Conservatives and bathrooms

My friends are all sharing this video with comments about how it’s powerful and well done. As soon as I heard the dramatic piano music I knew it was made by conservatives. Lefties don’t use that type of dramatic piano music—it’s the kind that says OMG LOOK AT WHAT THESE HORRIBLE LIBERALS ARE DOING. There are a few good points made in the video, but I can’t help being bothered by who made it.

This video is made by the Alliance Defending Freedom. In addition to opposing men in women’s washrooms, they also oppose abortion and same-sex marriage. They want to defund Planned Parenthood and make abortion illegal. They think that heterosexual marriage is the foundation of society.

A couple of quotes from their web site:

“Over the past 24 years, a surging pro-life movement has forced the closure of 75% of surgical abortion businesses in America. That’s the good news. But over 500 abortion facilities still exist. There’s more work to be done.”


“Opponents of marriage will not stop at removing the foundation of civilization. They will redesign society at the cost of your religious freedom.”

By “opponents of marriage,” of course, they mean lesbians and gays, lots of whom are actually in happy marriages. These are not people who care about women. They pretend to care about women when they talk about protecting women from sexual predators in washrooms and locker rooms, but they advocate for the general removal of women’s rights.

Legal abortion and opportunities for women to NOT be married to men are fundamental to our human rights. It’s ironic that these whackos are opposed to predators abusing women and girls in washrooms, but they support marriage, where even more male violence against women and girls happens. That’s because the right wing views women and children as a man’s property that he must protect from other men. Any abuse by a husband and father against his own possessions is not regarded as abuse. If they were actually against male violence against women they would be pro-lesbian and they would favour the emancipation of women from male control.

Left-wing men, on the other hand, view women as the property of all men equally, and believes that men should use any of us how they see fit, in the name of freedom for all men. This is why women are supposed to suck it up when men want to identify as women and use our facilities.

The only people who are defending women’s rights are radical feminists. It’s possibly never been more important than now to join radical feminism. We have to stop the right wing, and we also have to stop the misogyny of the left. Now that the left has abandoned women and gone completely batshit crazy, we will see a swing to the right, and this will hurt women, lesbians and gays, and the working class in general.

The way forward is a combination of feminism and socialism, rooted in radical feminist understanding of the sex classes and Marxist understanding of economic classes. I do not ally with these conservatives—their bullshit is plain to see.



10 thoughts on “Conservatives and bathrooms

  1. Basically anybody who doesn’t specify that lesbians are not just oppressed but specifically targeted by genderists is suspect. It’s only nonconforming women who both get thrown out of women’s bathrooms and told to get lost when they argue for access to men’s bathrooms. Not all these girls and women are lesbians, but what’s important is that they are read as lesbians and a woman who refuses to be sexually possessed by a man is a direct threat to the patriarchy. So anyone who saliently leaves this out of any bathroom discussion is likely supporting the patriarchy.

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    • “Basically anybody who doesn’t specify that lesbians are not just oppressed but specifically targeted by genderists is suspect.”

      Huh? Aren’t you being a bit harsh here? I mean, it could be simple ignorance?

      Obviously, for them, it isn’t, but for other people, it could be.

      I don’t think the average woman is aware of the genderist agenda against lesbians, and the fact that actual women are thrown out of women’s bathrooms.
      The main concern is about males in women’s spaces, and I think most people opposed to the new laws think it is just a genuine mistake and the genderists just for some reason happened to forget that this enables rapists to access their victims more easily.

      I would have suspected the video of not being feminist – “unintended victims” sounds rather naive to me – but wouldn’t have suspected that it was made by such a vile organisation.


      • I meant in the context of making videos on the subject. If you go to the effort to make a video about bathroom policing and ignore a significant portion of people who are getting it in every direction from transgenderists, yes, I will consider you suspect. Not necessarily guilty, but suspect.

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        • Fair enough – this kind of professional video implies that they did a lot of research and should have come across the issue.
          It was the “anybody” that confused me, as I took it to mean anyone at all; not just people who spend a lot of money on videos with dramatic piano music.

          Though I do wonder how this excluding lesbians from women’s bathrooms even works with those new, very extreme laws. If bearded men can identify their way into the women’s bathrooms, why can’t actual women?
          (I mean, I know it is because of misogyny, but I am confused as to how they justify it. I could see people exploiting the sex segregated bathroom rules that we used to have to bully gender non-conforming women, but if a bearded dude can be a woman, how can a woman with short hair not be a woman?)

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        • Well, the real question is do we want to give the gendarmes and other people (men mostly) in positions of authority license to harass public bathroom users based solely on their appearances? Do we want it to become a thing that you can’t use a public bathroom without an ID?

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  2. ive apologized in the women’s room more than once since getting a buzz cut. Broad shoulders + short hair + confident stance = male to many women who catch sight of me in peripheral vision. Luckily, I’m 5’2″ and shaped like Mae West otherwise. So even an apology in my female tenor voice tends to get received with a relieved smile as the limbic system resets from threat level “oh shit”.

    I want a third option, because I don’t enjoy doing that to other women and because I prefer to not have anybody else in with me if I have to get undressed. I have had significantly negative experiences in locker rooms with both males (pedo creep adult male came into the girls lockers while we were changing when I was in high school.) and females (a woman actually poked me in my belly before telling me I needed to be taking some herb or another. I literally was restraining myself from responding with a forceful martial arts block that would have left a bruise.)

    I want to be left alone in there. Why is this so hard?!

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    • I suppose it must be financial and space reasons why they don’t have single lockers, showers, etc. If that was the question.

      For why people just can’t leave you alone in shared spaces … no idea. I tend to focus on doing what I came to do and leaving as soon as possible with that sort of thing.

      I am more comfortable having spaces to myself, especially showers, but if I have to share them with someone, I’d rather have you in there than anyone with a “female penis.” When the clothes come off, there is no confusion.

      (With showers, it really becomes obvious, doesn’t it? There’s no clothes and make up when you’re under the shower, the play pretend game really, really doesn’t work there.)

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  3. Jaquline Andrews, the transwoman who appeared near the end of this video, died on April 24th of a stroke induced seizure shorty after filming this video. Coincidence? Queue X Files music.

    Probably not an assassination. Long term estrogen use on male bodies takes its toll, just as T damages female bodies.

    She had a WordPress blog. It’s interesting:


    • Jaqueline’s death was tragic, I know women who cared for him deeply. He was one of the post-op transwoman community who speak out in support of radical feminism. These guys get very isolated and catch a lot of flak from various directions. The stress must be tremendous.

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