A middle school protest against mixed bathrooms

From KTVL news:

“Students from Hedrick Middle School took a stand Monday against the directive from the Obama administration saying public schools must allow transgender students to use bathrooms according to their chosen gender identity.

The students tell News10 they are protesting the fact that some male students are using this as a chance to go into the female bathrooms.

“I feel like they were just using it more to their benefit of just kind of being perverts more rather than actually using it because they were uncomfortable with going into the bathroom of birth,” student Grace Milligan said.

The students’ parents were also present.

“They came home and one of our girls was crying and didn’t feel safe because she didn’t feel safe going into the girl’s bathroom or locker room,” parent Renee Molder said.”

Please do click on the link because there is a video. The video shows the protest, which is rather small, and has a few middle school kids and their parents. There is also an adult trans woman who showed up to yell stuff about the difficulties he has faced in his life. He tells the news reporter that if these protesters knew anything about the trans community, they’d know that trans people hate their own parts and don’t even want to look at them. I suppose this trans woman has genuine sex dysphoria, but he seems to be unaware that tons of the male-to-female transitioners that we are currently hearing from actually have a fetish. If he knew anything about the trans community, he’d know that it has been infiltrated by fetishists and trolls.

Apparently at this school there are both gender-neutral bathrooms and sex-segregated ones. This seems reasonable to meโ€”I think it’s a good idea to have gender-neutral bathrooms alongside traditional ones in order to accommodate the gender nonconforming people who need them. Girls should have privacy away from boys, and people who don’t feel like they can use either bathroom should have access to a separate one.

I don’t get the impression that anyone is really listening to the other side though. I don’t mean just in this particular protest, I mean in general. People keep yelling stuff but not actually listening or trying to have a mature, adult conversation. It’s like no one actually wants to solve problems, they just like drama. This whole situation is one big shit show.


28 thoughts on “A middle school protest against mixed bathrooms

  1. What I’m trying to figure out is, why is the Obama administration pushing this thing so hard? They’ve never exactly distinguished themselves in advocating for LGBT causes….it took Obama a few years to come around to the idea that maybe gay people should have the right to marry even, and he only said that because he was reading opinion polls. He’s hardly an Equal Rights crusader.

    So now all of a sudden he’s the big hero of trans folks and forcing schools to come into line on this. What’s going on? He, or the Democratic party, or someone or other, thinks they have something to gain here by endangering school children. I just can’t figure out what it is.

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    • I’ve really been wondering about that too. What does the Obama administration think it’s doing? It could be as simple as whoever got LGBT stuff jobbed out to in the Justice Department is a fanatic. I figure that’s the answer for why Media Matters is so nuts for this stuff. I saw on their website that there LBGT person did her bachelors in gender studies at Rutgers. I think when the smoke clears and the books are written about this Trans Mania Period that a lot of that will be put down to gross incompetence of mid-level bureaucrats. They were given a job to do and they just copied everything the activists were saying. And put their brains on bypass.

      Do you know that in the big list of things that the US Department of Justice’s office of civil rights protects people against discrimination on the basis of does the not include sexual orientation? Is that the most convoluted sentence in the history of the world? When I’m trying to say is the office of civil rights in the US government has a big list of things including race, national origin, disability, sex, family status which I think means being adopted or something or a single parent, where if people are discriminated against because of that it’s illegal. But only in a have a lawsuit way which always has confused me. Anyway they have this big list. I’m on it under both sex and disability. ๐Ÿ˜Š And this list does not include sexual orientation. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ But they’re making a big hullabaloo right now about adding trans to it. Like the characters in one of my little animations says “people think trans and gay are the same”. But the fucking lawyers in the Justice Department shouldn’t be so daft! ๐Ÿ˜ 

      I made a graphic about this and put it on Twitter today @petuniacatland Just go to my profile page and click on photos it will be the first one. I am as mad as a wet hen about this! It’s a bizarre crazy PREFERENCE for trans over gay! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ท

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      • P.S. this thing ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ท in my above post is actually the sticker for the flag of Iran. Oh you know why put that there. Trans, the Favoured Child. (Over lesbians and gays.) ๐Ÿ˜  as a ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ“


      • There’s this guy, who is a member of the Obama administration. Always seems to need a shave in pics I’ve seen, I wonder if that’s a thing now, signaling support for trans sisters who don’t pass or something.
        There’s also some high ranking trans males in defense, go figure.

