A dream

I had such a lovely dream that I wanted to share it with you.

I was at some sort of lesbian retreat, and it was in a natural area but it didn’t look like North America, it looked more like rainforest area. One of the activities was this waterfall that you could actually jump off of. It was a really huge, tall waterfall surrounded by lush green forest. One particular woman had rigged a system where you could jump off the waterfall using a sort of bungee-jumping apparatus. So I was at the top of the waterfall and a group of women were helping her attach all the equipment, and I saw her jump off.

In real life, jumping off a waterfall would be dangerous and scary, but not in this dream.The inventor of this bungee thing had built it securely and it moved rather slowly, so that she glided down gracefully rather than falling. She looked absolutely beautiful while descending, as if she was born to commune with waterfalls and this was just a natural thing for her.

At the bottom was a pretty little pool of water, clear enough to see through it. When she got to the bottom, she just barely touched the pool, and then she snapped back up like a bungee jumper would, all very gracefully, and started to go up again. It was watching her go back up that really struck me with awe. Normally, no one can go back up a waterfall after falling down, but she could! She floated gently upwards like an angel and landed safely back at the top. Then other women at the retreat would be able to try it.

I had this dream the night after reading about Miriam Ben-Shalom’s dethroning by a bunch of cowardly, stupid men, so I know this is a dream about lesbian power. I have three interpretations, and please forgive me for being rather grandiose about the first one.

a) the Biblical interpretation: Normally when a person jumps off a waterfall she or he will die. This woman came to the bottom and then just turned around and went back up, like it was the easiest thing to do. This made me think of the resurrection. A person is in a situation where normally she would be dead, but instead she rises to heaven, amazing all who are looking on.

b) A rather simpler interpretation: Lesbians always bounce back after they fall.

c) The general feeling: Lesbians can do amazing things, and we look dazzling while doing them.

This was certainly much nicer than my zombie apocalypse dream from the night before.


8 thoughts on “A dream

  1. What a lovely dream to have and thank you for sharing it. What really got to me about the situation with Miriam Ben-Shalom was her no-shit-taken response to the letter. Talk about getting right back up again. Dazzling lesbian power indeed.

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  2. Lovely dream!

    I had a shitty dream last night: that I was infested with little bugs like lice that kept hatching and spreading around my home. I kept looking under rugs or furniture and finding hundreds of squirmy little larvae. It was gross. Sweeter dreams tonight, I hope!


  3. I don’t know why people always say that hearing about others’ dreams is boring, I love dreams. This is a lovely one. Mine are generally horrible.

    In fact I have been on a bungy type thing of this nature. Instead of elastic, you’re suspended on a kind of pulley with weights on the other side. This means that you decelerate as you fall, and then bounce back up to the top again. I did it off a tree not a waterfall, and they caught me at the bottom instead of letting me go back up again. But such things are not make believe! Maybe one day somewhere this lesbian waterfall bungy will exist.

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  4. In regards to interpretation “a”, there is no need to invoke the bible. Themes of death and resurrection predate the bible by millennia. Themes of the male consort/son of the Goddess dying each year and then resurrecting each Spring are quite common, reflecting the death/birth vegetal cycle. Along with notions of the sacrifice of the Sacred King (killed at the end of the year of his reign, or in some cases when he could no longer perform his duties (loss of fertility). This fits into a theme of male sacrifice, which might be considered to be male substitution for the monthly blood sacrifice of the female.

    For what its worth, I vote for interpretation “b” and “c”.


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