G.S.A. now means Genders & Sexualities Alliance

In California, an organization formerly known as Gay-Straight Alliance network has changed its name to Genders & Sexualities Alliance.

“As a youth-driven organization, it is our responsibility to respond to this evolution and accurately reflect the identities of the young people we serve.  With the support and guidance of GSA youth leaders, we are thrilled to announce that Gay-Straight Alliance Network has officially changed its name to Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network.

The name change has been a long time coming.  We have heard from countless youth leaders who understand their genders and sexualities to be uniquely theirs and have moved beyond the labels of gay and straight, and the limits of a binary gender system.  For several years, students have been naming their individual  school-based clubs in a way that reflects the values and identity of its members.

We were also inspired to change our name given the evolving function of GSA clubs. For a generation, since the late 1980s, GSAs have served as safe spaces for LGBTQ youth to build awareness and community as well as prevent discrimination and harassment in schools.  More recently, however, these student-led clubs have transcended their traditional role and served as important vehicles for deeper social change both on school campuses and local or statewide educational policy.

New Name, Same Vision

Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network will continue to be known and commonly referred to by our acronym GSA Network.  And our focus as a next-generation LGBTQ+ racial and gender justice organization that empowers and trains trans, queer, and allied youth leaders remains unchanged.  Our name evolution simply supports youth leaders in developing their true authentic selves with the ability to define their own identities.

Over the next few months, we will work to align our movement building strategy with the needs of trans, queer and allied students across the nation, support the development of trans youth leaders to tell their own stories in their own way, and deepen our presence in schools and communities where the rights of LGBTQ+ students are being denied, around the country and here in California.  As always, we will work to ensure the rights of students of all genders and sexualities, continuing to empower this next generation of trans, queer, and allied  youth that are leading and redefining the GSA movement.”

I’m not the least bit surprised by this change. Gay-straight alliances were originally created to support gay and lesbian students, but young people don’t want to identify as gay or lesbian anymore, even if they are actually homosexual. These designations are old-fashioned now, and much too “binary.” The cool thing to have now is not a sexual orientation, but a gender. In fact, sexual orientation is bigoted; anyone who has a sexual orientation is exclusionary and therefore oppressing people (especially if they are female and their orientation excludes males).

The goal of a gender and sexualities alliance is not to support gay and lesbian students, it’s to desegregate school washrooms and promote the idea that there are infinite numbers of genders that people may choose from, and that bodies need to be medically altered to reflect people’s “gender.” This does not help gays and lesbians at all, and in some cases it harms us. It reinforces sex stereotypes by claiming that anyone who is masculine is male, therefore lesbian women are encouraged to identify as male and change their bodies so that they appear male, instead of identifying as lesbian women. In addition, gender theory does not allow for lesbians to exclude males from their dating pool as long as those males “identify” as women, which is abuse toward women who are exclusively lesbian.

I predict that the ending of gay-straight alliances and the promotion of gender theory on youth will have the effect of confusing and harming gay and lesbian youth, many of whom are gender nonconforming and therefore likely to fall into the trans cult. It will also have the effect of turning young women away from feminism, which is one of the movements that lesbians need the most.


54 thoughts on “G.S.A. now means Genders & Sexualities Alliance

  1. i came across this quote which makes it pretty clear that the T has not helped the LGB at all:

    There was a concerted effort by the trans activists to hijack the gay rights movement. They successfully derailed ENDA because it didn’t fix the trans bathroom problems. ENDA would’ve outlawed discrimination in employment and housing for LGBT, but we don’t have now because of them. They whined incessantly about the resources gay rights activists committed to the struggle for marriage equality because it didn’t impact them and their causes were more important and we’re transphobic bigots for not dropping all of our causes and picking up theirs because they have more oppression points.

    And now I am hearing that trans women of colour were the architects of the Stonewall riots, and that white gay men were just hangers on.

    Then again, what else would one expect of such a narcissistic group? I mean, the entire T movement seems to be built on narcissism.

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  2. R U KIDDING ME?! When I was in GSA there was one twanzlaydee who made it all about him and constantly claimed trans was being overlooked even though he was never told to shut up when we talked about tranny shit.

