Anti-lesbian shitheads on Twitter

screenshot June 8

So this idiot took a poll to see if lesbians are attracted to “women” or “their genitals.” Because in crazy transgenderland, these things can be separated. In real life, of course, women and their genitals are actually connected together in one piece, and lesbians are attracted to both.

When this person’s friends answer the poll, the conclusion is of course that lesbians fancy “women,” a word that in transgenderland can include absolutely anyone, regardless of their sex. Also, TERFs should get some fleshlights because we are just into genitals. (I had to ask someone what “minge” means. Apparently it means “pussy” in the U.K. I definitely prefer “fanny.” Anyway…)

A fleshlight is a sex toy for men consisting of a fake vagina in a hollow tube.


This person is suggesting that TERFs would enjoy playing with this toy. Now, I don’t think this person actually believes this—I think they’re being completely disingenuous and they’re just saying this for a laugh. But you never know with these people—they’re so nuts that it’s impossible to tell between their sincere speech and satire.

I would have absolutely no interest in playing with a fleshlight. This toy is designed for men to use by sticking their dicks into it. (This actually meets men’s definition of sex BTW, because, for men, sex means sticking their dick into a thing.) This toy would do absolutely nothing for me. What would I do, stick my finger in it? It’s an inanimate object. Inanimate objects don’t actually turn me on.

This idea that “TERFs” are only into genitals and not the rest of the person is ridiculously stupid. The people who are only into genitals and not the rest of the person are men. Men are the ones who don’t give a shit about a woman’s personality or her likes and dislikes, and just want to stick their dick into her vagina. That’s why men pay for “sex” with women, because they don’t actually care about women as people, they just want to use our genitals.

Lesbian feminists (“TERFs”) care about women as whole people. We want women to have full human rights and full autonomy. We appreciate whole women—their personalities, their ideas, their courage and strength, their talents, their intelligence, and also their bodies. We appreciate their bodies as they come naturally, with normal body hair, with intact labia, and without makeup or adornment.

The reason that lesbians are only attracted to people with vulvas and vaginas is because lesbians are female homosexuals—that is, females attracted to other females. Males are not females.

Just when I thought this dude was the biggest anti-lesbian shithead on Twitter, I saw this:

screenshot June 8_2

I shamelessly stole this screenshot from Gallus Mag. (Thanks!) This is a person who was denouncing the fantastic new book about the war on women that is being waged by transgenderist politics, which of course is inspiring the transgenderists to continue their war on women, and another person responded to the Tweet with a stunningly hateful anti-lesbian rant:

“Saw a TERF describe being lesbian as “aversion to penis.” I think that’s maybe the most hollow, meaningless idea of love and sexuality ever. You’re taking a love so wondrous and full of “life” in every way the word matters—and stripping it of anything recognizably human. This is a very large part of why I believe TERFs have very little useful concept of what it means to be lesbian, or to love at all.”

Wow. This asshole actually thinks that when women exclude men from their sex lives their sexuality becomes hollow, meaningless, and not recognizably human. And he believes that males and male-identified women have a better idea of how to be a lesbian than actual lesbians. This is overflowing with misogyny and homophobia, and a specific kind of arrogance that only men have.

I’m an actual female homosexual, the kind who is female and loves females. I have a very good idea of what love is. It’s not the least bit “meaningless and hollow” for me to exclude men from my sex life. I have been in a relationship with the same woman for nine years, and every single day I feel lucky that I get to be with her and that I live in a society that allows me to live openly as a lesbian. I’m lucky that I don’t have to be married to a man, because I know I would be terribly uncomfortable and resentful if I was. My relationship with my partner is wonderful and fulfilling and has been the best thing in my life ever since we met.

