woman and the surgery didn’t work out and then she got put down. Horrible story.

        But yeah, most girls and women just go with T and mastectomies. Another horrible story I read awhile back in a FB group was about some young woman who went that route (sans phalloplasty) and then decided she was going to work as a male escort. That one freaked me out too. Too easy to imagine what those guys would do to her.

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  6. Something that does not sit well with me, is the recurring belief in a therapist and failure to get a second opinion.

    In the country I live, we have psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and counsellors. If anyone other than a registered psychiatrist or registered clinical psychologist was diagnosing anything and prescribing courses of action/treatment to the degree noted by Sam/Grace’s mother, I would be going elsewhere, for a second opinion, *at the very least*.

    One of the things I have noticed, is that a lot of these “therapists” don’t appear to be registered psychologists or psychiatrists. They *may* have (but not always) graduated with a B.A. in psychology, but have pursued different avenues of study thereafter (e.g. counselling). Take for instance the staff at TransActive and their off shoot Brave Space – the latter, with one exception, consists of four staff from TransActive, only one of who is a registered psychologist with the APA. One could argue it’s only the psychologist doing the medical assessments, but if their website is anything to go by, it’s not. So these unregistered therapists/counsellors are diagnosing and prescribing courses of action/treatment.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but that is what I am seeing in many of the articles by parents of these (supposedly) trans kids. The ‘therapist’ is in a position of authority, and often the natural bias is to trust their opinion/evaluation. Unfortunately, it’s often not easy finding specific information re qualifications and it’s also often difficult to know the questions to ask, especially in what seems like a rather unregulated environment.

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    • My mom took me to multiple psych drs and therapist untill she finally found this Christian nutcase that agrees I was mentally ill. Apparently I did not like boys because I was abused and was so delusional that I could not admit it to myself and therefore had no memory. Because I hated womanhood I was a danger to my mom. It was all concocted caca. I spent six months in state because I would not admit my illness. That caused me a great deal of trauma. This is no different.


      • Sorry you had to go through that Rosa. Some parents do really shitty things and that sounds messed up.

        I wasn’t being mindful of that angle when I commented, though there are plenty of examples of it around. I guess I was commenting about the parents who take their kid to a therapist and are surprised to learn they’re trans but then don’t seek a second opinion. Which isn’t particularly relevant to this blog post, so not sure what I was thinking.


      • I’ve never quite understood why anyone would think disliking men was something to be fixed. I mean, in the world we live in, it is pretty damn rational not to trust men.
        If they truly believe that being a lesbian is caused by male violence, then … why don’t they say “Hey, great, problem fixed itself, girl will be much safer from now on!”?
        Why do they instead say: “Poor girl, you must have been abused by a man, and are so traumatized you cannot even remember … now, let’s fix your dislike of men so that you, too, can make the wonderful experience of date rape!”

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  7. How long would a gender therapist last if they said to kids?

    “Your a great girl/boy its fine to like the stuff you do, anyone who said otherwise is a stupid jerk. You may or may not be gay, wait till puberty kicks in to see who turns you on”

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    • Depends. If there’s enough gender-critical parents to make sure there’s a steady supply of new patients …

      But such a therapist would need new patients every couple of months.

      Transitioning children makes them dependent on artificial hormones for the rest or their lives, which is much more profitable. Especially if they need a new subscription every couple of months as is the case with normal medication. A steady source of income, so to speak.

      Where I live, a therapist couldn’t profit from medication because only psychiatrists can prescribe those, but the transitioned child would also need ongoing therapy because they’d have to cope with infertility, and the disappointment caused by the fact that they never actually changed sex.

      That’s a big problem within the medical profession: If you actually heal someone, they won’t pay any more money for treatments.

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    • Print that on the card! And hand it out, um, where? Bus stops? Psychologist conventions? I know! Brighton.

      More seriously, back when intersex activists were trying to stop doctors from doing sex changes on very young babies they had these cards sort of like bookmarks that they would leave around various places. And it showed on it how long the little babies penis had to be for them to not sex change that male baby into a “girl”.

