What the fuck is this

Frank meme

I couldn’t believe it when this appeared in my news feed. People keep making these memes where a couple of regular male molesters are compared to some saintly innocent transwoman, to show us which people we should accept in the washroom. But this one has Frank N. Furter. Seriously? That’s your poster boy for trans rights??

Frank N Furter isn’t a transwoman, he’s a cross dresser. He never identified as a woman, and in fact, he’s a rapist.

It occurred to me that maybe the guy who made this meme was trolling, like maybe he was making a meme to try to make fun of these sorts of memes? But most of his Facebook posts are public and I was able to read his opinion on it. Nope, he’s not trolling. He says he has trans friends and he’s sticking up for them.

It’s unbelievably ironic when trans supporters put a fictional male-identified fetishist rapist in a meme that’s supposed to convince us of trans women’s innocence.

The level of discourse surrounding the bathroom debate has hit an all-time low.


61 thoughts on “What the fuck is this

  1. Haha, the trans ally is calling transwomen, transvestites. That’s rather funny. I swear, these guys that support trans rights just do it cause it’s a brilliant way of bossing women around. Saying man was made in the image of gawd so shut up and obey or die in a fire, britches, doesn’t cut the mustard anymore but telling women that men are women and shut up and obey or die in a fire, terf- that’s all fine and progressive.
    When the tide turns against trans it will be feminists and lesbians blamed and demonized for castrating children and men and the media will be filled with former MTT trans activists telling tales of the evil terfs for making them hate their manhood and put on frilly knickers and just the same old forced feminization fantasies. And these former pro trans allies will jump on that band wagon without hesitation and be posting memes about the horrors of transgenderism and how it was evil feminist plot.

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    • I was reading a blog post on a community blog the other day, written by a long-time postop transgender guy who’s been blogging about transactivism for ages. It was a post about that boy who’s been all over their media and in their memes, “if this was your child would you send him into the men’s room.” I’m being very careful about gender there until I get a better sense of what discussion is allowed, also I am weary, but in any case some woman commented that this is child abuse, that’s a boy, and transgenders have to stop hiding behind children and lesbians.

      So I wrote back, “lesbians, wut?” and went on to name the problem, male violence, but that worried me. Transgenders hiding behind lesbians? Where is this coming from?

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      • she probably means that people pointing that bathroom bills will result in legal gender conformity enforcement with gender non conforming women, such as butch lesbians, being harassed and kicked out of public bathrooms. This does happen and trans are using it in defense of overly broad gender identity protection laws. Or at least that is my guess.

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        • Yes. That is exactly what they are doing. GNC lesbians are getting kicked out of bathrooms ergo we have to let men in so that lesbians will be safe.

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        • Can’t speak for anyone but myself. I’ve apologized in the women’s room more than once. Short hair and broad shoulders have resulted in more than one woman tensing up in my presence. I tend to find that a second glance to register my height (short even for a woman) and an apology (even in my slightly low for a woman voice) will usually result in de escalation.

          But even just on my own account, I would rather go to the gender neutral single stalls than make other women uncomfortable. Hell, as is I try to avoid situations where I use multiple stall restrooms and so on for precisely that reason. But that doesn’t mean I think males should be there.

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  2. Haha he clearly thought “oh yeah, Dr. Frank-n-Furter, that would definitely be good, he/she/they is a real trans icon” and maybe that was true like, five years ago, but now RHPS is Problematique™ and Transmisogynist™ and only became a whole thing in the community because of the Cis Gays™. He’s likely to get roasted for not keeping up, as soon as his “trans friends” see the thing. I imagine it must be almost impossible to actually be a trans ally these days, because the definition of allyship gets tightened every five minutes and if you fall outside the new one you are ex post facto a cissexist who’s committing violence against trans people and unsafe to be around.

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  3. Last time I saw one of these sort of posts in my FB feed I clicked on who had posted it and found one of those bearded guys who puts on women’s clothing and calls himself a woman. Profile pic labeled with “her” and everything. I am all for passing trans people using the safest bathroom for them (having been out and about with a transwoman and knowing how awkward it would have been for her to use the men’s room) but I cannot understand how everyday people can look at a bearded man who calls himself a woman and say “Oh, yes, that person should be in the women’s room.” I cannot get my head around it.

