The film fest continues

So today I watched two lesbian films on Netflix that I haven’t seen before. I don’t fully recommend either of them but they are worth mentioning at least.

The first one I watched is Heterosexual Jill (2013). This film is a sequel to Butch Jamie, which is a film I really love. I talked about Butch Jamie in this post. To summarize, Butch Jamie is a low budget, funny and cute film that I love despite its corny jokes (maybe because of its corny jokes?) and I appreciate so much that it stars a woman who really is a butch lesbian. I found a good review of Heterosexual Jill here which I definitely agree with. This review describes it as “an uneasy combination of rom-com and satire.” It is indeed funny, however silly.

Heterosexual Jill picks up where Butch Jamie left off. Jamie is still trying to make it as an actress and still struggling to find a good girlfriend. Her ex from the first movie is working on her movie set, so they get to bicker every day. She still has a gay best friend. Unfortunately, even though the characters are the same as in the first film, they are played by different actors, which is awkward.

In Butch Jamie, she dated a woman named Jill who was trying to be straight, and Jaime remained disguised as a man until her secret came out. Now Jill, who is attending a support group for ex-lesbians, wants to date Jamie again in a weird attempt to put lesbianism behind her. (Obviously that’s not going to work. This is what forms the basis for a lot of the comedy throughout the film.)

In the first film, I felt like the jokes were corny but still funny and cute. In Heterosexual Jill, I still laughed, but I thought the jokes were noticeably stupider. This film is also a bit more sleazy than Butch Jamie.

The best thing about this film is that it’s definitely made for lesbians—it’s not for a general audience—and I like that. However, it’s a bit stupid. (Now, I like stupid films. I even liked the Spice Girls movie. If you are someone who likes stupid films, then I recommend this to you.) LOL

The other film I watched today was Blue is the Warmest Color. I’m sure you’ve all heard of this one because it’s recent, famous, and controversial. I was a little nervous to watch it and now that I’ve seen it I’m a little nervous about the fact that I saw it. It’s been criticized for being too pornographic and yeah, I can see why. There’s tons of reviews of it online, and here’s one that I want to quote:

“I thought it was hot at the beginning, and then it got ridiculous when they kept switching sex positions every ten seconds,” observes one viewer. “It started to feel like an infomercial for a kitchen product, where they try and showcase all the things it can do. ‘It can chop, it can slice, it can dice, it can puree, it can eat out your asshole.'”

Honestly, that’s what it felt like. I do like sex scenes, but this film really went overboard. They could have gotten the point across without showing quite so much. They didn’t need to be so explicit and there were a few shots that should never have been filmed. Plus the actresses didn’t seem that comfortable with how they were treated on the set.

There were definitely some things to like about the film. The acting was fantastic and they really captured how intense lesbian love is. When Adele cried I really believed that her heart was broken. I loved seeing her in her French literature class discussing the big ideas of life.

But ultimately, I can’t say I recommend it. This film was created for a general audience, not for lesbians specifically. There is some Bullshit with a capital B in the ending. The actresses are straight and they had to perform explicit lesbian sex for a mixed audience, which does feel kinda porny. It wasn’t right to push the actresses so hard to show so much, and I was left feeling like I shouldn’t have watched it.


13 thoughts on “The film fest continues

  1. I gave Blue Is the Warmest Color a pass because of its rep. I was watching some other film on Netflix a year or so back, with a female lesbian couple who were, early on in the film, depicted having sex while watching gay male porn. I thought “are they really this clueless?” meaning the people who made the film. Click.

    Can’t lesbians just be lesbians without having to deal with this seemingly endless and irrelevant pornification?

    I will add Butch Jamie to my movie list, ty.


  2. Miep — the idea that lesbians should appropriate gay male porn for their own use was kind of a fad in the nineties. The hip, nominally lesbian sex-positivity and kink gurus (Susie Bright, Carol Queen, Annie Sprinkle, Pat Califia, etc. — all bisexual women who billed themselves as lesbian sex experts) wrote a lot in the LGB press about what a turn-on it was, and published lists of helpful hints for lesbians wanting to get the most out of watching Horse-Hung Leather Busboys VIII or whatever. There’s definitely room for debate as to how many actual lesbians actually thought this was a good idea (I’m guessing not nearly as many as the zines would have had one believe), but it was definitely being pushed for a while as an edgy, cool thing to do.

    The reasoning behind it went like this: lesbians will be turned on by watching gay men have sex because both lesbians and gay men are QUEER, and queers have more in common with each other than straights. Also, there’s an almost inexhaustible supply of gay male porn, while the amount of lesbian porn available (excluding the kind made for straight men) is extremely limited.

    Suggesting that maybe porn of any kind might be dehumanizing got you called not just a prude, but also a murderer, because you clearly wanted to deny people a safe sexual outlet at the height of the AIDS crisis.

    The nineties were probably formative for whoever wrote the screenplay for The Kids Are All Right.

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  3. Have you seen Codependet Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, or something like that, can’t look up title as I use an iPad but here’s a trailer.


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