Homophobic misogynists like these Twitter users are trying to make it impossible for women to assert sexual boundaries that exclude men and they’re trying to redefine what a lesbian is so that we can’t even claim to be females attracted to females without being bigoted. They might succeed in getting a lot of people to pretend they don’t know what a lesbian is, which will be really unfortunate, but they will not succeed in changing the fact that around 5% of women in every generation are exclusively attracted to other women, and that we are NOT going to date stupid assholes who put on lipstick and think that makes them women.

I don’t blame these guys for being jealous of lesbians, because honestly, lesbians have the best relationships and the best sex out of anyone anywhere! But no matter what clothes they put on or what surgeries they have, they will not become women. Female bodies have a complex structure of their own that cannot be created by turning the penis inside out. Men with a surgically-created fuckhole will never know what it feels like to have a female orgasm. They are not female, and they’re not lesbians, they are men who hate us.


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  1. I am just so happy to hear there are men on Twitter going around informing women as to whom we should sexually desire. I have been feeling so lost without this invaluable assistance. How have I survived this long without the advice of Helpful Men on Twitter?

    Dear Helpful Men on Twitter: are we supposed to put our socks on first, or our shoes? That’s always confused me. Also, do we eat with our noses or our mouths, and is it okay to like chocolate?

    – Your Truly, Lost Women on Twitter

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  2. wtf is this all about? Are these people crazy? They do some gruesome surgical thing to themselves and now suddenly they are “women”? Or even they don’t bother with that and show up waving their penis around and claim to be “women”? And now lesbians are supposed to line up and say, “Right right this is great you really are a woman so we’re all willing to have sex with you.”? Do they think lesbians are as crazy as they are themselves?

    “Fleshlight”?? Seriously? This is sick. Why bother to have a person there at all? I hear there’s some fantastic porn on the internet which will relieve you of the necessity of any relationship at all.

    Take me for example, I’m straight. That means, I want to see that penis. Do not show up with a vulva and a vagina and try to talk me into the idea that you’re a man. I don’t fancy penises detached from a person (aka a man) and I certainly don’t want a blow-up replica. (yuck) OK, all you trans persons? We all straight on this, pun intended? Well lesbians are equally entitled to desire women, which does NOT mean, “person with penis” or “person who has mutilated himself so his penis isn’t there any more.”

    This is so obvious that I am appalled that we have to go to the trouble to say it. Disturbed persons can and do have disturbed ideas of reality, but that does not mean I have to go along with it.

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    • What’s also struck me is that I have found both men and women attractive at times, on a fairly broad spectrum at times, and no matter how gender nonconforming the person is, or not, there is a clear difference in how it feels to me: finding a man attractive, or finding woman attractive. Definitely apples and oranges. While I can’t prove there is no social conditioning involved, transgenderists can’t prove there is, so basically it’s just sexual harassment, i.e. MRA BS. And even if it is socially constructed, it’s still nobody’s business but your own. Also social construction isn’t like changing your clothes, it involves your brain, sometimes extremely deeply.

      The whole argument can be completely dismissed at any of these levels. Attraction cannot be dictated. Nonconsensual attraction = you are SOL if it’s you feeling attracted. No one owes anyone any justification for not feeling attracted to them. Any argument to the contrary supports rape culture.

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  3. The poll left out an important option: “the idea of my dude self as a woman.” So the AG’s all probably were stuck with “their genitals.” And the lesbians all picked “women.”

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  4. The sad thing is that young women are being brainwashed by these messages. I just graduated college, and at both colleges I attended, the LGBTQI campus resource centers were firmly, firmly, firmly centered in gender/queer politics. And both universities were in conservative areas.

    I was extremely close to taking testosterone because my university has tragically accessible hormones (surgeries coming soon) through the university clinic. I was convinced multiple times that everybody could be just about anybody and anything they want to be, and any deviation from that concept is some kind of xyz-phobic. We are all just in the same weird queer soup together and we can braid each others’ hair and talk about each others’ non-existent periods (because you can’t say whether or not you actually have periods anymore, probably), and if you don’t want to have sex with someone you better know for sure it isn’t because of their genitals. And of course, they always contained sex to the genitals and failed to mention the vast history and present reality of sex-based oppression and how chromosomes affect more than just your damn weiner.