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        • In fairness, that guy’s not going to pass regardless.

          His story is really sad. He clearly identifies as a “woman” due to homophobic bullying when meanwhile he’d be a cute, charming gay man if he had been left alone. No straight man is going to be interested in him, and it’s hard to imagine any gay men expressing interest in him either, not while he’s pretending to be a “woman”.

          That said, the position he holds in the Obama administration is a placeholder figurehead role at best. He’s not calling the shots regarding the trans issue. Personally, I suspect big pharma is ultimately behind this push. That’s the only entity that has deep enough pockets to force this down our throats.

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      • Of course they prefer trans to gay!! The whole trans thing reaffirms gender roles, big time! Remember Jenner? Who said that the Big Deal about transitioning was the opportunity to leave nail polish on until it chipped off? These types LOVE rigid gender roles!

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    • I genuinely believe it’s because they intend to completely decriminalize prostitution in the US. if they can erase female biological reality, they can erase oppression females face based on that biological reality. I believe this is simply their way of fast tracking sexual slavery industry decriminalization. They needed an extra step in between because the US is so conservative.

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  2. If the trans community wasn’t run by lunatic cross dressers, they’d be making reasonable demands, like limiting access to sex segregated spaces to those diagnosed with gid and undergoing medical treatment to look, or try to look, like the opposite sex and banning trans status to those seeking it for improper use, like rapists, predators, etc. with students it should be private locker room, bathrooms for those who transition in school. It’s not reasonable for girls to suddenly have accept some boy in their locker room as a fellow female when they know him as male. Students who transfer to a school and pass shouldn’t be outed by officials as trans and integrated into facilities of the sex they pass as. Something like this would still be objectionable to many people but it would be a compromise and shops good faith on the part of the trans community and that they are trying to find solutions to public accommodations that don’t impinge on the rights of others. But the trans car is being driven straight off a cliff by a bunch of drunk crazy men who are dragging gay and lesbians and feminists along with them.

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      • I dunno, they can signal how progressive they are while doing absolutely nothing and continuing the mad, illegal wars of aggression? Like if Obama cared about trans people, they’d be allocating funds for trans specific shelters as trans are a distinct population with specific needs. But no, much easier to just go ” gender identity gets you in the shelter of your choice, progress!” All those ftms at risk of rape in men’s shelters, who cares? It’s do nothing political flag waving.
        And it’s a great distractor, keeps us occupied with a useless culture war while our country bombs, invades and destroys every country that tries to fuck with US petrol dollars. The left has torn itself up,about it, keeps the right wing occupied.

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    • OMG, “straight pride” T shirts!!! Homophobic people are equating this trans stuff with being gay or lesbians. These transgenderist politics are causing a backlash against gays and lesbians. Ugh!! ๐Ÿ˜ 

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      • Yep. Peak Trans is going to mean Peak LGBT and Peak Feminism for general public when they realize how gender identity laws can be abused, so get ready, it’s going to suck.

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        • I fear the backlash against gays and lesbians and feminists much more than I fear some dude in a dress in a public bathroom. Creeper in a bathroom I can stab but the general public associating men in women’s locker rooms at the public pool with all the lesbian or ex lesbian feminists who made it possible, that’s a potential political movement,
          Trans politics have used lesbians and feminists to advance their agenda, women like the lesbian mayor in Houston who tried to get overly broad gender identity laws passed and the lesbian major in Toronto who stood for overly broad gender identity laws even after Hambrook used them to sexually assault women in homeless shelters, the NCLR stumping for Fallon Fox to legally beat women, Butler, Rubin, Jack Whatshertits and all those other pomo academic ding dongs, lot of lesbians, lot of feminists been hauling water and doing the heavy lifting for this trans nonsense and there’s an established paper trail.. And being that men blame women for everything, who do you think is going to be held accountable for this mess? I’m not saying that it would be accurate or fair, it’s not, just saying that looks like where this crazy train in headed and how to divert the course, I don’t know,

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        • It does seem like the courts and the press are much more favorable to the idea of protecting men’s right to privacy from women. If women started pissing in men’s rooms en masse, tossing their menstrual cups contents in urinals and changing and showering in the men’s locker rooms, we’d put an end to overly broad gender identity laws right quick. Be a lot more effective than expecting homophobic conservatives to protect women’s rights.

