Butch lesbians and bathrooms

A butch lesbian wrote an article for Time magazine about her experience with public washrooms and her take on the “bathroom bills.” I really appreciate the fact that a butch lesbian was published in Time magazine at all, but she follows the transgenderist party line, which means I was left disappointed by her article.

“I’m Proof Bathroom Bills Are Not Just a Transgender Issue”

“I hate using public restrooms. Airports and rest stops are my least favorite. I avoid locker rooms whenever possible. But really every restroom is bad. In fact, it happened to me just the other day in my fancy office building in New York City. I was at the sink, washing my hands, when a woman walked into the restroom and did a double take, first looking at me and then looking back at the sign on the still-open door of the restroom. Was she in the wrong place? Or, implicitly, was I?

“I am a biological female who identifies as a woman. I am not, for any intents or purposes, transgender. But as a non-gender conforming butch lesbian, I have my own tiny window into our nation’s current political debate about bathrooms—the always looming fear that easily slips into shame, and the occasional outright harassment, all because I have to pee. And that’s from using the bathrooms that I “should” be using according to vicious anti-transgender bills sweeping the nation.

“The first time I was actually yelled at in a bathroom, at least that I can remember, I was 19 years old. I was, and still am, 6’1″, but back then I had straight shoulder-length hair that dangled as awkwardly around my chin as everything else about me at that age. I was openly gay but still otherwise finding myself. I still wore dresses sometimes. Also awkwardly. I was a study abroad student in England on vacation in Bath. I don’t remember much of anything from the entire semester, but I remember going into some lavish hotel along the beach to use the bathroom and, while I was washing my hands at the sink, getting yelled at by a group of women.

“One of them, standing next to me at the sink, yelled to her friends in the stalls: “There’s a boy in here!”

“As the others came out, they loomed at me and shouted things like: “What are you doing in here?” and “You’re in the wrong place!”

“And in a sense, they were right. It turns out the women were all part of a bridal shower, wearing those most conventionally feminine pastel dresses to participate in that most quintessentially heteronormative of traditions. They belonged—in that bathroom and in society more broadly—and I most certainly didn’t. And still don’t.”

The belief that she doesn’t belong in the women’s washroom is coming from sexism and homophobia. She doesn’t perform femininity, which is a requirement for being viewed as a proper woman, and she is obviously gay, which for some reason still makes people uncomfortable even though it’s the goddamn twenty-first century. She truly does belong in the women’s washroom though, because she is a woman. Women come in all different types, we don’t all look like princesses, and that doesn’t mean we’re doing woman wrong.

She is disagreeing with the people who want to ban men from using women’s washrooms. No doubt she is identifying with the men who wish to be women and their struggle to find a safe washroom to use, because of her own struggle to find a safe washroom to use. Having compassion is good, but I think we need to pay attention to who we’re giving compassion to. There are lots of nice gender nonconforming people who need access to safe washrooms and there are also fetishists looking for opportunities to practice their fetish, and who would honestly do just fine in the men’s washrooms that they’ve always been using. We need to pay attention to who’s doing the lobbying and why.

Those of us who believe that men belong in the men’s washroom come in two major types—conservatives and feminists—but this author doesn’t distinguish between the two groups. Conservatives understand that certain men will use any excuse to prey on women and children and they want to protect them. They are also homophobic and do not accept ordinary lesbians and gays, and they promote traditional gender roles and marriage. Feminists know that men with sexual fetishes like to declare that they have a gender identity and therefore have a right to expose themselves in women’s locker rooms. We differ completely from conservatives because we are against gender roles and sex stereotypes. We want the entire range of women in all our diversity to feel comfortable in women’s spaces, which will be accomplished by eliminating sexism and homophobia. We also want men to feel comfortable in male facilities, regardless of their personality or presentation, which is also accomplished by eliminating sexism (masculinity) and homophobia; however, men need to work on this amongst themselves.

The transgenderists do not have the right analysis or politics to make people safer in bathrooms. They promote old-fashioned sexism through their belief that anyone who is masculine is necessarily a man and anyone who is feminine is necessarily a woman. They refuse to distinguish between men with sex dysphoria who want to fully transition and men with autogynephilia who are fighting for their right to practice their fetish on non-consenting members of the public. And they refuse to acknowledge sex-based oppression and male violence against women.

