The clitoris: is it just for cissies or is it for everyone?

It was very amusing to read about the “feminist” festival in Germany that declared that clitorises are “exclusionary.” As Susan Cox writes for Feminist Current:

“The festival, which features workshops, lectures, and art, had initially planned to include topics like, “clitoris/glitzoris” and “masturbation” as part of their art exhibition, but protocol documents from the last planning meeting now explain that the clitoris is “problematic,” because it refers to female anatomy.

The festival organizers have stated that, due to being a “queer Lady*fest,” it shouldn’t empower “only certain groups,” such as those with clitorises, and that the festival will not be “excluding any groups” by referencing female anatomy. Lady*fest claims these actions embody their policy, which translates to, “be tender to all genders,” and that being mindful of how female anatomy offends people will provide “a safer space to all human beings by applying awareness.”

The funny thing is, any anatomy can be female anatomy if the owner says so, and in fact, a penis can even be called a clitoris. Remember this comic by the creepy adult male who imagines himself as a child teaching a girl to think of his penis as a clitoris?

Assigned Fail 3

In the alternate universe that trans activists live in, a penis can be a large clitoris that you pee through any time someone says it is. So who says talking about the clitoris is even exclusionary? Can’t trans women just consider their anatomy a clitoris and then feel included in the women’s festival?

The thing is, trans activists don’t even bother to make sure their arguments are internally consistent. They just want the women around them to obey them at all times and never question their claims even if they make no sense. Is the clitoris a part of only “cis” women’s anatomy that triggers trans women’s dysphoria when mentioned, or is it the name for any anatomy that belongs to a person who identifies as female? If trans women have a large clitoris that they can pee through, why would mentioning the clitoris be triggering?

At least get your story straight if you’re going to bully us into believing your crap.

Assigned Fail 1

Assigned Fail 2

Which is it, Stephie? Do you have a “girl’s penis” or a “large clitoris”?



29 thoughts on “The clitoris: is it just for cissies or is it for everyone?

  1. That cartoon is so creepy! They failed to mention the clitoris has thousands more nerve endings and that women have no refractory period. Also the frustration of having everything located so closely together that infections happen more easily. But still, creepy cartoon!

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  2. They’re afraid if there is a discussion about clitorises, it will expose the inherent goofiness of their claim that a penis is a ‘large’ clitoris. Can’t have that now, can we?
    Cripes. Yes, it is amusing – in a black humor sort of way. But really, the whole thing is quite depressing. I know why people are buying into this, but I sure don’t like it.
    P.S. I really like this blog. Thanks for providing good analysis & sane reading!

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  3. Jesus Christ on a bike! Were these people just hatched out of their pod two days ago? The idea that talking about women’s bodies and bodily functions is “offensive” is the most misogynist thing that there has ever been since ever.😠

    As recently as when I was a student (early 80s) it was “offensive” to mention periods. If you did people didn’t say like oh gross or don’t talk about that they just make a little grossed out face. And you were supposed to know that you shouldn’t have mentioned that. Now if somebody were to hand me a Ziploc bag of their menstrual blood I daresay I would make a little face too. But we’re not talking about that we’re talking about just saying something like “oh yeah I couldn’t do the thing because I had my period and felt like shit.” Just acknowledging that they friggin exist. That was not OK.

    These pseudo-feminists are walking backwards into the reactionary past and they don’t even know it. If this trans thing hadn’t come along they would still have sucked at being feminists. You’re supposed to know the history dammit.

    PS I’m reading a graphic novel about Nelly McClung, it’s really good. She was one of Canada’s leading suffragettes, of the same era as Mrs. Pankhurst.😊

    Oh, and anyone who doesn’t value the clitoris doesn’t value life!🍫🍨

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    • I’m beginning to think a ziplock of menstrual blood, possibly with a sticker bearing one of those square bar codes meant for mobile phones would make an incredible piece of art. The barcode would lead to a webpage on the history of menstrual activism.

