Teen boy rapes and murders his girlfriend; records it on cell phone

Obviously, this story is very disturbing.

From ABC news:

“Shocking details surfaced in the death of 15-year-old Karen Perez. The South Houston High School freshman’s body was discovered late Monday night, days after she vanished. Search crews found her body partially nude and stuffed in a cabinet under a sink inside an abandoned apartment at 1600 Avenue N in the city of South Houston.
Her accused killer faced a judge in juvenile court Wednesday morning. Prosecutors revealed the 15-year-old suspect, whose identity has not been made public, was her boyfriend.”

“Police found text messages on the boyfriend’s phones, according to prosecutors. The messages showed the boyfriend texted Karen, demanded she skip school on Friday, and meet him by the tennis courts. Surveillance video from a nearby restaurant shows Karen with the defendant and another person, leaving there shortly after noon. She never returned home again. If she didn’t, the message said he would kill her and her life will “end on bloods.”Prosecutors said cell phone video from the boyfriend’s phone captured Karen’s final moments alive. The video was black but the audio was clear. In it, they said the boyfriend could be heard forcing Karen to have sex with him. He called her by name. As Karen told him she didn’t want sex, prosecutors said the boyfriend began choking her. Investigators said in the audio you can hear Karen cry out, “I don’t want to die.”

Unfortunately, men raping women (and even teen boys raping teen girls) and recording the crime, usually on video, is not rare. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the case of Rehtaeh Parsons, who committed suicide after her classmates filmed themselves raping her. Men do this because they love rape; they are proud of raping women, and they want to be able to watch it again and show it to other men. It’s very rare that rapists are ever prosecuted, even when the evidence is clear. An entire cultural narrative that permeates every aspect of society tells us that women are liars, that we enjoy being abused, that we cause our own abuse by doing or wearing the wrong things, and that if we don’t behave in exactly the right way after a rape, then it wasn’t really rape. Recently in Canada, serial abuser Jian Ghomeshi was declared not guilty of overcoming resistance by choking. This is because the women he abused continued to contact him after the abuse, and even still had some feelings for him. Because the women he abused did not behave the way the courts deemed appropriate after the abuse, Ghomeshi’s strangulation without consent was declared legal and not abusive. (I can’t believe we even have to specify that the strangulation was without consent, but we do.)

Strangulation is, in fact, popular with abusive men. Kinksters think it’s an edgy and intense way to have sex. They call it “breath play.” The euphemism “breath play” obscures the fact that strangulation is the act of killing someone. It shouldn’t even be necessary to spell this out, but if you think it’s sexy to imitate killing someone during sex, you are an abusive asshole and a horrible person. I don’t care who I kink-shame by saying that.

There are no other criminals who regularly film their crimes other than male rapists who target women. You don’t see people proudly filming themselves stealing money or robbing banks or breaking into buildings. These are crimes that the criminal wants to cover up in order to not get caught. But rapists who rape women are proud of their crimes, and they can be reasonably sure that they won’t be prosecuted. They are often regarded as heros by other men, and protected by their male peers. They can openly talk and joke about raping women without fear of being ostracized or called out on abusive behaviour.

It’s no surprise that men are proud of raping women and that they film their crimes. A multi-billion dollar industry selling videos of men raping women is currently one of the biggest money-makers in global capitalism. Women and girls are for sale in nearly every country. It is legal to film a rape and sell it; it is called “free speech” and “business” by the men who profit from it. Children as young as 11 are now watching it on their cell phones. Women who challenge this industry that profits from the abuse and dehumanization of women are called “anti-sex,” and “prudes.” We are supposed to fully embrace the sale of our sisters and daughters in the name of sexual freedom. It is of course only freedom for men. Freedom for women would be the freedom to NOT be for sale—the freedom to be in charge of our own lives and not be subject to this kind of abuse.

It is horrible and tragic that this 15 year old boy recorded himself raping and strangling his girlfriend to death, but it’s not surprising. The next generation of boys are all being taught through ubiquitous and high-quality media that women are there for them to use, and that the more violently they use us, the sexier it is.

Pornography and BDSM are incompatible with women’s humanity, but rest assured they will remain enormously popular as long as we live in capitalist patriarchy.


29 thoughts on “Teen boy rapes and murders his girlfriend; records it on cell phone

  1. Horrifying. I hope he will be tried as an adult, if only because then his name will be released and women will have some hope of googling his name before allowing him into their lives when the courts fail us and release him.