    This guy’s page was full of women’s activism, pro-abortion, women’s equal pay, etc. It was absolutely one of the craziest things I have ever seen. And shared by a friend who considers himself educated on LGBT issues and a huge ally. We’re not talking here, buddy, about embracing men who would like to wear dresses and fix their hair. We’re talking about a dude who is appropriating womanhood for his own shits and giggles and now wants access to the ladies’ room. Please. Please.

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    • “having been out and about with a transwoman and knowing how awkward it would have been for her to use the men’s room)”

      Tough shit! HE is a man. Men should always use the men’s toilet. There is no such thing as “transwomen”.

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      • Heh, I would very much like a world in which I didn’t have to worry for my friend’s safety because she (he) is a man who appears as a woman. It would be great if everyone with male bodies could use one room and female bodies in another, but the level of acceptance isn’t there yet. This is why gender neutral bathrooms are really the only viable solution, at least until our society (meaning violent men) becomes more inclusive and tolerant towards those who are different. The trans activists, including the trans men who take photos of themselves looking out of place in women’s restrooms, aren’t helping nurture this inclusion at all.

        Actually, you made me think, how come there’s no movement on Twitter or whatever of men saying, “Trans women of NC, if you’re nervous about using the men’s room, I will go with you.” (LIkewise women offering to go with trans men so they feel less like they are “invading” a women’s space.) Maybe some people are saying that. I hope so.

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        • Yup. They just say oh you women are so cruel, not letting these men in your restrooms when (those other men) will beat them up if they use ours. Note that men also do not much say “hey, I’m one of those other men.”

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  4. I saw this recently on my feed too, and in addition to what everyone else has pointed out, I noticed two other things:

    Despite their constant insistence that gender identity isn’t about sex or conformity to sex stereotypes, they proceed to select a man (who doesn’t even identify as a woman) that portrays himself in the most sexualized, stereotypically feminine way imaginable.

    They undermine their whole argument that anyone, i.e. normal guys and, rarely, normal women, can be a predator. If literally anyone can be a predator and you can’t tell by looking, doesn’t that equally apply to trans women and cross dressers? Can’t predators be “normal” trans women and cross dressers? Wouldn’t it be unsafe to assume that he is just a “normal” PIW?

    Anyway, the meme is so hilariously bad in its construction, it’s argument, it’s irony, that I’m surprised they didn’t include Catholic priests among predators. SJW men consider it a past time to insult Catholic Church officials with homophobic, sexist, and “transphobic” slurs such as fruits, sissies, men in dresses, men in mommy’s clothes, and too many more to list. But these same man are ardent defenders of twanzlaydees and are outrageously politically correct regarding lgbTTT. This despite the fact that most priests and bishops, in addition to not being sexual predators, acknowledge that females exist, wouldn’t be caught dead identifying as a twanzlaydee, and agree with the concept of female only spaces like religious orders.

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  5. You saw the post where Joss Truit at Feministing wanted to “reclaim” Buffalo Bill, right? This barrel has no bottom. The level of confidence in the public’s willingness to swallow shit and pretend it’s delicious is so high that it just doesn’t matter how obviously non-saintly the “trans woman” being held up as an example is. I suspect there’s also an element of rubbing women’s noses in their inability to complain about it.

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  6. Is it mentioned in the RHPS that Frank N Furter is a rapist? Haven’t seen the show, but I know that about 30% of men (study results may or may not be accurate) will admit that they would rape a woman if the question is worded such that it avoids the word “rape”.

    If Frank gets away with rape and gets a happy end in the show, it would not surprise me if the man who posted this has seen the show … and sees no reason why, perhaps, Frank is not such a perfect example for an innocent, saintly transwoman.

    To many men, innocence is not about actually being a decent person, it is about getting away with everything and never being accused.(Note how they accuse rape victims of ruining the rapist’s life by making his crime public?)

    So this meme is a great insight into what the guy who made it is thinking. (If we assume he didn’t just google a picture of a crossdressed male and found this, In which case he would have made the mistake of thinking that no criminal male ever would put on “women’s” clothes.)


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