“Whatever you might have heard to the contrary, the “bathroom bills” that have passed in North Carolina and Mississippi and are now pending in other states have nothing to do with public safety. The simple fact is that under existing laws, it is already a crime to dress up as a man or woman in order to falsely gain entry to any public restroom to harass or harm anyone. That is a crime in states with transgender legal protections and a crime in states without such laws. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace noted that such crimes have not taken place in communities that have transgender rights laws.

“What these “bathroom bills” are actually about is enforcing traditional gender codes and norms in an increasingly diverse and shifting America. Single-sex restrooms just like single-sex dormitories have always been rooted in compulsory heteronormativity and the sense that we have to protect women from men who can’t expect to be reigned in. This still echoes today, as when an all-male elite club at Harvard University suggested that allowing women to join would increase the potential for sexual assault. And notice that no one seems to worry about pedophiles being forced to use the little boy’s room instead. The point is that girls need protecting.”

She’s implying here that the reason for sex-segregated facilities is the misguided notion that women need protection from men, and that people only believe that women need protection because of gender roles/stereotypes about women. But in the real world, women do need protection from men, because men abuse women on a regular basis through assault, rape, harassment, stalking, flashing, taking photos without consent, and the list goes on. Unfortunately this writer didn’t check the stats on violence against women before writing her article.

By the way, people are worried about pedophiles in the men’s washroom, which is why mothers routinely bring their young sons into the women’s washroom with them. Parents know not to leave their sons alone with strange men, same as they do with their daughters.

Single sex facilities aren’t based on heteronormativity, they are based on the biological differences between men and women which remain the same regardless of sexual orientation. Lesbians aren’t made safer by desegregating these spaces—we are just as vulnerable to male violence against women as any other woman.

What would make lesbians safer is single-stall facilities so that we can be in full privacy instead of sharing spaces with men who can be dangerous or women who can be hostile. (And even more importantly, what would make lesbians safer is the elimination of sexism and homophobia.)

This writer is on the side of transgenderists, but transgenderists are not on her side. They are hostile toward lesbians in multiple ways. They want lesbians to consider males as potential sexual partners despite our objections, they are encouraging young lesbians to medically transition before they’ve gotten old enough to develop a lesbian identity, and they are arguing against separate single-stall washrooms which would accommodate gender nonconforming people.

“And femininity must be protected, too. Or even enforced. A video that recently went viral shows a woman being forcibly evicted from a restroom because she looks more masculine. Should women not only have to be born women to use the ladies room but wear skirts? Maybe have their hair a certain length and curled?”

I’m gonna start sounding like a broken record here, but the reason why masculine-presenting women are kicked out of women’s spaces is because of sexism and homophobia. People believe that all women are supposed to be feminine and heterosexual, and they punish those of us who don’t comply. I can always tell between a butch woman and a man, but there are plenty of conventional straight women from heteroland who look at a human with a buzz cut and immediately think MAN, despite her tits and her female voice. It’s about fucking time they got used to lesbians.

In this last paragraph, the author almost reaches the gender critical position. She complains that women are expected to display femininity in order to be seen as women. This is exactly what gender critical feminists are saying. We’re saying that women shouldn’t have to perform femininity to be considered women, that all females are female regardless of their personality or presentation, and that we all have a right to our womanhood, and to female spaces. Same with men—they shouldn’t have to perform masculinity in order to be seen as real men. Anyone who is male is a real man, and should have the right to use the men’s facilities in safety.

The reason that gender nonconforming men can’t safely use the men’s facilities is because of toxic masculinity, homophobia, and MALE VIOLENCE. Transgenderists are not tackling these problems, instead they’re just trying to shove the girly boys into the ladies’ room. If they actually gave a shit about gender nonconforming men, they’d work on making it safe for them to use the men’s facilities by tackling male violence.

We absolutely need to have a conversation about what can be done to make butch lesbians safer in washrooms, but we need an honest conversation. Allowing Stef-on-knee into the women’s washroom is not going to make lesbians safer. Single-stall unisex washrooms can help in the short term, and in the long term, ELIMINATE SEXISM AND HOMOPHOBIA. Feminists have been saying this for fucking decades already. We’ll keep saying it forever and ever and ever until hopefully it happens.