    I went to those centers years ago going through mental health issues and needing help and resources as a young lesbian woman who had been through hell and back in life at a young age mainly because of who I am. What I got were pontifications about my pronouns, zero education about feminism (all feminist resources emphasized that sex-roles hurt men too and wah, wah, wah about how men can’t cry), and a lot of ruminating about, “are you a man in a woman’s body? You wear button-up shirts! Maybe you’re a man! Do you feel kind of shitty about your life and your self-esteem? Maybe you should be a man!”

    God help us all. I want to personally save every single lesbian from that kind of indoctrination, but I can’t, so I’m going to go watch Netflix, pet my cat, and call it a night.

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    • Yes, the universities and medicine (and the media) are all highly culpable. It’s shameful and homophobic and reactionary. And discouraging young women from talking about their natural body functions; what is this, the nineteenth century?

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    • This scares the crap out of me. It’s one thing to grow up lost in the wilderness, so to speak, but quite another to be surrounded by a kind of Wizard of Oz drama play that has no basis in reality during those vital years. Every young lesbian who comes out of it like you have I feel has walked through fire and somehow survived.

      It will be very interesting where everything is in ten years when all the “uwu queer” people have gotten a taste of living in the real world where most bathrooms are, yes, still not catering to their personal preferences. The longer I sit with this the more faith I have in Mother Nature, in what’s natural – like lesbianism, like women’s natural bodies – remaining indestructible truth in the bigger picture, and all of these desperate people merely railing against something that cannot be changed. That movement will run out of energy eventually, as there’s nothing “real” to back it up save for the need to dissolve gender roles, which lots of people have been wanting for ages.

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      • I really hope so, too. We must continue creating information and spreading it.

        I worry that a lot of straight liberal people (which is a lot of people) in my age-group view these politics as just another roadblock on the path to human liberation, just like gay rights, black rights, and disabled rights. I wish I could show them how it was different without them labeling me as a bigot. If anything, I was the one who was harmed and seduced by the queer-train’s packaged and bow-tied bigotry.

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        • It’s not just in your age group – I lost two friends due to this exact issue you describe. How dare I squash the empowerment of transgender expression and individuality with my talk of biological truth and oppressive realities, not to mention how it’s potentially altering the minds and bodies of a whole generation of kids! I do believe that living as the opposite sex may be a viable coping strategy for some people who just can’t exist in themselves otherwise, but as a whole social movement to accept anyone who calls themselves anything? It blows my mind otherwise rational people can support it without a whiff of critical thinking.

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        • Sorry if I misspoke. I know this has been churning at least since the late 80s-90s. I was just speaking from experience of my college years. It’s damn awful for all of us. Did your friends react negatively about your opinions?

          Yes, I can see how for some people it is the only solution. But the sheer number of people I have seen transition — both male and female — in the past few years boggles me. It feels like an epidemic. It is one thing to accept a marginal number of transitions as a symptom of patriarchal structures. Another thing altogether to sanctify it, package it, and sell it as a good thing for so many people who suffer greatly under the current system.

          When I point out that the people profiting from medical transitions are overwhelmingly male (last I read, only 4% of medical CEOs are women), I might as well have committed a murder. And you can’t point out anymore in mainstream circles that these “patients” are overwhelmingly L, G, or B, because according to identity politics, they aren’t that anymore. They are trans or queer or nonbinary or etc etc etc etc. You can’t speak reality. Reality itself is phobic.

          How did they create this house of mirrors?

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        • I think a lot of the mainstream support comes from the straight world not having any real idea what being LGB is like and therefore just nodding along with the loudest activists, which right now are all transgender. And the transgender narrative just fits so nicely into A.) homophobia (let’s just make all the gays straight – even better if they do it themselves!) and B.) as you mentioned, the medical profit arena.