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      • Wow. I always knew that they mutilated intersexed babies but I never realized that they used penis length to determine who got axed. There is something so inherently male in that sort of thinking. It’s losing the wiener contest before they even have a chance to know they are competing. This seems like a very blatant and unnatural selection. Basically they are selecting for larger dick size in the male population and preventing the smaller dicked males from ever reproducing.

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        • Yep, exactly. The “Wiener Contest”. It’s absolutely fucking insane. And that is what they really really did. And even though it’s shocking is it really that surprising?

          I can totally picture some psycho, uber-male surgeons in the 1960s inventing this crap. 😞 And trans grew directly out of this lunacy.

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  8. I’m so disgusted and frustrated at how so many otherwise intelligent people have swallowed the Trans, Inc. Kool-Aid and obediently begun referring to children and teenagers by opposite-sex pronouns and identifying them as the other sex. I’ll never refer to someone with a penis and testicles as “she” or “a girl/woman,” just as I can’t refer to someone with a vagina and ovaries as “a boy” or “he.” Perhaps if a person has fully transitioned, gone through all the surgeries, been on hormones for a really long time, and is a genuinely nice person whom I respect, I’ll use their preferred pronouns out of courtesy, but that’s still not something I’d do for the vast majority of these folks.

    It always comes back to stereotypes for the parents of transed kids. It’s one thing for an adult to talk about lifelong, overwhelming dysphoria and never even mention stereotypes, but entirely another for a minor to be forced into pretending to be the opposite sex solely based on a collection of sexist stereotypes. When someone like Barbara Walters says “Jazz Jennings” is “all girl,” she’s referring to some checklist of sexist stereotypes, like having stuffed animals, liking pink, wearing clothes meant to attract the male gaze, growing long hair, cheerleading, talking on the phone for hours, and giggling about boys with 20 best friends. I always hated the media’s depiction of what girls were supposed to be like, since it was so damn sexist and didn’t reflect my personality at all.

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  9. The fantasy continues to expand. The NY Times reports on the first legally approved non-gender / non-biology personal identification. The story notes that two doctors [!!!] attested that “Jamie” was “neither male nor female” and now Jamie says “I’m at peace with my biology.” I wonder at what age children will first realize that they are neither male nor female?? No doubt now parents, “therapists,” transgender advocates, and perhaps even those two doctors noted in the story, will begin to tell us. And I always thought that understanding biology was a prerequisite to a medical degree!!

    Excerpts from Oregon Court Allows a Person to Choose Neither Sex:

    A judge in Oregon has granted a petition allowing a person to legally choose neither sex and be classified as nonbinary: an important development for transgender Americans while civil rights and sexual identity are in the national spotlight, advocates and legal experts said.

    Kris Hayashi, executive director of the Transgender Law Center in Oakland, Calif., described the decision in an email as a “historic step” toward the government’s recognizing “nonbinary members of our community and ensuring they have access to identity documents that reflect who they are, just like everyone else.”

    The petitioner seeking the new designation, Jamie Shupe of Portland, Ore., is a retired United States Army sergeant born with male anatomy who had successfully battled the military to be given discharge papers that reflected the female sex.

    It was not until 2013, at the age of 49 and after retiring from the military, that Jamie had to decide whether to “begin living authentically as the woman that I have always been for my remaining years,” according to “Transgender Lives: Your Stories,” a collection of essays that appeared with editorials about transgender experiences in The New York Times.

    Jamie — who prefers to use only a first name and the pronouns “they” and “their,” instead of singular pronouns — underwent hormone treatments to transition to a woman. But ultimately, neither sex fit, Jamie said in an interview on Friday.

    Expecting the judge to challenge the bid for nonbinary status, the petitioner went to court with letters from two doctors attesting that Jamie is neither male nor female.

    Jamie described the ruling, which was reported by The Daily Dot on Friday, as “totally being liberated from the boundaries of being male or female.”

    Jamie has been married for 29 years to a woman and has no plans to undergo surgery. “I’m at peace with my biology.”

