The Wanted Project 104: Bit


7 thoughts on “The Wanted Project 104: Bit

    • Fighting to keep the last Fest a place where women could make that discovery and organizing a way for several of us who could never have financed a trip there to come.

      It was incredible and it makes me angry (even though I wouldn’t have been any more able to afford it than I was before without being sponsored) that it is gone. Make no mistake: there are people who actively oppose women speaking out as nonconforming women.

      I met Nedra at the detransitioned women workshop and we hugged. She is a wonderful person.

      Do you know Redress Alert? She and a woman who used to be on tumblr as twenty three times (23xx) founded a private forum for women with a history of rejecting womanhood to have private discussions amongst ourselves.

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      • It’s one of those interesting coincidences – I was emailing redressalert and 23xx the very weekend they were at the last Fest. Their blogs had caught me right when I needed them, and while flopping around I ran into mention of MichFest and was like !!! and then read it was the last one, and why it was the last one, and was just stunned and overwhelmed. I felt like I’d finally heard of a mythical homeland only to get the news it had just recently been conquered and the inhabitants exiled. It’s always going to sound mythical to me and every time I witness a description from a woman like Bit here I get all emotional about it.

        Redressalert and 23xx did reply to my emails afterwards and I’ve been part of that forum for a while now. It is a very comforting place.

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        • I’m so glad the detransitioners are in contact with each other. You will be a powerful force! I heard of MichFest while reading the Dykes to Watch Out For comics, but I didn’t fully understand the importance of it until recently. I did want to go to the last one but I have no money and I didn’t have a ride there. Unfortunately, I don’t drive because I find driving terrifying. There’s actually a smaller lesbian camping trip happening on a farm this summer with some women from Michfest and I got invited but once again I can’t go because I don’t drive and would have no way of getting there. Ugh.

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        • Yeah, I find myself in this same sort of place, myself – while I love driving, I have a lot of anxiety leaving my home, so I have to be really revved up to do something like travel somewhere. All I’ve read about Fest sounds like it was wonderfully welcoming and helpful to newcomers and those on their own, which is really comforting, but at the same time… I’m not sure if I’d have the gumption to go!

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