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        • Donesoverydone, we need giant Amazon women to carry out this plan!! 6 foot 4 women to throw the menstrual blood in the urinals! And to shower in the men’s showers. They can all say they identify as men because they will only ever wear comfortable shoes! It will be excellent and hilarious. As all the best things are. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿน

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      • Er, no all you need is women, any women. Last time I ran into a man in a bathroom, I just turned around and went next door to the men’s. Some dude told me, hey lady wrong bathroom. I said there’s a man in the women’s restroom, I have to piss with men, might as well piss in the men’s room. He seemed uncomfortable, and good, men should be inconvenienced by this nonsense. At any rate, ftms are doing this work for us, but it would be a great action to take on liberal college campuses, women go piss in groups, start stickers get the place with stickers reading “if you see someone female, leave them alone”, ask the dean to make all men’s facilities gender neutral and instal tampon machines. It would work, work real fast.

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        • If the blacklash gets too bad, watch all these loudmouth I am transwoman hear me roar knuckleheads suddenly pick up their manhood again and declare themselves men again. These jokers got options and they know it, when the trans crazy car gets to the edge, they’re jumping and letting the gays, lesbians and feminists they got tied to the bumper go down in flames and burn. There’s going to be an entire wave of ex transwomen trying to save face for their misadventures in transness by pimping themselves out to the media and sharing their harrowing stories of how feminists made them feel so bad about themselves as men that they were forced to wear frilly knickers and what they learned from living as a “woman”, namely that women are evil and worse than men in every way.

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  3. If this had happened when I was in junior high, I would’ve been overcome with fear and horror, not least because I was already bullied. The main reason I was bullied, or at least begun being bullied, was because a lot of people believed I was a lesbian simply because I’d said gays are just like other people. They had no other evidence of my so-called lesbianism, though of course it wouldn’t have mattered even if I were lesbian. I actually initially misread the name of the school, Hedrick, as my alma mater, Hackett!

    I too don’t understand why the Obama Administration is all of a sudden heavily pushing all this trans nonsense. It’s already bad enough so many people have swilled down the Kool-Aid and obediently accepted things which weren’t considered mainstream, logical, realistic, etc., as recently as five years ago. At this point, I’ve pretty much quit regularly watching all but one of the trans YouTubers I subscribed to when I wanted to start learning more about these issues (little realizing I’d hit peak trans and educate myself in a much different way). The only trans person I still regularly watch is a super-nice, kind, caring person, with intelligent, thoughtful videos, is a lot older than the transtrenders, and seems to have had legit dysphoria from a rather young age. It’s like night and day with all these teens and twentysomethings with their SJW rants, no issues with their identity or bodies till the requisite social media binge, or claiming a sexist list of stereotypes as their “reason” for being trans.

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  4. I don’t think the dichotomy between “genuine sex dysphoria” and fetihists and trolls is so clear. Sure there are men who’ve experienced no gender dysphoria claiming transgender status, but there’s also varying levels of gender dysphoria and body dysphoria among people who do. And gender dysphoria plays a part in many of their fetishes of being a woman or obsession with womanly things. The fact that the majority of them don’t transition fully by cutting off their cocks is an indication that most of them don’t experience severe body dysphoria along with gender dysphoria. This is another reason why these school transgender bathroom policies are so invasive and dangerous; any heterosexual boy with a comorbidity of mental/personality disorders with gender dysphoria, combined with delusional, disordered thinking, and mental/emotional instability, or who claims to feel like a woman only sometimes, and enjoys their penis; can claim transgender status, because gender identity is so ambiguous. This is a great shame for the country, forcing girls to open their boundaries up to their male peers, and telling them it’s wrong to feel uncomfortable about that. More girls should be standing up for their rights and protesting this. I hope to see more of this.

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  5. “… Itโ€™s like no one actually wants to solve problems, they just like drama… ”
    The creation of gender-neutral bathrooms everywhere is so simple and so obvious! Just one (or two) additional door(s) in public places and problem would be solved.

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