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  1. This is excellent. And the woman who wrote that Time thing is just not actually interested in politics. She hasn’t been and now transgender’s are talking about something that sounds like something that’s been affecting her. So she’s jumping on politics in now. Or six months from now she’s going to transition… 😖

    One question, are feminine seeming men actually subject to violence in the men’s room? I would’ve thought locker rooms would be more of a danger. Like in high school. I’m not talking about men who dress as women. I’m talking about man who just are small and non-macho. The male equivalent of this woman. Out of step with the stereotype version of being a man. You never hear about big bruiser psycho guys beating up men they found them in the bathroom. Those kind of guys will beat somebody up anywhere.

    An idea, maybe there needs to be a kind of public information campaign about all the different ways that women and men can look, without in anyway being trans. You say “there are plenty of conventional straight women from heteroland who look at a human with a buzz cut and immediately think MAN, despite her tits and her female voice.” Tits and Voice! That’ll be the tagline for the public information campaign. 😂😂😂 I can see it now: “Make common cause with your lesbian cousins against the sexual fetishes in public bathrooms!” (We don’t want to give them conniption fits by saying ‘sisters’ right off the bat.😉)

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    • There doesn’t seem a single known case of a transwoman being attacked in the men’s room.
      The only case I heard of was one where a transwoman was attacked by women in the women’s room … not for being trans, they didn’t even noticed that, but for perceivedly flirting with one woman’s boyfriend.

      Probably smaller boys are beaten up in the locker room at school because the boys who beat them up anywhere else are there, too. But that’s not a locker room specific problem.

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  2. It just seems the saddest thing in the world that a lesbian would believe letting men into the women’s room will somehow make her feel safer and more comfortable. It’s like some last ditch effort – “If you’ll accept a man in a dress, you’ll surely accept me, right??”

    On a separate note, I am endlessly bothered by the constant insistence that there is NO RECORD OF ANY CRIME EVER COMMITTED by a transgender person. Fox News is the source of that here?? I just can’t get over that somehow trans people are the one segment of humanity who apparently never sexually harass women. There are plenty of articles and cases stating otherwise but for some reason the public swallows the idea of trans collective innocence whole.

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    • Yep, saddest thing. And how would that work exactly? If there’s some rule that women have to put up with big hulking trans women in the women’s bathroom, that we somehow will all be sweetness and light about that? And then when women walk in and glance at her and think she’s a man three quarters of the second, what? They’re going to now be super nice to her? Because they think she’s a man? Every woman who’s had a run-in with a trans woman in the public washroom is going to be less friendly toward her. Not more. Because they’re going to be all nervous and skittish.

      The classic sign of an SJW is that they believe and repeat the idea no trans woman ever has committed a sex crime in a public bathroom. Their idea of being an ally to a minority group is the minority group has to be perfect. That’s the way bigots think. They have to be perfect or don’t deserve any dignity at all.

      Oh, and let’s consider that some of these asshole men repeating ‘there have never been trans women bathroom criminals’, may not even be aware that there are public bathroom perverts. That that’s even a thing. So completely divorced are they from both left-wing politics being about any and all social problems that exist, and from anything to do with women’s lives.

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  3. I saw a post on Facebook (god help me for ever stepping foot on FB — the content on there makes me want to jump off a tall structure). It’s a retort against the conservative/radfem insistence that women need protection from penis-wielders. She posted a picture of a transman with a beard who looks indistinguishable from a biological man with that typical “do you want THIS man in the bathroom with you?!?!?!”

    But she went a step further. “MY POINT IS,
    WITHOUT THE LAW, we definitely know when someone of the opposite gender (maybe transgender, maybe not) is in the restroom of the opposite appearing sex – If someone, like the person in this article, walked into a women’s restroom, he would immediately be stopped, I would say – SO IF WE REALLY WANT TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN, leave the laws as they are, allow people to use the restroom they identify with, then whenever someone outwardly stands out, we know (not a question of are they transgender or a phoney?)……If you change it, and expect people to abide by it, then you would HAVE to get used to seeing people using your restroom that might identify as the opposite sex, which then makes it easier for the “phonies” who are predators to sneak in.”

    She doesn’t take into account that someone like me, a nonconforming lesbian, would then be socially barred from the womens’ bathroom for “outwardly stand[ing] out.” People would have more of a license than they already feel they have to harass me. This entire discussion reinforces sexist appearances. On top of that, now I have to deal with penises in my damn space. So it looks like nonconforming women are the losers here if the bathroom laws are changed, huh? Us and oh, I don’t know, half the population of the U.S. who actually already know they don’t want men in their bathrooms. Wonder why.