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  2. This case is blowing up on the local news lately. I’ll post links if some unusual details come up. I just have to point out that the City of South Houston was incorporated by racists whites in what then were the ‘burbs back in the day to resist annexation by the more racially integrated Houston. It soon became considered a hellhole among the Channel Cities. It’s about 1/3rd old white folks and almost all the rest Latino. Guess the racial purity plan didn’t work out. The area is actually trending upward the last few years.

    This same shit happens in Clear Lake and even River Oaks, but they know how to keep it off the news.

    And WTF is up with all this choking is part of sex thing? I have seen several times a “choke chart” posted on libfem Tumblr. In-fucking-sane. You have cartoons of a man choking a woman almost to death and endorse it with al your sex-positivity comments? Man chokes woman? Self described feminist? And these were the first people I ever came across who ever said that lesbians were morally obligated to take M2T dick.

    And seriously. I investigated this choking thing. Choking is unpredictable. I asked a guy I am thinking of joining a band with who used to be so good at Kung Fu that he was sent to Taiwan to compete. He said that they were taught a few blood choke positions, but never applied full pressure because the results could be deadly even if you let up before unconsciousness.

    Seriously, I think sex pozzie bullshit circulating around may be as dangerous as mainstream porn. Our murderer might have easily come to think that choking a female was a turn-on and would obtain consent. He could have never seen mainstream porn and just browsed libfem Tumblr and totally have gotten the idea that choking was cool.

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    • Choking is totally a mainstream thing, heard that friend from women online and IRL, had a couple friends in their forties who were fucking young men comment that young men think choking is ok and just do it with out even asking. Gave me an aneurism about when I found that out, like for fucks sake, that was bdsm 101, literally, no restricting airways, just no, never choke, “breath play” never safe, right along with with never leave someone restrained and unattended. I used to take criticism of bdsm criticism with a salt mine of salt cause reasons, but the choking thing and finding out that there is documented case after case of rapists using bdsm scene as easy pickings and using email ciorrespondences where women agreed to certain acts as a get out of beating the shit out of a woman and raping her free card and reading post after post from young women who were just brutalized in kink communities, I was like damn, Jeffrey’s and all the anti bdsm feminists was right.

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      • Like you, I was mostly brainwashed into thinking that BDSM was cool and consensual. My own instincts were that it was creepy at best and rape at worst.

        Male sexuality under patriarchy is just barely about male sexual pleasure. Pornified male sexuality is much more about men’s emotions, or at least what the patriarchy thinks men’s emotions should be. Sex is more about emotional validation than pleasure. Porn is almost 100% proof of this. They say women accept sex for love, and that men want sex for pleasure. This wrong. Men want validation. For a number of men, rape is the best validation possible.

        BDSM is almost entirely about male emotional validation.

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        • Thank you bacopa, that explains a lot. About why mainstream heterosexual male sexuality seem so unsexual. One of the things that always struck me was if they want to be having sex so damn much with women why don’t they learn what turns women on. And like to do that stuff. Heterosexual female sexuality isn’t friggin theoretical physics! But no what the stereotypical man, and so many of them worked hard to become him, want is to have sex all the time with women nut of a very particular limited sort. With ZERO sensuality and possible violence.

          I like to say for most men if there was some magic spell such that they had to make a one-time choice between only ever again experiencing penetration OR orgasm but not both they would have a really hard time choosing.

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        • I often wonder how many of them realize how boring and unpleasant this sort of objectification makes them. They don’t see us as people and then get all resentful because they don’t have girlfriends. When men behave like that I don’t much see them as people either, more like dangerous nuisances.

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        • When I lived in London my husband and I used to chat to this rather horrifying bloke who, after a pint or two, would talk about porn. He was obsessed with it and I have to admit that we listened largely out of morbid fascination. He was just someone we saw in the pub, not a friend – I don’t think he had any proper friends.

          This guy had zero social skills, never spoke to single women – he was too scared of rejection, I guess – but he was openly jealous of men with partners. When we tried to explain that porn wasn’t a template for how most people made love, he just didn’t believe us. Was certain we were secretly up to all the porn stuff he loved. He wanted dating advice, but “women are people too” as a starting point was not an idea that held any appeal for him. He was angry that he was deprived of what he believed other men were getting, and didn’t understand why he hadn’t got a gorgeous 18 year old girlfriend. I think he thought men should get one automatically. He was well over 30, and had never had a partner. Surprising, eh?