          Gen X people like myself are in this weird place where we’ve gone through the Big Fight of accepting homosexuality and crusading for gay marriage and everything, and I think to a lot of straight Gen Xer’s the transgender movement looks JUST LIKE the the gay rights movement. “Just all those queer people wanting to be accepted! We’ve got to support them!” They don’t AT ALL see the incredibly harmful movement happening *within* the LGBT community over this, how much it’s divided us, how much trans rights are a totally separate issue. For heaven’s sake, I knew a trans woman who was married to a man long before gay marriage was legalized in the US simply because she had her sex changed on her birth certificate and it was a legal loophole.

          So when I brought it up to my straight friend, who I thought was a keenly progressive open-minded peer of mine and all about the feminism and gay rights, that it’s important to be careful on tumblr about what we reblog because there’s gay kids out there being screwed up by social pressure (and this was in particular about the Cotton Ceiling) I thought I’d have support. Instead, everything I said was just my own personal experience, as she couldn’t see the internal issues beyond “Let queer people exist! How can you not??” She told me to find healthier people to be around and another friend told me I was “combative” about it all (me just presenting facts) so… I went looking for healthier people to be around. 😉 (I blogged about it all a month ago, but I’m still bitter!!)

          Ironic how some “activist” people can support everyone except those closest to them who actually confront them with the facts. I think that is where this will all crumble, just like the anti-gay-marriage movement slowly crumbled as more and more people got to know gay people and gay relationships personally. As the trans narrative hurts more people – one way or another – that collective hurt will have to be addressed. Right now, though, we all live under the shadow of Big Trans and it’s oppressive as hell for everyone.

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        • It’s kind of amazing that they see all these other roadblocks to human liberation but for some reason they can’t see the biggest one of all.

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        • Oh and as to the transwomen who could marry men back before gay marriage was legalized, interesting tidbit there, remember Thomas Beatie? The first transman who got pregnant AND got the attention of mainstream media? Weeelllll… back when that story first broke I ran across one article stating that she was in a lesbian relationship (presumably the woman she had her kids with) and that the state of Hawai’i, where she lived at the time, would not allow a marriage between two women but would allow a marriage between a woman and a transman. The subtext was that she transitioned so she could get married. I don’t know if I buy *that*, but it was interesting.

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      • Last week I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I’d describe her as “liberal.” I brought up trans to see how she’d react. Same shit. “You mean a woman with a penis?” “It’s possible to be born in the wrong body.” Etc. It’s AMAZING how hook line and sinker so many people have brought into this, because that’s what liberal media feeds them. And right now, the all-accepting trans incorporated view or the opposing conservative nincompoop view are the only views being heard. As far as the Twitter assholes: How can anybody not see how homophobic this is? Just today on Jizzabel there’s an “article” about some gay conversion camp and how great it is that somebody was “rescued” from it, yet these are the same ding-dongs that promoted transgenderism, as if transgenderism isn’t mostly gay conversion. Aaarrggh!!!

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        • Oh, I just love the anti-science, evidence-less assertion that it is “possible to be born in the wrong body.” How do you know the body is wrong and not the mind? Where is the proof? Is the “proof” really just the anecdotal say-so of some people? There are also people who say the Earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, and the Holocaust didn’t actually happen, so if the say-so of some people is all that matters in determining reality, these would also be correct positions. See how that works? But then there is also the say-so of other people who say the Earth is round, the moon landing was a thing, and the Holocaust has tons of documentation. So why is their say-so ignored? Say-so isn’t the determinant of truth. The plural of anecdote is not data. Understanding the scientific method helps humans determine truth. If these are real truths, the findings will be repeatable across places, times, and cultures. Say-so is irrelevant. No one should be allowed a HS diploma or GED without rigorous training in math and science. Even if one goes into a profession that doesn’t use these things, the critical thinking skills and logic gained are invaluable, and sorely missing in today’s population.