    The icing on the cake was her final comment that was posted as an afterthought:

    “ALSO: women can molest girls and men can molest boys.” As if we really need to ignore thousands of years of history and at least a hundred years of statistical evidence that in 99.9999% of cases, males molest girl-children, women, and boy-children.

    Two people liked that particular comment — both women. Ugh.

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    • Gosh Skylark, I don’t agree with her any more than you do, but it doesn’t seem helpful to me to call her a disgrace. Lots of people make mistakes and get things wrong, that doesn’t mean they are a disgrace. I used to think trans women were women back in the day, before I reached peak trans. She might come around too.

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  4. I love your blog PurpleSage…great analysis!!!The PRIBLEM IS SEXISM AND HOMOPHOBIA. Butch Lesbians ARE WOMYN! We are part of Womonhood, we are FEMALE, we nelong in the womyns room and church ladies need to get past their nervousness and look deeper. Autogynophiles ARE MALES. Let them educate MEN, to tolerate them, not force themselves on us womyn!!

    I am very tired of discussing this issue…but your analysis is fantastic. Bottomline get rid of sexism and homophobia…

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  5. Question:

    The author of this article is Sally Kohn. Is she talking about her own experiences being a butch lesbian? Who is the lesbian in the article?

    Seriously, are we supposed to believe that she is a butch lesbian. Look at the makeup and stylish short hair. Are we supposed to believe that she is a butch lesbian? She just looks like a tall woman with stylish short hair and makeup. She has this smirk on her face, and she is wearing a ton of eye makeup. Or, does her self-described “butch lesbian” self only put on tons of eye makeup for the cameras? Can we say one big sell out. As to the Time Magazine article, corporate controlled mainstream media has no credibility. These are the same people who told us that there were WMDs in Iraq and Building 7 came down from office fires. Like everything in corporate controlled media, this article proves nothing at all.

    Is this the “butch lesbian” in the article? Lovely eye makeup and stylish short hair. I could do without the silly smirk. Not that I’m saying butch lesbians can’t wear tons of eye makeup and lipstick.


    I bet this is the first time that she calls herself a butch lesbian, and the only reason she is doing it is to get brownie points for parroting the trans narrative.

    I stand by my statement that she is a sell out to her own sex.


      • “…But as a non-gender conforming butch lesbian”

        She says butch lesbian. I’ve never seen a butch lesbian with that much eye makeup, but like most things trans approved, it doesn’t have to make sense. Like the Dyke Marches that are now mostly transwomen.

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    • I believe she is “butch” enough that if she went into a restroom on an ordinary day without make-up, someone might do a double take. Not because she looks like a man — she doesn’t — but because some people are so used to the whole high femme business of long hair and dangling jewelry that seeing someone not performing that might take them off guard.

      I do think if she or any woman who looked like her simply spoke and revealed a woman’s voice, that would erase any doubt. So in that sense, she is certainly exaggerating. Someone might do a double-take reflexively but I doubt they’re going any further than that or campaigning for her removal.

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      • Women with no makeup and no jewellery do not get looked at twice in the women’s room. I’m a big fat short haired no makeup woman (with a cane). No one looks at me twice.

        A woman with really short hair, like a crewcut, and who was really really tall might get looked at twice. But not people giving her the hairy eyeball. Rather people for a nanosecond thinking she was a man. And then as our public information campaign will be called her “Tits and Voice” allow them to know she’s a woman. 😁


        • I wear minimal makeup but otherwise more mens-style clothing. I have short hair and a deep voice (I sing tenor better than a lot of my guy friends). I frequently get sirred and told “er, this is the women’s room.” People see what they expect to see in part because they think inside the gender binary.


  6. “Anti-trans laws have nothing to do with bathroom safety & everything to do with enforcing gender norms”.

    No, Sally, it has everything to do with epidemic male violence.

    In 2009, there was a brutal gang rape in a Richmond, California high school. It was after a high school Homecoming Dance. This young woman was severely injured and unconscious when she was discovered under a picnic bench. She had to be airlifted to a hospital. What would happen if this woman, or any woman who has experienced this level of trauma, is emotionally triggered by the presence of a 6 foot tall male bodied person in the women’s locker room? Look at photos of Stefonkee Wolscht and the man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska. Transgender activists are lying when they say all transwomen look like women. There is nothing in “gender identity” laws that say that males claiming “gender identity” have to look like women. Moreover, under “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment surgery is optional. Most transwomen (males) still have fully intact male genitalia. It’s logical to assume that male bodied persons could emotionally trigger some women. I want Sally Kohl to tell the young woman who was brutally gang raped that a male’s “gender identity” is more important than her PTSD. Sally Kohn is a selfish sell out, and I’m not afraid to speak the truth.