          We used to say to each other that one day we’d see him in the news, charged with some horrible crime. He was revolting. Men like that are rapes just waiting to happen. I’ve since forgotten his last name, so can’t check.

          Men who delight in their lover’s pleasure do exist. I used to jokingly call my one a sex god and he’d beat his chest, hooting like a gibbon. Sadly, men like that are rare. Though not as rare as gibbons.

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      • Physiology thing about how people die from compression to the neck. This is what donesoverydone is referring to as BDSM 101. I love physiology so I’m going to tell all this but if anybody isn’t interested enough that’s totally OK.

        A person can die from having the sides of their neck compressed. I learned this initially on Scott and Bailey, 😁 but then looked it up on something real. And the physiology I already knew. We all have a do-hickey in the sides of our necks that is built into the walls of the carotid artery called the carotid sinus. The carotid sinus is a collection of cells that sense your blood pressure. If that area of cells gets too stretched it has a nerve that sends a message directly to your brain stem that tells it to lower your blood pressure. Sometimes it lowers it too much or when you don’t need that. And that’s what a vaso-vagal faint is. Like in hot weather.

        OK, how it lowers pressure has a couple components, but one of them is there’s a branch of the vagas nerve that goes straight to your heart and lowers your heart rate. If your heart rate is slowed too much it goes all wiggly and stops pumping blood to your brain. And you need to be hit with the zapper paddles. Or you’ll die, immediately. And if you’re zapped in time you should be OK. But if someone is choking you and thinks you’re a a plastic fuck a doll who can’t be hurt they’re really not going to apply that kind of first aid, plus they won’t have the zapper paddles. The point is that to set this nerve signalling chain reaction in motion is not that hard. It doesn’t take very much pressure. To actually suffocate someone by putting your hands around her throat like in a cartoon or a bad movie is extremely difficult and takes a lot of strength. But triggering one of these vagas nerve reactions can happen really easily. And in the same person on another day would take more force. Because nerves are weird.

        So yeah mainstreaming BDSM at all is horrendous, but mainstreaming choking is unfuckingbelievable. Accidental death waiting to happen. Like autoerotic is asphyxiation.

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      • “Choking is totally a mainstream thing, heard that friend from women online and IRL, had a couple friends in their forties who were fucking young men comment that young men think choking is ok and just do it with out even asking”

        Seems like it’d be safer for women to be into BDSM, too. More specifically, into handcuffing male partners before anything sexual happens.
        (It would be safer to apply the handcuffs before you’re even alone with him, but I don’t think many men could consent to that.)

        Interesting explanation, petuniacat, thank you.

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  3. Nah. He wasn’t interested in obtaining any form of consent. He was fucking texting threats of violence and death. Her fate was likely sealed well before she told him no. Because he had to make her the target of his rage. And no matter what she said or did, once he had her in his control, he was going to hurt her then kill her.

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    • Yeah. This kid and 15 is a kid, had every intention of killing her. It’s horrifying. I know a little boy who’s growing up fast who’s already discovered that choking is a great way to subdue an opponent. Brags about having “choked out” other kids, never takes any responsibility for his actions, and never has to pay any consequences. Shudder. Parents are worried about his future, I worry about his future victims

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      • Holy crap. If the parents are worried, they need to be making sure he gets the full repercussions of his actions. “Sorry. You can’t have unsupervised play because we can’t trust you to behave appropriately with others.”

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        • They are in denial and blaming each other, the school, gluten, just everything accept addressing the problem. But I don’t know if with different upbringing if this kid would really be much different, it’s like there’s something missing. parents can only do so much, we all do make our own choices to be who we are.

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        • Part of what I do for a living is take care of 3 men with severe developmental delays. Two of them have known patterns of aggression. It is my job to break up those patterns if at all possible, through maintaining their routines, redirection, deescalation techniques, or if all else fails, physically blocking the motion. I have been hit, choked, pinched, and had my hair pulled in the course of my job. But I’m the responsible person for most of my shifts, so I make sure that the guy who has directed aggression is never alone with his roommate. It’s not anybody’s fault- it simply is a fact that when A is having an episode, he aggresses. As his staff, it’s my job to keep him safe, to make sure his roommate is safe, and generally to make sure they live in reasonable comfort. It is NOT my job to protect them from the reasonable consequences of their actions. If A steals B’s food and has to pay B back and thus has no money for an outing at the end of the week, that is Not My Problem. Note that, aside from issues like somebody stealing somebody else’s stuff, minor worried about fault. I know who does behave aggressively and who doesn’t. Aggressive behavior means that you have less freedom because staff always has to be with you. I worked for years with kids – mostly kids with special needs, but some not, and with the kids, too, unless we’re talking about a kid who is acting out sexually because they’ve been abused or a similar situation, I don’t care whose fault it was, I care about getting the kid the help they need to function. Sometimes that help is simply that the kid has just acquired a second shadow. I can’t count the number of kids who wound up being assigned to sit with me in large assemblies because such times were known triggers for acting out. One child held my hand on field trips because she was a known risk for elopement. And trust me,even by 6 or 7, kids do NOT want to be stuck with a constant adult shadow, but consequences are a thing.

