Video: Lesbians Owning Lesbian


9 thoughts on “Video: Lesbians Owning Lesbian

      • I do wonder though, what the next scientific step in this ‘manufactured woman’ strategy is? Implantable wombs?

        … think of it, it will be a financial boom for the medical industry. (of course, women with nonviable wombs will benefit too) The in-vitro industry will suffer a bit, but think of the science! Birth would become painless, just make sure those manufactured vaginas are stretchy enough and rerouted around the pelvis.

        Women would be freed from the ‘labour’ of childbirth.

        So, what would be the purpose of having them around? Manufactured women would occupy all the niches the outmoded models used to fill. Pretty soon only the very rich or the very poor would have ‘natural births’. And of course everyone would be able to create the gender of the child as they wished.

        Those born with primitive vaginas would be treated with kindness and understanding, but ultimately there would be fewer and fewer born, until they became an aberration merely footnoted in medical journals.

        Man will have truly achieved his destiny.

        The thing about being a science fiction writer is being able to predict possible/alternate futures. Some come true in this reality, some don’t.


  1. I had it out with a discussion with her about Dyke. To her it may be a slur but I AM a proud Dyke. This is a term.Dykes/Lesbisns reclimed innthe 70s and I took it on in 1981 when I came out. It is a term that I feel more comfortable with that as a Butch DykeAmazon describes me far better…an out loud and proud Lesbian. Stronger, more potent. It is NOT comparable to slut, and I am NOT backing off or disclaiming it. Lesbian is a little too milquetoast for me.

    This is partly WHY we have Dyke Marches and for years I have attended SF Dyke March…
    -FeistyAmazon Proud DYKE

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