    Sally Kohn, why should 17 year old girls have to see a 45 year old man’s penis and testicles when they are using a women’s locker room?


    For those unfamiliar with this incident, Francis is a retired military man who was married a couple of times and has children. At the time of this campus police report, he was taking classes at Evergreen State College.

    Why should elderly women feel as if they need to apologize for being embarrassed when a young man with an erection uses the women’s locker room?

    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”


    We create a situation whereby any male can claim “gender identity”, and sex reassignment surgery is optional. Then, we shame women for being transphobic bigots when these incidents occur.

    Based on thousands of years of history and crime statistics, women have legitimate reasons to be suspicious of males in our private spaces. Women have been raped in bathrooms. When she was homeless and living on the street, my best friend was almost raped in a women’s restroom. She fell asleep in a women’s restroom at a roadside park, and a man Women have been secretly videotaped in locker rooms and bathroom. It’s an insult to the entire female sex to shame and belittle women who

    I can say with all certainty that another Hambrook incident will happen in a women’s homeless shelter somewhere. It’s probability and statistics, and it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time. We know three things:

    (1.) There are far more male registered sex offenders than female sex offenders. It’s 90 to 95% male.
    (2.) Most violent crime is committed by males.
    (3.) Paraphilias are more common in males. I’m not saying they can’t occur in females, but studies that go back decades show that paraphilias (voyeurism, pedophilia, etc.) are more common in males.

    The more that males are granted access to women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters, it’s going to happen. Under most “gender identity” laws, all that is required is self-identification, and sex reassignment surgery is optional.

    We have already seen examples of “gender identity” laws harming women. This is a small sample, and it’s based on court records. I want Sally Kohn to look into the faces of all these women, and say her special magical trans approved words, “Anti-trans laws have nothing to do with bathroom safety & everything to do with enforcing gender norms”. This politically correct horse shit means diddly squat to these women, especially Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook’s victims.

    Sally Kohn doesn’t have the integrity or guts to watch this video. Sally, trot out those special words, “Anti-trans laws have nothing to do with bathroom safety & everything to do with enforcing gender norms”, and keep repeating them.

    This isn’t difficult to understand at all. The real reason women are first alarmed at some butch lesbians in the women’s restrooms has to do with male violence. This is the crucial underlying reason. It’s almost encoded into the DNA of women. I’m not saying all males are predatory, but history and crime statistics speak for themselves. They see a butch lesbian, and they think maybe the person is male. It has nothing to do with some grand, politically correct bullshit gender theory concocted by the same gender theorists who gave us the lesbian phobic and misogynistic “Cotton Ceiling”. When I was younger, I often attracted attention in the women’s restroom because I had short hair, wore baggy jeans and a shirt, and was much more butchier than I am now. I made sure to tell women that I’m girl. I would say, “Look, I’m a girl, and I don’t have anything that you don’t have”. Once they realized that I was female, they left me alone. I don’t know how to explain this, but I’ll give it a shot. My brother used to leave these fake plastic spiders and snakes everywhere. I saw one on my pillow and it freaked me out. Once I got a good look at it, and realized what it was, I wasn’t afraid. If we see something that looks like a snake, we are going to be alarmed until we realize that it really isn’t a snake. I don’t know if this is a good analogy or not, but it has to do with something that we instantaneously perceive as a possible threat. It shocks us at first. We want to know if the threat is real. Instead of pulling out some bullshit gender theory to shame women, maybe we need to understand why women are afraid of what they perceive as a possible threat. That is, a male bodied person in the women’s restroom.

    As a proud butch lesbian, I would never try to shame or belittle a woman for being frightened at what she might perceive as a male in her personal space. I understand a woman’s fear. I understand that some women might be rape survivors. After all, lesbians are raped too. Lesbians, even butch lesbians, are victims of sexual assault and rape. Corrective rape of lesbians is well documented in some countries like South Africa. If I get a few stares in the women’s restroom, I make sure to tell them that I’m a female. As a woman and lesbian, I’m willing to get a few stares in the women’s restrooms to ensure the safety, personal bodily autonomy, and peace of mind of women. I love women, and I won’t sell my sex out.

