Arson at Canada’s only sex change clinic

Recently an arsonist set fire to Canada’s only sex change clinic, located in Montreal, and caused $700,000 worth of damage. Pro-trans journalists speculated that it was a hate crime and that it was evidence of transphobia. It was immediately obvious to me that the person who set this fire was a former patient. Gender critical feminists aren’t setting fire to surgery clinics, and neither are right-wing conservatives. We simply don’t believe that men are women, but we have no desire to physically harm anyone or damage property because of our beliefs. The people who tend to terrorize others and cause trouble are male-to-female transsexuals—the autogynephile type. Some info about the arson, from Rabble:

“On the evening of Monday May 2, Canada’s only sex reassignment surgery clinic was subject to an arson attack. A man, armed with a machete,axe and gas can, set fire to the operating room. Constable Abdullah Emran of the Montreal police has stated they are treating the incident as a potential hate crime “because this is the only clinic that does [gender confirmation surgery], but at this point we have nothing that confirms it is related to that.” Press were remarkably slow to respond, with reporting coming in late and often with no mention of the work the clinic does. Social media has also been slow on the uptake with its reaction to this crime. The Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie in Montréal offers sex reassignment surgeries, more often called gender confirmation surgery, to transgender Canadians. The arson attack caused an estimated $700,000 worth of damage and put the clinic temporarily out of action.” [Link]

And lo and behold, the Journal de Montreal just released an article saying that this was indeed the work of a former patient. This isn’t in the English-language media yet, so I will translate. [Although if I were patient, I’m sure this will enter the English-language media within a few hours, but anyway…]

Changement de sexe: insatisfaite, elle aurait incendié la clinique

“MONTRÉAL – Insatisfaite de son changement de sexe, une femme de la Colombie-Britannique est recherchée à travers le Canada pour avoir incendié la clinique de Montréal où elle avait subi «la grande opération».

Jayne Ellen Heideck, 42 ans, originaire de Kelowna, est désormais recherchée en vertu d’un mandat d’arrestation pancanadien.”

“Unsatisfied with her sex change, a British Columbia woman is wanted across Canada for setting fire to the Montreal clinic where she had her “big operation.” Jayne Ellen Heideck, 42, from Kelowna, is now wanted on a Canada-wide warrant.”

“À la base, les policiers craignaient qu’il s’agisse d’un crime à caractère haineux. Mais d’après nos sources, l’enquête aurait plutôt permis d’établir qu’il s’agirait d’un incendie ayant la vengeance comme toile de fond.”

“Initially, police were concerned that this was a hate crime. But according to our sources, the investigation has actually revealed that this was an arson based on revenge.”

Not surprising at all! Given the way that MtTs are constantly abusive toward others, threatening suicide when they don’t get their way, overly narcissistic and unable to take “no” for an answer, and who have unrealistic ideas about how good they look and how well they pass as women, who else would set fire to a sex change clinic but them?

And people who think they’re progressive are lobbying to get these dangerous men into women’s washrooms.


38 thoughts on “Arson at Canada’s only sex change clinic

  1. Sophia aka Daryl Banks was tweeting incessantly about this days ago, badgering “cis” people to speak up about what he assumed was a transphobic hate crime. I thought at the time it was more likely an unhappy trans customer. I haven’t noticed him mentioning it since this new report came out…

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  2. Thank you thank you thank you, purplesage! 😍 We all knew it was going to be a dissatisfied customer.

    Perhaps he and that Fink character, the flag burner, can share a cell! ⚖ And maybe they’ll invent a new kinds of “trans”, like we’ve had trans-age and transabled. Transcombustible! 🔥 They didn’t really burn anything up because being transcombustible they think only water will burn. 💧

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  3. I am confused. Is this a woman who got gender surgery and identifies as man, or a man who got surgery and identifies as woman?

    I think it’s a trans”woman”?

    But when first reading your article, I thought it was a transman, i.e. a woman. Because the arsonist was described as a man and I am so used to news articles lying about the sex of trans, even criminals.

    One of the crimes that will be wrongly attributed to women as a class, I suspect, thereby hiding the fact that men as a class are much more criminal and violent. Probably they referred to the arsonist as man because that’s what he looks like, and only asked for his identity later? Or is he de-transitioned?

    Why would anyone commit a hate crime against a gender-change clinic? I mean, the right-wing conservatives do attack abortion clinics, so violence is obviously something they think is okay – but gender-change clinics do not really help their “patients”, they perform unnecessary surgery, i.e. harm them.
    So, if you hate trans, you’d logically donate to such a clinic, not lay fire to it.

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  4. From Wikipedia article “sex differences in crime”

    2011 arrest data from the FBI:[46]

    Males comprised 98.0% of those arrested for forcible rape[46]
    Males comprised 89.0% of those arrested for robbery[46]
    Males comprised 85.0% of those arrested for burglary[46]
    Males comprised 83.0% of those arrested for arson.[46]
    Males comprised 81.5% of those arrested for motor-vehicle theft.[46]
    Males comprised 81.7% of those arrested for stolen property.[46]
    Males comprised 81.7% of those arrested for vandalism.[46]
    Males comprised 79.7% of those arrested for offenses against family and children.[46]
    Males comprised 77.8% of those arrested for aggravated assault[46]
    Males comprised 58.7% of those arrested for fraud.[46]
    Males comprised 57.3% of those arrested for larceny-theft.[46]
    Males comprised 51.3% of those arrested for embezzlement.[46]

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  5. This comment was on a transactivist’s page: “Maybe our efforts should be focused more on trans mental health than explicit language in the Human Rights Act. Seems our biggest threat is from our own community.” About time they recognize what the problem is! Always complaining that doctors/therapists are gatekeepers and keeping them from their surgeries and drugs, because, you know some medical professionals aren’t just gonna go with the “feels”.

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