Video: Swedish reporter interviews college students on identity


28 thoughts on “Video: Swedish reporter interviews college students on identity

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      • Yep. If I see anyone mainstream getting their trans crit on, I google them an d usually find they are people who are right wing or just outright facist or just garden variety homophobes and anti feminists.
        There this common thread among all of them which goes kind of like, being forced to call a man she is just like not being able speak the truth about (insert racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic garbage that will make your toes curl here)
        It’s so fcuked, we’ve given the perfect weapon to the right.

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        • Yeah, my sentiments exactly. And here in the US, it’s been women’s health clinics, like Planned Parenthood, that have jumped on the informed consent bandwagon for dispensing crossed sex hormones. Informed consent being where people basically diagnoses themselves as trans and access to cross sex hormones is real easy. So, if 5 years or so when people start suing these informed health clinics for negligence and handing over the testosterone like free condoms despite the fact that testosterone is not approved as safe for females, what do you think is going to happen to these already underfunded and politically besieged women’s clinics who the far right wants to shut down for providing birth control and abortions?
          We’re fucked. Anybody who thinks transwomen in public bathrooms is what they should be worried about has not thought this shit through.

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        • Yeah, well we (people commenting here) are also mainly “mainstream” and trans-critical. Yet none of us are far-righters or anti-feminists. In fact, pro-trans ideology has led to an erosion of Title IX. It seems THEY are the anti-feminists.

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        • Never said people here were right wing, I assume not. The right is using the excesses of trans politics to advance their own agendas, this is happening. I’m not saying that criticizing trans politics makes one right wing, I’m just noticing what is happening and I find it distressing

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        • She’s identified as Hanna Lindholm or something on the YouTube video and the I googled her name and the Political youth group she reps for. That’s how.


  2. “Soft. Soft. Soft. Uh……”
    Not so easy when you have to stop and think, is it?!
    Julia Serano wrote an article about why Trans actors needed to be cast in cisco roles.
    View story at
    I commented that this was akin to whitewashing. Serano has yet to respond.
    Hopefully people can start to see how disrespectful it is to assume that someone’s ethnic or gender identity is completely frivolous and devoid of meaning.

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