    When I heard about the “Cotton Ceiling” which is pure lesbian hatred on steroids, I thought I’d heard it all. I didn’t think it could get any worse than this, but I was wrong. They have no shame, and they have their little handmaidens to do their dirty work for them of corralling and controlling the women non-believers.

    I’ll say it again. Sally Kohn is a sell out.


    • I’m not quite finished with Sally Kohn. Since she brought up “enforcing gender norms”, I’m not afraid to go there. There is some serious ethical issues going on with the sterilization and drugging of healthy children, and someone sooner or later will have some explaining to do. I’m talking about some serious shit down the road because this is not sustainable. How long can we go on until a bunch of drug damaged and infertile adults sue? People who do their research instead of pandering to politically correct bullshit know it’s true.

      “Anti-trans laws have nothing to do with bathroom safety & everything to do with enforcing gender norms”.

      Let me say this as plainly as I know how. They don’t give a rat’s ass about getting rid of gender norms. There can be no transgender without gender. Get rid of gender, and what would transgender people do. The very concept of “gender identity” is based on gender which is culturally constructed. Try this experiment. Try explaining “gender identity” to me without resorting to sex stereotypes. Transgender is just a p.c. bullshit way of enforcing gender norms dressed up and repackaged as special post modern neoliberal nonsense. We detest gender norms, but little Susie played with the red fire truck instead of the doll when she was five. Rush her immediately to the nearest “gender therapist” because she has a special trans “boy brain”. Seriously, they are telling kids at age 5 or 6 that they have “gender dysphoria” because they play with the wrong toys. Children are being sterilized with GnRH agonsits and/or cross gender hormones precisely because they don’t fit neatly into gender norms. Let me repeat this again because someone needs to say it. Kids are being sterilized with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones because they don’t fit neatly into gender norms. We are talking about the sterilization of children, and they know children are being sterilized. Girls as young as 14 and 15 years of age are getting “top surgery”. Elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples, and this is happening to 14 and 15 year old girls that don’t measure up to culturally based notions of femininity. Jesus H Christ. Sterilizing children and carving off the breasts of 14 year old girls. The people who can see this for what it is are being silenced and ridiculed.

      The more politically correct than thou left will have to answer to future historians for this ghastly experiment on children. Then, these jackasses have the gall to talk about “enforcing gender norms”. They only trot out all the talk about “enforcing gender norms” when it suits their political agenda.

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      • Thank you. Rage on.

        I am a recent college grad, and I can’t begin to describe the absurd doublethink and doublespeak present in the LGBTQ center. I have always viscerally thought the invented pronouns and the incessant questions about if I am trans (I am a “butch”-ISH lelsbian) was a weird fad people would get over. I thought I was just being mean-spirited and needed to reprogram my thinking to be a more receptive.

        But dig into their so-called theories they use to explain gender-identity politics, and what you find is a monstrosity built entirely in the sky. How they managed to do this, I don’t know. I’ve never seen such a massive intellectual experiment floating literally on nothing — no acknowledgment of material reality whatsoever. Even worse, now you are punished and silenced for acknowledging material reality. And then if you dig even further into the theory, past the “wtf is this grounded in??” moment, you find that dangling off that stupid castle is a ripped off piece of land containing the most sinister elements of sexism, homophobia, and patriarchal power structures. Now if only floating, bullshit theories and politics meant they would literally float away into their perfect, sparkly, cottonless (har har) gender utopia and leave us alone to our gardening and whatever else, THAT would be something I could support.

        Eh, I don’t know if that metaphor was worth it. I’m just feeling both creative and angry so I gave it a whirl. Hah!

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        • I’d like to rage on some more. Sally Kohn doesn’t have the courage or integrity to watch the video “Women: Decide for Yourselves”. Instead, this sell out is rather comfortable living in her special politically correct world where she is thrown crumbs by corporate controlled mainstream media for dispensing the proper number of politically correct words and phrases. The fact that an article appeared in Time Magazine means nothing because corporate controlled media has no credibility.

          What would Sally say to the victims in the video “Women: Decide for Yourselves”? What would she say to Hambrook’s victims, or the girls who had to see Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room?