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      • Trans is the biggest PROMOTER of traditional gender roles that I know of. They aren’t challenging sex role stereotypes, but rather choosing the stereotypes corresponding with the opposite sex. No progress there.

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        • Absolutely. I have been accused of being non-feminist (by a male homosexual) because I don’t think trans women should speak for women. They can speak for trans women, but not for me. Anyone who thinks that being a woman is about wearing a dress, heels, make-up and a wig, oh, not forgetting the nail varnish, is unlikely to be someone who has my feminist interests at heart. Maybe I’ll get arrested soon for wearing men’s clothes?

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    • I thank the Goddess every day that I am old and LGBT(with all the emphasis on the T, all the damn time!)WTF centers did not exist when I was in college. Why are we in this regressive backlash? Every time women take a tiny step forward, some backlash starts, and this one is so very clever, with its progressive label. Most won’t notice that it is conservative, regressive, and misogynistic to the core, since all the liberal orgs and “gay and lesbian” orgs support it. What a joke!

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    • I have a screenshot of a twitter post that reads “men have been torturing women for thousands of years, and now that we finally get a voice they decide they’re the most tortured women of all.”

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    • Yes, opposition on the “left” (not sure if that is the right descriptor) is emerging, but none of our “allies” will publish our voices. We preach to the choir, because no one will have us. We have to reach critical mass and break through.

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  5. Stavvers is such a dumb asshole. When all the anti feminist men who ID as women dump,the trans schtick, start calling themselves men again and blaming their misadventures in transness on feminists, that dummy Stavvers will just roll right along with them and not miss a beat.

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      • What a twit. I once baked bread using wild-caught yeast but caught from the AIR, which anyone who’s researched this knows there’s plenty to go around. No need to be full-on unsanitary.

        (By the way, if you still eat wheat bread, that’s an awesome way to make it, because the resulting bread lasts WEEKS longer than the store-bought stuff.)

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    • She’s going to be the one they blame when they go back to being men. “The witch made me!” Followed by a marathon sissy porn masturbation session. If we’re lucky, in private.😖 Because you know in 10 years public masturbation it may be a legal requirement.😉 #CrazyWorld

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        • Yeah, prolly right, abusers abuse those within reach and are accessible. She will have to redeem herself by declaring herself an anti feminist woman and start attacking feminists, which is what she does now so the job won’t change just her identity.

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  6. Thanks for this Purplesagefem. I’m old enough to remember when we had female only groups, bookshops, clubnights and bars and it was brilliant! A perceived man in a woman’s space was heaved out in a heartbeat, and guess what? They’re really easy to spot.

    There is such a different feeling in Female only spaces. Suddenly women were all coming together and telling their stories, and the stories were of opportunities lost to misogyny, of coercive sex, of self-annihilation but always, always, laughter, strength and courage in being women. Each woman was thinking it was her fault, each woman thought it only happened to her – when we got together, we could see it was not individual. It was not our fault. It was happening to all of us, because we were seen as the class ‘woman’ which was seen as undeserving and ‘lesser than’. We had all internalised that and listening to each other helped us heal, opened our eyes and helped us love each other and ourselves as we were, right there and then. Just women, just all of us.

    We are radical, we are subversive and, once we relax and can trust. we are very, very funny. Taking the piss is radical x Thanks again.

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  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that men (which includes trans women) can’t possibly begin to comprehend something that has utterly nothing to do with them at all. The stupidity that results from this consternation over lesbianism just speaks for itself.

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    • @thissoftspace – their minds have been putrefied by porn. They think lesbians exist for them and if they don’t they are evil,nasty mean witches.

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      • I think it’s very closely tied to the sense of male ownership over women’s bodies. Lesbian bodies, being naturally off-limits, become something to conquer. It is funny though how these trans women don’t realize their quest to conquer lesbians just emphasizes and exposes their *maleness*.

