Video: The Cotton Ceiling, a Post-modern Affront to Lesbianism


36 thoughts on “Video: The Cotton Ceiling, a Post-modern Affront to Lesbianism

  1. That guy passes pretty well till he opens his mouth and it’s not his voice that clocks him, it’s his words, his ugly rapist mentality and sense of entitlement to women’s bodies, his refusal to see women as actual people who exist and aren’t mommafucktrons put on earth to serve men. What a disgusting, odious, creepy little man.

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      • Generally speaking, flipping people off for not wanting to date you is not considered a sophisticated seduction technique.

        These guys know what they’re doing. I don’t think it’s even about guilt-tripping anyone into dating them. It’s classic MRA stuff about creating an atmosphere of fear.

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  2. “Transwomen” don’t get all this support if they’re just loser guys who are widely considered unappealing by women, but do a little superficial “transitioning” and declare yourself a lesbian, voila! So brave! So oppressed! And a built-in platform for expressing your accumulated rage at women, to boot.

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      • You know those “forever alone” guys on Reddit? This is the end stage, it’s a kind of natural progression into this invented social niche. Like protective coloration.

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        • If it is either this or going on a murder spree, then I suppose we should be grateful they just put some lipstick on and rant on youtube.

          Male entitlement is a terrible disease – when will science find a cure?

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        • I dunno, that sounds like the argument for porn: “better porn-using than raping.” Anything that validates male rage can’t be a good thing. It’s easily the biggest problem with the Internet, how easy it is for men to use it to validate and spread their women-hating.

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        • Well, porn requires rape for its making, so not exactly the same. But considering that we don’t know if transing and ranting about “cotton ceiling” really is the end stage, or if the entitlement will progress to rape and murder in the future, you have a point.

          It’s high time politics did something about this male entitlement issue.

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        • Yes, of course. The validation part is key though. It self-reinforces. The “hero via violence” socializing runs very strong with a lot of men. They all likely feel at some level that they are protecting something, and to have those feelings validated can work to increase the odds of their giving themselves permission to act them out violently. Men egg each other on thusly and women who support this sort of thing are in part culpable, because the hero demands an adoring audience, though I try to avoid criticizing women when we are dealt such a stacked deck and there are all these privileged men to criticize.

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        • If “politics” wanted to do something about this male entitlement issue, they could start with doing everything possible to end enforced pregnancies. Make abortion and contraception on demand free and confidential and work to change social norms that enhance male status via impregnation. Stigmatize men for unwanted pregnancies, castrate rapists.

          Even the more moderate of these measures would get them right at loggerheads with all the big churches. “Politics” is likely to have its hands full with this one, especially since the current economic system is dependent on hierarchy of labor.

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  3. This guy is a real piece of shit, giving the finger to females who don’t want to fuck him. What an entitled male asshole. When are these guys going to start doing this to straight males who don’t want to sleep with them? Why aren’t these guys running around screaming “Bigot!” and “transphobic blah blah blah transphobic blah blah blah” at men who don’t want anything to do with their laydee dicks or fake vaginas? And if genitalia doesn’t matter, why aren’t they just having gender sex with other trans women? I mean, attraction is all about genderbrain, right?! Oh, yeah, it does matter, doesn’t it?

    When Magdalen says “If you accept the mantra “transwomen are women” then lesbianism doesn’t exist,” it makes it really clear.

    I often ask myself why the heck this issue bothers me so much, as I’m heterosexual, but it’s for the same reason that all rape-y male entitlement infuriates me. It’s fucked-up bullshit.

    Hey Trans Incorporated: There are a lot of females out here in the world who see gender politics for what they are and are never, ever going to swallow your Orwellian nonsense or back down.

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  4. I don’t mind at all when straight women comment here. I focus on lesbians because I am one, but that doesn’t mean straight women aren’t welcome. Men are welcome too, as long as they are left-wing, intelligent, pro-feminist, and gender critical. Any dudes who are right wing who try to comment here I just delete. If you’re here to say “transgenderism is wrong because God” you are outta here!

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    • That’s good to know.

      How about “transgenderism is wrong because Ceiling Cat” (obvs. the rest of the sentence is that CC disapproves of humans being so wrapped up in themselves instead of serving their furry overlords).


        • I confess my ignorance and do humble penance via the resident overladies!

          My scriptural knowledge of CC is limited to how she created cushions, and saw they were good. And then she rested.

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  5. Drew has a Tumblr which hasn’t been updated in over a year. It’s full of supposedly “queer” and “feminist” porn.

    I suppose for a younger autogynephile becoming a porn star is the ultimate proof that one is a real woman. Woman=Porn Star these days.

    If you want to find the Tumblr, just search for “Drew Devaux Tumblr”. I recommend you do not. Just trust me. If it was just Drew being abused, I’d post a link.

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  6. Common sense would dictate it’s impossible for a man to be a lesbian, but apparently common sense is considered bigoted these days. No one is entitled to sex or a relationship with anyone else. It’s very telling how most of these trans folks only want the real thing (be it man or woman), and don’t want to have sex with one another. Deep down, even they probably realize they’re not the sex they profess to be.

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    • Of course they understand deep down that they are not the sex they profess to be! That is why they are so defensive and offensive. They are trying to prove to you, something they know is untrue, and it is maddening to them when that doesn’t work.


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