          If Sally Kohn believes that men like Stefonkee Wolscht have a sincere “gender identity”, she is either delusional or she is a liar. Sally, does this man have a sincere “gender identity”? This 50 year old divorced father of 7 kids just doesn’t identify as a girl, he identifies as a 6 year old girl. He lives his life in a room full of dolls and stuffed toys, and he has a special “daddy” and “mommy” that he met in a fetish club. For awhile, he was living in a women’s homeless shelter in Toronto after his ex-wife had to get a restraining order and kicked him out. I could care less how he or the man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska get their freak on, but it shouldn’t grant them access to the women’s restroom. A fetish is not a civil right. With men like Stefonkee and Carlotta, it’s hard to tell where the kink and fetish starts and gender identity ends. That is, if the “gender identity” is real to begin with. We just have to take their word on it when they say they are 50 year old men trapped in a 6 year old girl’s body. Maybe these are just freaky men who are hiding behind “gender identity” laws to make them feel as if they are special persecuted people.

          “I Just Gotta Pee with Stefonkee and Strawbeary”

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      • I support your rage too. Women, especially lesbians who support this are betraying the rest of us. The patriarchy relies on handmaidens to keep it running and this is one example. There’s no way Time Magazine will post an opinion piece from one of us about how we don’t support males using the women’s restroom. If enough women cared to actually research this issue instead of swallowing this garbage, it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s true the the trans cult likes to silence women, but the fact is that radical feminists ideas are still more accessible to a lot more women thanks to the internet.

        I agree that the trans cult enforces gender norms. The can’t explain how they feel like the opposite sex without resorting to sex stereotypes. It’s clear that the trans community can’t and won’t keep out the creeps and that they parasitize groups to help lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals. Those organizations of course never prioritized lesbians or any other women, but now they’re run by trans and they won’t support bills against job discrimination if it doesn’t include bathroom nonsense. That’s another thing. They oppose just having a bunch of single-use, secure, lockable unisex bathrooms because it’s not about having a safe place to pee. It’s about them inflicting their fetish on women. They are also performing medical experiments on children who could have grown up to be functional adults if they were just left the hell alone. Sterility is probably the least of the consequences. Men taking testosterone supplements have died from heart attacks, strokes, and embolisms and these were males taking a male hormone.

        You are completely right. Fetishes aren’t civil rights and it is a violation of the civil rights of others to have to be exposed to it. Things like same-sex marriage and not being fired from your job because you as a lesbian said, “I spent the weekend with my girlfriend” are about love.


  7. I really don’t understand why a butch lesbian would be on the side of the transgender agenda on this. The transgender agenda and the conservatives are both pushing for bathroom policing, which you’d think is the LAST thing butch lesbians need. I agree that the only real solution here is to end lesbophobia. But in the meantime, WHY get them in even MORE trouble?

    BTW, you mentioned gender-critical spaces. I have an anti-gender group on Google+.

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    • There is some heteronormativity going on in separating the sexes, but her analysis is pretty off. The biological differences between the sexes are the main reason in most cases.


    • WTF! What the fuck is right. I’m a lesbian, and I lived in a college dorm where some of the floors were single sex. Some floors were co-ed and some were single sex. Living on a single sex floor in a college dorm wasn’t very successful in forcing compulsory heteronormativity on me. If I lived in the doors my Freshman year. If I stayed on the single sex floors for three more years, would that have made me straight? As for I compulsory heteronormativity, I saw far more heteronormativity on the co-ed dorm floors. In fact, there was partying, drinking, and ‘heteronormativity’ all over the place, especially on weekends.

      “Single-sex restrooms just like single-sex dormitories have always been rooted in compulsory heteronormativity.”

      No, it’s rooted in the real threat of male violence, and the need for women to maintain a sense of personal privacy and bodily autonomy.


  8. “Single-sex restrooms just like single-sex dormitories have always been rooted in compulsory heteronormativity.”

    Da fuck is she talking about?

    No, they are rooted in the the hard-fought victories of women and girls who wanted to/had to participate in life outside the home. Women working in factories and stores, girls attending college– that is what brought on the need for sex-segregated bathrooms in the 19th century. Up until that point public restrooms had been single-sex in the sense that there were ONLY for men.


  9. If guys faking being trans to assault women actually existed, you’d have a point. But I have yet to see even a single case report of a person claiming to be trans and assaulting someone in a bathroom for people with the other set of genitals. It’s a transphobic myth.


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