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  8. Yesterday, I met a younger-than-me lesbian who will likely be my housemate this fall. As we were getting to know each other, I told a story about when I was younger and invited for the first time to join the grown up women in my family in a kaffeeklatsch. As I described sitting in a room with only women, just drinking coffee and talking about our lives and ideas, she had what I can only describe as a hungry look on her face. As though she hadn’t eaten all day and I was holding a stack of pancakes.

    We are now in the odd position that anti feminist and conservative women are MORE likely to have experienced women only spaces than progressive women. I have sat barefoot on the floor of a mosque, done dishes with the church sisterhood after coffee hour, and knit preemie caps with a prayer knitting group. And while only the kaffeeklatsch would have been ready and willing to support me as a lesbian (a fact they were trying to communicate that I only picked up on over 20 years later *headdesk*), all of them were supportive spaces for women in our emotional and biological complexity. Women discussed topics they could never have brought up with a male present. Hot flashes, the pain of male misbehavior (fathers, sons, husbands, brothers) and even politics was discussed often in hushed voices so the men couldn’t overhear.

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  9. While I agree with most of your sentiments, especially the fact that these are arrogant and misogynistic men, I do find some of the assertions curious. Since when is a TERF the equivalent of a lesbian feminist? Heterosexual and bi women are also called TERFs when they subscribe to certain politics. These men are not just a threat to lesbians, but to ALL women. They want to erase ALL of us. I also do not find it useful to assume that het women are “male-identified.” Just because most women choose to sleep with men, and are attracted to them, does not mean that such women are willing to let men define them or their identities. I define myself, regardless of my sexuality. I am respectful of my partner, and treat others as I want to be treated, but I am the captain of my own ship, not some other person. Yeah, these particular men suck. They are rude and offensive to ALL women. They are also hypocrites, as they are probably the only ones who even know what a “fleshlight” is, and are obviously into it. I certainly had no idea, nor am I interested in it.

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    • I’ve known what a Fleshlight is for years and frankly I think it’s a better masturbation tool than, say, his wife’s underwear or a random sock, and it doesn’t leave a mess all over the sheets. AND he has to clean it himself, bonus points.

      But I also went through a pervy phase with the porn and the sex toys and the polyamory and all that bit. Wasn’t very good at it, I kept catching people being hypocrites and started wondering if the whole thing wasn’t just a scam and if the people involved in it were actually unhappy but were putting on a brave face because they didn’t want to *lose* face. I don’t think that was true of all of them but I now suspect it was true of most of them.

      I feel like perv culture just over-complicates sexual relations in the same way transgenderism complicates maleness and femaleness. If you have to work THAT HARD to get things the way you think they ought to be then maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Hell, the only reason being feminist looks difficult is because the dominant culture already put in so much time, effort, and energy brainwashing us against it. If we were left to our own devices we’d have believed women were human all along.

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    • That was my first thought about the TERF definition. Weird. This sounds like the sort of person who doesn’t even know what radical feminism is. Or comes out with clichés about feminists all being fat ugly lesbians with hairy armpits and legs. Because, all that is so gross and unattractive for teh menz. Tiresome. All of it. Demeaning and insulting too, but hey, what’s new?

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  10. I’m not all that old (born at the tail-end of Gen X), and it just blows me away to see people my age, and younger, obediently swilling down the Trans, Inc. Kool-Aid and repeating all the usual catchphrases like “Some women have penises!” and “Transwomen ARE women, period!” I’m so left-wing I joined the Communist Party right after I turned 18 (though I registered as a Democrat about nine months later, for reasons too complicated and off-topic to get into here). I’m the last person anyone could accuse of being conservative, apart from a few things here and there. Yet now I’d be considered a hateful, right-wing bigot simply for saying I don’t want men in my bathroom or that I enjoy women’s-only events and spaces.

