Lesbian film: The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love (1995)

This is another of the better lesbians films. This one didn’t have a huge budget but it was really well done. It was written, directed and produced by women and depicts lesbians in a realistic way. The first thing to say about this film is that it stars Laurel Holloman, who plays Tina in The L Word, but this was before the L Word, so she is younger. If you have seen the L Word but not this film, you’ll have a delightful time yelling at the screen “OMG that’s Tina when she was a teen!”

The characters are a tomboy named Randy who lives with her lesbian aunts in a “normal, typical lesbo household” and Evie, an only child of well-off, divorced parents. The film goes rather overboard establishing the class differences between the two girls—working-class Randy likes punk rock and smoking marijuana, while Evie likes classical music and fine cooking. At the beginning of the film, Randy is having a rather silly affair with a married woman, and Evie is in a dying relationship with a boyfriend, who she soon breaks up with. The two meet and become friends. This being before the Internet, they write letters and pass them into each other’s lockers, and exchange poetry books to talk about later. I really like seeing this old-fashioned method of getting to know each other.

Randy is a social outcast because of her boyish appearance. She may qualify as a “butch,” because I don’t think she’d be capable of presenting as a girl even if she wanted to. But there is no mention of her being “really a boy”—she is only presented as a lesbian. Evie gets along well with her peers while she has a boyfriend, but her friends get really uncomfortable when she reveals that she is dating Randy.

The two girls eventually fall in love, and they have a fun two-person party for Evie’s 18th birthday, when her mother goes away and leaves them alone in the house. They cook a lot of food and smoke and drink, and then have sex for the first time.

The film is very cute and very lesbian. I feel like I can definitely say this isn’t a film for a wide audience and it’s not for a male gaze. It’s definitely created with lesbians in mind. I’ve watched it over and over and I love it just as much every time.

Here’s the Trailer!


7 thoughts on “Lesbian film: The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love (1995)

  1. Ever seen Night Is Falling? Canadian movie. Two women fall in love, there’s a circus, great dance routine involving old fashioned irons and these awesome blown glass tumblers with weeble-wobble bottoms so they can roll back and forth with out spilling. Things I remember about movies tend to be kinda stupid.
    I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, I think that’s the title, this woman falls in love with her lesbian boss, she has these amazing inner life fantasy sequences, great movie. Also Canadian I think, woman director, Jane Campion or something I think.

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  2. Watched this one last night. I thought the dynamic between the girls believable enough, if one keeps in mind what seventeen-year-olds are actually like. I found the rich girl’s mother slightly implausible, she isn’t a bad actress but her lines seemed stilted. The chaotic ending lacked resolution, but at the same time added an element of realism, as that is how life behaves: it builds up to chaotic moments that lack resolution beyond what individuals bring to them. Nice film.

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