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      • Good luck to Sargent Special Snowflake in getting insurance to pay for his prostate exams. Or maybe it’s only women who ID as men and get legally recognized as men who have that sort of trouble

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    • So he is a heterosexual who started to transition to female, so probably an autogynephile, and then he stopped bothering with that and went back to being male. Either all or in part. Can we not just start calling that Leslie Feinberg Syndrome? And recognize that it’s not a desirable situation for a person to be in?

      Or this guy is exactly like the “non-binary” fellow in a recent BBC thing that Transgender Trend talked about, who is clearly a part-time cross-dresser. With “girl days” when he wears a long blonde wig etc to work.

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      • I don’t think it’s “undesirable” to be partially transitioned. Lots of gender warriors are in an in-between place. The only thing that is undesirable is advancing an anti-woman and anti-gay political agenda.


  10. God almighty, it’s like we’ve gone back to 1955. It’s so unbelievably regressive. I am so sorry this is being done to gay youth. I really do think that this will be looked upon as a dark time and leave a huge black mark on the medical system and the media.

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  11. A recent news story reported that transgender operations are state sponsored in Iran as a solution to homosexuality. Makes you wonder about the right wing agenda behind what appeals to western youth as radical and progressive.labels at any age are wrong but labels when identity is still developing is child abuse. It reflects badly on our society that transgender youth fixate on appearances and stereotypes of gender that are media driven. We stopped our kids playing outside but the bigger risk was on the Internet.

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  12. Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    common sense tells you that transing kids is a form of anti- homosexual conversion therapy to gay curious. It just is; there seems to be a panic when kids come out as gay- there always has been.

    Now, young people coming out as gay are hit with transgender lead-homophobia.

    It is clear that taking everything gay and restructuring it to accommodate sexist stereotypes- appeals to the deeply homophobic.

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  13. This is nonsense there are more people ‘coming out’ and at younger ages as LGB than ever. The ratio of trans to LGB hasn’t changed, it is in the 1 trans to 10-20 LGB region (the bisexual numbers make it a bit ‘fuzzy’).

    Especially if you consider that 30%-60% of trans kids would not grow up LGB if they didn’t transition.

    The numbers for the UK Tavistok show that 30% of trans boys were not female attracted and 50% of trans girls not male attracted..

    The NZ survey showed between 40%-60% of trans kids were not totally or even partially same sex attracted (relative to birth sex).

    So what we are seeing is just more LGB kids coming out at an earlier age, typically early teenage versus 20, 30 or even older as in the past.

    Most kids (and surveys back this up) know their sexuality by 10-16. A recent Australian survey showed ‘10% always knew, 26% knew by age 10, 60% knew by age 13 and 85% by age 15.”

    The same with trans kids, who also show a similar range of ‘knowing’. The NZ schookids survey showed 25% know by 8, 41% by 11 and all by 18.

    The ratio of the two groups hasn’t changed, just they are coming out younger.

    Yes some trans men use the ‘butch’ lesbian scene the same way some trans women use the ‘male crossdresser’ scene. As a way to partially express their true gender, a place to experiment, find themselves until they are more sure of themselves before transitioning.

    But they are a minority, there are far more butch lesbians (and always will be) than trans men and vastly more lesbians overall. Similar there are and always will be far more gay men or ‘crossdressers’ than trans women.

    The idea of someone transitioning because of homophopbia is laughable, as stated many would not be LGB if they didn’t transition and it is far harder to be trans than LGB.
    Plus most parents would far prefer their child to be LGB rather than trans and pressure them accordingly.
    Surveys show that although acceptance of LGB kids and adults has improved greatly in most western countries, trans acceptance is much lower.

    Plus study after study shows that that if they express being trans in adolescence they rarely change. Even the ‘king of reparative therapy’ Zucker admitted that in many of his research papers and even he prescribed puberty blockers and later HRT at his clinic.

    This is a Trans Myth, one of all too sadly many, and like all the rest refuted by cold hard numbers.