    I agree with everyone who mentioned how special and beautiful female-only spaces are. I loved going to events run by the Jewish Women’s Collective at university, and I love all the women’s-only events in my current community. Now that I’m more mature, I regret not having taken advantage of the opportunity to take transfer classes at then-all-women’s schools Smith and Mount Holyoke, instead of only taking UMass classes. I even wish I’d had the chance to go to an all-women school, period. While I personally can go either Conservative or Orthodox (and once in awhile Reform), I’ve really grown to enjoy Orthodox services the most, because I’m in an all-women’s space. There’s such a special energy that comes from that, and I’ve always seen it as like a secret, special world the men don’t have access to. I’d feel so violated if a man came and sat in the women’s section.

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    • I hate how people have demonized female only spaces. I love the mikveh (a Jewish ritual bath used mostly by women – we use it after our period and for a couple other things. Men’s usage is much more limited. Times are separate. I love the women’s room in the mosque. We sit and talk and eat and laugh and there is nobody to tell us to hush. I loved loved loved fest.

      And the thing is, they’re not spaces around how well you perform femininity. They’re spaces around us, our lives, our biology, our experience of the world. And invasion gains them nothing, because even one renders the space a public male space again.

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    • I went to an all girls school. We had boys in the first three/four years ie up to around age seven. I’m pleased I did in terms of academic results. I was shy enough as it was, but if boys had been in the same lessons? I know from indoctrination that I would have been concentrating more on whether the boys were finding me attractive than the subjects 😦 On the down side, not sure it did a lot for my socio-sexual skills. Although others managed well enough so maybe that was just me.

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  11. Unless that flesh stick thing, whatever the fuck it’s called, is upside down it doesn’t have a clitoris. 🤔 I wonder why.

    That flesh stick, flashlight looking thing is so friggin creepy. Men need to be deprogrammed. 🔦😕

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    • Talking to lesbians about fleshlights is just more fetishism in action. I am increasingly thinking I want to ignore these guys unless I am in the mood to mock them mercilessly. Which I occasionally am.

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      • And more than just a bit ridiculous. We are not the ones who refer to vulva, vagina, or both as simply “a hole”. The only function or utility of a fleshlight is as a penetrable object – honestly, that they would suggest this object as a stand-in for even just our genetalia says nothing good about them.

        Also, that picture is beyond creepy – colorless, no clitoris, tiny labia. Ewwwwwww.

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        • Yeah. If men can’t stand up and say they are done with this creepy porny shit, I want them all to go away. I can’t let any of it slide, I have nothing but contempt for any of them who are into it and I am less than impressed with those who fail to call it out. #ComradeFail

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  12. OK I just came from reading the Gender Trender article that’s going to be in the anthology called Erasure that the trans are trying to Erase. 🙄

    Wow! Somebody could write a book on all the ways that the law is being preferentially and bizarrely interpreted in order to aid trans people’s objectives. Including this murderer psycho guy and his claim that it’s “cruel and usual punishment” for him, while imprisoned, to not get the transsexual surgery. It’s a long read but it’s an incredible one.

    Exciting foreshadowing: the psychologist who diagnosed him practices “energy psychology”. And is a relative of someone who worked with Harry Benjamin.

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  13. Sure, Zinnia, women who don’t want your cock don’t know how to love. That’s not at all a self serving, narcissistic pile of bollocks.

    I guess it probably makes more sense from the perspective of a person whose main love interest has always been himself.

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  14. “Wow. This asshole actually thinks that when women exclude men from their sex lives their sexuality becomes hollow, meaningless, and not recognizably human.”

    And he has no idea how revealing his choice of words is, namely “hollow”. Just like an unused fleshlight.

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    • The idea, current among a number of men, that all women want is the Magic Penis (usually their own) to open up wonders beyond telling is of long standing. (Hence lesbians just haven’t met the right man yet. If the lesbian in question is attractive, the “right” man turns you to be him!) Ironically these are usually the exact same men who are primarily interested in their own satisfaction and who couldn’t care less about the desires of the woman when it comes down to it.

      However, that said, this is not, as everyone here recognizes, ALL men. There are good men and bad ones, just as there are good women and bad women.

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