Creepy religious video teaches kids to hate the homos

A Christian group spent good money animating a video with almost Pixar-like quality to teach kids that homosexuality is wrong.

In the video, a little girl mentions to her mom that someone in her class has two moms, and that her teacher said this was okay. The mom picks up her Bible (or whatever their book is called) and teaches her daughter that Jehovah created marriage between one man and one woman because that is how people will be happiest. Then she talks about how gay people can’t get into heaven, using a weird airplane analogy. She finally asks her daughter what she will say to her classmate with same-sex parents. The little girl says that she can tell her about the Paradise, the animals, and the resurrection. Apparently, this will make the girl’s lesbian moms decide not to be gay and go to heaven instead?? (I predict this will not work.)

This video is incredibly creepy, and it’s bizarre that people are still saying this stuff in 2016. First of all, it’s completely preposterous that an imaginary guy in the sky “knows what will make us happy.” Mr Omnipotent Sky Dude has no idea what will make me happy. He thinks I would be happy in a heterosexual marriage, but I would be absolutely miserable. Secondly, who still believes in heaven and hell? We do not live in a three-tiered universe where earth is in the middle and heaven above and hell below. I believe this theory was debunked several hundred years ago. How have people not caught up on the news in several hundred years?

Mr. Jehovah-Dude thinks that I have to give up being a lesbian to get into heaven. Well, I say that if heaven did exist, it would be one big LESBIAN party! And if it wasn’t, I would have no interest in going there.

Since we are mere mortals, who will be dead and gone at the end of our lives, we might as well have fun while we are here. The closest you’ll ever get to heaven is being a lesbian. BRING IT ON.


14 thoughts on “Creepy religious video teaches kids to hate the homos

  1. Lots of people do have some form of belief in heaven, less so in hell, but I doubt many outside fundamentalist versions of the Abrahamic religions obsess about people going to hell for their sexuality. I most certainly believe (I don’t think that’s even the right word, really) in the afterlife, and yes, I look forward to it. And who are among the people I look forward to being with? Why, Mr D’s younger son and his husband. Who he only met after he passed over.

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    • Witnesses do not believe in Hell. They don’t really believe in souls either. No one who has died is in Heaven or Hell. A small number of people who have ever existed will ascend to Heaven. A moderate proportion of all humans who have existed will be resurrected into the Paradise of the New Earth with strong unagieng bodies that can get all their needs met easily as it was in Eden.

      Hell is the destruction of the potential for resurrection. I am pretty well versed in JW doctrine because my paternal grandmother became a Witness after grandpa died. She lobbied her grandchildren hard, so I have read lots of JW material.

      The Witnesses are apolitical and not very pro-PIV.

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      • Ah, that brings back memories of one of the few Witnesses I’ve known, about thirty-odd years ago. It makes some sense of something he said – about why mourn for anyone dead, they’re just in their graves. Would that have meant sleeping until the resurrection, then?

        I can never get over the wastefulness of doctrines that have a deity creating or at least starting life forms and shunting most of them off to hell, or just letting them go pffft. No artistic or creative person I know is inclined to do that. Our stuff matters more and it’s not even alive! :/

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  2. It is interesting to see the change of tune from “You’re going to hell” to “You won’t get into heaven” though. I mean, knowing some religious homophobes more closely than I’d like to, they’ve always been much more about “Oh, shame about your eternal damnation” than “So sorry we won’t see you in paradise.”

    The heaven/paradise seems like a much weaker ploy when held up against experiencing love in this lifetime. Like really? Really? Is any sane and happy gay couple going to break up because some kid posits the theory that if indeed a heaven possibly exists maybe they won’t get in? Lolz.

    It still has that thick coating of ostracism religion is so good at but does seem a touch kinder than the YOU ARE GOING TO HELL perspective. Maybe to appeal more to nice kids and groom them to become little brainwashed missionaries. I know my nieces and nephew would eat this kind of stuff up (they are very big on Kindness) but would probably balk at sending their auntie to hell.


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  3. When I was seven, I was told by one of the neighborhood kids I would go to hell because my parents had gotten a divorce. Why was I being punished for something my parents had done? Made no sense to me.
    Supposedly, the greatest pain one can suffer is to be separated from the ones they love. I figure all the really interesting people and all those I love will be in “hell”, so I’m not worried. Let’s face it…would you want to spend eternity with the Billie Grahams and Jerry Falwells of the world? Now THAT would be hell! I’m with Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson…we are all star stuff and energy can not be destroyed, only transformed. I quite happy with that interpretation of eternity.

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  4. Judaism believes in an afterlife, but we don’t really talk about it much. The focus is on living our lives in the here and now, not what might happen to us after we’ve passed on. However, I do like the idea of a Hell, if for no other reason than to have an eternal punishment for terrible people like Christopher Columbus, Hitler, and Atatürk. I’m also completely disgusted by the belief certain Christians have about deathbed conversion/repentance saving a truly evil, immoral person from Hell, and that even someone like Hitler could go to Paradise if he repented before dying. Who cares if they claimed to find religion or repent of a lifetime of evil deeds at the end? That doesn’t cancel out the fact that they did them in the first place!

    I try my best to never answer the door for people I don’t know, particularly if I look through the window or peephole and see someone who looks like a missionary. Many former Mormons and JWs will honestly tell you both of those religions are cults, in addition to believing a lot of goofy, disturbing things. Unlike other world religions, they can’t hide behind the shroud of antiquity, since they were both founded in the modern era!

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  5. God, that’s disgusting. Just disgusting. And they’re showing this to kids? Grotesque. This being the religion connected with polygamy and the lost boys? And baptizing dead people?

    One thing you can say about the gentle, bumbling Church of England (I’m British) is that it’s accepting of homosexuality, although the same cannot be said of the wider Anglican community, which may explode fairly soon due to the shocking homophobia expressed by many African branches.

    Our most senior archbishop said recently “It’s a constant source of deep sadness that people are persecuted for their sexuality. I want to take this opportunity personally to say how sorry I am for the hurt and pain, in the past and present, that the church has caused and the love that we at times completely failed to show, and still do, in many parts of the world including in this country.”

    BTW, are Mormons Christians, strictly speaking? I’m no theologian but that whole layer of Mormon in Mormonism strikes me as idolatry, if that’s the word I’m looking for. Putting other people and ideas above Christ’s message, that’s what I mean. Would be interested in an explanation if anyone has one. My mother, who is an amazingly good person and a devout Anglican is my usual source of info, but she doesn’t know.

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