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    • It tends to be difficult for men to understand what it’s like for women to live in a world where male violence is so random. It’s not just a matter of knowing how to avoid it. It can pop up anywhere. It wears one down, facing that with all social contact. Always waiting for it.

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  4. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/05/brazil-teenage-girl-raped-30-men-speaks-160531043640440.html

    Brazil teenage girl raped by 30 men speaks out
    Sixteen-year-old victim of attack, which was filmed and posted online, recounts ordeal as police chief takes over case.

    A 16-year-old girl in Rio de Janeiro was drugged and raped by about 30 men, who then posted a video of the attack to social media, in a crime that has shocked Brazil.
    The alleged victim, her identity hidden, has now spoken about her ordeal.
    “I was drugged, I was very groggy, there were lots of people with guns, lots of young guys laughing and talking,” she said.
    It not only hurt me, it hurt my soul, because people judged me, tried to blame me for something which was not my fault
    The images were widely circulated, shocking many in the country which suffers a high rate of criminal violence towards women.
    The response to the victim’s complaint has also provoked outrage.
    The initial police reaction has been labelled insensitive. There have also been comments, including death threats on social media, blaming the girl herself for the attack.
    “It not only hurt me, it hurt my soul, because people judged me, tried to blame me for something which was not my fault. They robbed me, not just in material goods, but in a physical way.”
    A police woman has now taken over the investigation since her predecessor was blamed for not taking the crime seriously enough.
    “She needs protection,” said Cristina Bento, police chief for crimes against minors. “She needs care. A rape crime did happen. Now what I’m trying to find out is the extent of this rape, how many people were involved.
    “I want to collect all the evidence and present it to the prosecutors’ office, so they can present a robust case and all involved can be condemned for the crime they committed.”
    Meanwhile, police have issued photographs of several suspects and, backed by helicopters, dogs and armoured vehicles, raided the slum area of Rio de Janeiro where the attack is thought to have taken place.
    Brazil’s Congress last year passed new laws to increase sentences for violence against women. But rights groups say at least 500,000 sexual assaults take place in Brazil every year.

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  5. “Because the women he [Ghomeshi] abused did not behave the way the courts deemed appropriate after the abuse”

    Reminds me of the Susan Nelles case back in 1980-1981. Nelles, a nurse, was tried and acquitted in a case of several unexplained baby deaths.


    It’s a long time ago now, but I never forgot this detail: When Nelles was arrested for the crime, she calmly asked to contact a lawyer. Her unemotional behaviour was advanced as evidence of her guilt!

    From the Wikipedia article:
    “Nelles asked for legal counsel when she was arrested. Her request was interpreted by the investigating police officers to be an indication of her guilt, but the court later ruled that such requests should not be interpreted as evidence of guilt.”

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    • The same thing happened to Lindy Chamberlain when her daughter Azaria was taken by a dingo at Uluru. Because she didn’t break down on camera, lots of people assumed she must have murdered the baby. I confess to being one of them. 😦

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    • I remember the Nelles case. I never got the full story before but just read that Wikipedia thing. Thank you. They made that rule in Canada that the police “shouldn’t think” that asking for a lawyer means you’re guilty. But you can’t really legislate against stupidity in the heads of the people investigating crimes.

      Yeah I saw the movie about Lindy Chamberlain. Everybody deciding she was guilty, which they had just congered out of the air. Because if you haven’t been killed by a wild animal yourself, then wild animals never kill anybody. The power of misogynist myths. :-/


      • There was also the matter of Azaria’s matinee jacket – I forget the details but the idea that a dingo could remove it was scoffed at, mostly. Except it was found years later, somewhere else around the Rock, and bloodstained, iirc.

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