The Wanted Project

The Wanted Project grew out of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and it’s designed to inspire and support gender nonconforming women. From their Facebook page:

“The original WANTED project was inspired by and for attendees of The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, an event intended specifically for women that were born and assigned female. Womyn sent photos and posters were created with their image, name and the following language:


Womyn like ________, (pictured above) who have been disappeared by assumptions. Womyn who were born and assigned female, but who present in ways the world determines as masculine/not womanly. Womyn who are assumed to be transmen, when they do not identify as men/transmen. Womyn who expand the possibilities of what it means to be born and assigned female.

You are wanted. You are loved. And we want you to know it.”

Their first podcast is a woman called Gunner talking about being a gender nonconforming woman and several important topics like:

– how Michfest saved her and lots of other lesbians, due to creating safety for GNC women in a female-only space
– the effects of trans activism on spaces like Michfest
– inspiring young lesbians to be themselves in a hostile world
– how detransitioners at Michfest had never seen an old dyke or a bearded woman before, and how they didn’t know they could live without transition
– that we have to change the way the world treats us, not change ourselves

This woman is beautiful and inspiring. I am so happy about this project and I hope it can reach the women who need to see it.

This is the sort of activism that will help gender nonconforming people.


8 thoughts on “The Wanted Project

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  2. And this is where my 1 day journey through the last year+ of your blog-life began! 😀 Time travel is real. Heheheh.

    I believe this is called disappearing down the rabbit hole. I came here when This Soft Space posted the video and linked to your blog.

    I’ve learned a lot, and remembered a lot of what I forgot.

    Thank you for sharing your passion and your beliefs. I have lots to ponder upon and decisions to make, and actions to take on the other side of my ponderings.

    … and a request. Would you consider adding a ‘follow this blog by email’ widget? I follow a bunch of blogs and the only way I can keep track of when someone posts is when I get an email reminding me so. I do have a favourites list called, ‘blogs without email subs’ so I’ll still be around, whatever you decide.

    So, that’s about it … on to your next post. 😀

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  3. Wonderful!
    Here are some pictures of the “uncommon beautiful” ladies,

    All FtM people should have access to this information before starting “having ideas” about changing their own natural (usually healthy and beautiful) bodies.

    Why have dysphoria if you’re accepted and people love you *exactly* the way you are? … Maybe as a last resort, in the really pathological cases, but the present “trans-trend” seems highly unnatural.

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