    • LisaM we are increasingly seeing same-sex attracted teens transitioning. We are also seeing parents encouraging their kids to be trans. It is certainly not laughable that people are transitioning because of homophobia. In some countries they are quite open about the fact that they are transitioning homosexuals to “fix” them, and even here in North America we are encouraging every youth with gender dysphoria to transition immediately even though we know a lot of them will probably grow up to be gay or lesbian.

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      • Everything is a myth except gender. The female reproductive system is like a yeti, people only think they’ve seen one, they were obviously imagining it.

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    • Actually, most kids claiming to be trans desist— 80-90% of them desist! That is what the vast majority of actual, unbiased, peer-reviewed studies show. Your belief is your wishful thinking. It is NOT scientific or accurate.

      Additionally, these studies about “always knowing” one’s sex and gender identity are deeply methodologically flawed for a very simple reason— there is no possible way to control for social pressures. People do not grow up in a vacuum and frankly don’t “know” much of anything without outside socialization and teaching.

      The reason for the recent trans explosion is simple: social contagion. Young people are being groomed by abusers into believing that sex change is not only possible, but even heroic, brave, and desirable. It is NONE of those things in real life. Yet, kids have always looked for ways to belong and be special. A trans identity is perfect for getting the attention they so badly seek. Narcissism, and other psych issues, are notoriously co-morbid with transgender disorders. Trans is perfect for those needing constant “narcissistic supply.”

      Male-to-trans are usually autogynephile fetishists. Female-to-trans are usually frustrated / self-hating / self-denying as a response to limitations and stereotypes placed on women by society. Sex change is impossible. The only possibility is a very crude, outward approximation of the opposite sex— and sadly, it fools very few.

      Lisa M, you seem to be looking to spread misinformation. You list all of these supposed statistics, yet give no sources other than the phenomenally biased Tavistock clinic that gets paid to promote trans. If they admitted trans is a sham, they wouldn’t get any funding, correct? Kind of a HUGE conflict of interest. 4th Wave Now has many studies on her blog backing up the 80-90% desistance stats. You can go there for study references.

      One more thing, Zucker is very open-minded and certainly not the “king of reparative therapy.” He sought to explore the reasons for dysphoria, which is absolutely necessary. Further, Zucker agrees that the vast majority of “transpeople” desist– which is the polar opposite of what you wrote. Yes, Zucker did prescribe puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and even surgeries for some unfortunate, incorrigible souls. He isn’t perfect, but I do think he tried to strike a balance. The political ousting of Zucker was unfortunate and only solidifies the need for real gatekeepers.

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      • Heh, Tavistock with its nonchalant indifference to the huge 100% increase in referrals in the year ended March 2016 (1398 vs 697 year ended March 2015 – and of that 1398, 913 were female). Dr Wren of said clinic stated: “I don’t think we should necessarily take a negative view of this.” No vested interest there huh Dr Wren.

        Even trans activists admit social contagion:

        Charlie Craggs, 24, a transgender activist who has attended support sessions at the Tavistock, told the Guardian: “I wasn’t surprised at all to see the figures – in fact I’m surprised they’re not higher. In my opinion, the numbers are increasing because awareness is increasing. There’s more visibility and media representation.”

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        • It is worth noting that in medicine the placebo effect can be quite strong in clinical trials when there is no identifiable underlying physical condition, which is the case with perceived transgenderism. The uptick in perceived transgenderism as the phenomenon gains such media exposure and acceptance strikes me as a kind of placebo effect: “this will make me feel better, explain me, because it’s accepted.”

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  14. I started “Gender Hurts” and then got sidetracked, but at the beginning Jeffreys writes about the history of “sexual reassignment surgery” and makes a good case that this was invented as a “treatment” for homosexuality and that the people doing this considered people better off sterile than gay.

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  15. “Really? Your toddler pointed at a diaper package and you conclude from that that he is really a girl? Are you insane?”

    As an certifiably insane person, it’s unfair to compare us to the parents of transgender kids. Even in the darkest depths of psychosis, we’re way more rational than that.

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