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    • I was so ashamed of and secretive about menstruation for years, I couldn’t even bring myself to say the words “period” and “menstruation.” Over 22 years later, I still remember hiding in the locker room closet on my 13th birthday because I was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell my gym teachers I couldn’t go in the pool because of my period. It infuriates me that some MTTs simulate periods and menstrual cramps, as though they’ll ever have an experience like that.

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    • Yeah, I had fibroids too. Clots, gunk and lots of dark blood.. Luckily I worked from home, if I hadn’t I’d have taken loads of time off sick. Can’t tell you how many times I bled on the furniture. Nothing was absorbent enough to stop the floods.

      I think an art project – even a whole exhibition – would be amazing.

      Talking about art and our bodies, I’ve agreed to do a reading of an erotic story I wrote about a woman who is 8 months pregnant at a spoken word event. I think it’s interesting and transgressive for women to write – let alone speak to an audience – about their own sexual desires, particularly when society seems to assume that heavily pregnant women aren’t sexual beings.

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        • That’s an interesting perspective. I wrote about the subject because, for me, pregnancy did have erotic aspects. Not all the time, of course. Most of the first and third trimester were taken up with various unpleasant symptoms: exhaustion, heartburn, back problems and the like. But, yes, I did feel erotic about my pregnant body at times and I think that glorying in – and expressing in art – the sheer sexual (rather than socially constructed “feminine”) power that is embodied by the process is quite a feminist thing to do.

          I’m aware that some male-created porn objectives pregnant women, but to speak about your own experience is very different. Tbh, if we felt that it wasn’t OK to speak about any aspect of female experience that has been colonized by niche porn we’d be silencing ourselves on loads of topics. Breastfeeding, being a little girl, masturbation: that’s 3 off the top of my head. Men pornify pretty much any aspect of female reality.


  4. This is all just so jaw-droppingly ridiculous and offensive. I saw a great comment on a peak trans moments thread at GenderCritical Reddit tonight, which really sums up the offensiveness of men trying to write women’s bodies out of existence while centering their own anatomy:

    “My peak trans moment was realizing that for all of their preaching about identity and how important it is to respect it, the only identities we are expected to ‘respect’ and affirm are the identities of transwomen. If a transwoman says that she, too, is female, I have to affirm that. I have to pretend that my vagina and reproductive organs exist in a never ending abyss of post modern nothingness where they have no labels, meanings, or purpose. I’m expected to say ‘my vagina has nothing to do with me being female,’ even if that leads me to feel disconnected from my own body and raises questions about my own existence and identity. None of that matters so long as transwomen don’t have to ever question the reality they’ve created for themselves in their own heads.”

    It’s equally ridiculous how FTTs talk about metoidioplasty as creating a real penis, and saying it functions just like a very small penis. No, it’s just a testosterone-enlarged clitoris with the labia wrapped around it, and some tinkering with the urethra.

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  5. That cartoon “is it big enough that you can pee standing up?” The cartoonist thinks women pee out of their clitoris! The sheer ignorance of female anatomy displayed in that cartoon is very telling.

    Some countries make people who want citizenship take an exam to prove their understanding and commitment to that country. On that basis alone a lot of trans people would fail to enter “woman land” including that cartoonist.

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    • I can pee standing up, too. The only interesting question is whether one can do so without removing the trousers. And, yeah, what does that person think the clitoris is? Probably learnt a new word and thought the outer female genitalia have to be subsumed under that. One step up from calling a vulva a vagina, but not that much better.

      Yeah, if women were anywhere as wary of men in female spaces as most countries are about immigration, then there’s no chance any but the most devoted trans would ever gain entrance.
      Like, how many trans”women” can prove that they are in danger in the men’s loo? Most wouldn’t even fulfil the criteria for refugees, let alone citizenship.

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  6. all human life starts out with a female tem
    plate. The clitoris is primal, is a male is to be developed the clitoris evolves into a less feeling oriented penis. Ovaries turn into testicles. What is this bullshit? I have been a feminist and doing feminist art and showing off my vulva and clitoris and menstrual blood art for over 40 years now.

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