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  3. It’s all very high minded – at least it SOUNDS high minded, until you ask for details. How exactly are these groups making the world a better place and what is being done to reduce bullying, which is still going on? Who is working to help gender nonconforming kids in a way that does not further marginalize them? And why do the males get to assert that their bodies are fine and dandy but they should be allowed restroom access, while females are encouraged to wear corsetry and undergo very painful surgeries without parental consent?

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    • Yes, why ARE they changing if their purpose was to oppose bullying of gay teens? Has all of that ended? They are changing because this new fad came along they lept right on it. Bastards. Oh, and fashion victims. 😠

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    • OMG, why did she talk in the most annoying voice possible? I listened to the whole thing and tried to make sense of it. She seems to think that everyone is transphobic all the time, so I guess I’m transphobic, then, fine. But I don’t actually wish her any harm. Also, I suspect she is a lesbian.


        • I can’t really tell what “cis gay” people means anyway. I’m pretty sure that by definition, all gay people are not ‘cis’ because we aren’t following our prescribed gender role. But what do I know, I’m a TERF.

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        • Cis gay people are oppressors, which is why NUS LGBT student union had to make sure that trans people, specifically, were given a voice,and cis gay people demoted.

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        • According to this crazy bullshit system that I am in no sense condoning obviously, all gay people are cis. Cis is not about ‘privilege’. It’s about whether or not you are trans. And remember they don’t care about sex roles they only care about genital chopping. Plus now that they’ve finished absorbing the position of women as a protected class, kind of like the Borg, they’re moving on to take over everything gay people as a political issue have/are. So gay people will more and more because I cast as the enemy. It started with the cotton ceiling but last month the Edinburgh student union or was it the national one? targeted gay men. To exclude from some set of jobs in the student union.

          Cis is just the opposite of trans. They are two terms from chemistry. A trans molecule is one that is a slightly different configuration from what is considered the usual one for that molecule. And cis is the regular standard issue configuration. Neither cis nor trans really have anything to do with being gender nonconforming. The vast majority of trans aren’t. They are in their mannerisms, emotions and behaviour gender conforming: the autogynephiles.

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        • “I’m pretty sure that by definition, all gay people are not ‘cis’ because we aren’t following our prescribed gender role.”

          Male homosexuality was considered okay in ancient Greece and Rome as long as the dude engaging in it married a woman and exploited her body to make her produce more dudes, so I guess some closeted gay men could be considered cis?

          Petuniacat, thanks for the explanation, I wondered where the words came from; “trans” is well known (see Transsylvania) but I never heard “cis” in any context but the genderism one.

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      • @petuniacat00
        “A trans molecule is one that is a slightly different configuration from what is considered the usual one for that molecule”
        I know this is kind of an older thread, but that’s not what cis and trans mean in chemistry. Cis and trans are terms for isomers of the same molecule. Cis means that the ligands/substituents are on the same side of the molecule. Trans means that they are on opposite sides of the molecule.

        A good example of a simple cis molecule is the anti-cancer drug, cisplatin:
        Notice how the chlorines and the amines (NH3 groups) are on the same side of the molecule. This molecule also exists as the trans isomer, transplatin:


        In this case, the chlorines and the amines are on opposite sides of the molecule.

        As for which isomer is easier to make or most common, it varies A LOT depending on the molecule and the reaction conditions. For cisplatin, you do want the cis isomer since the trans isomer causes cancer. But there are other molecules where you want to make the trans isomer.

        I have made this molecule before and needed both isomers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cis-Dichlorobis(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III)_chloride

        For this one, it is easier to make the green trans isomer and then dissolve it in water on a watch glass, wait for it to turn into the purple cis isomer, then cook off the water. There are also ways to make the cis isomer from the start. For some molecules you always end up with a mixture of isomers and it’s a pain to separate them out. And cis and trans is only one of the many kinds of isomerization in chemistry.

        And that’s my chemistry info dump. You are right though, that the trans cult is like the Borg for taking over lesbian and gay organizations and trying to turn a chemistry term “cis” into a slur, thus making synthetic chemistry less fun for everyone. Jerks. Autogynephiles definitely conform to male gender roles. I consider them worse than other obvious misogynists though, mainly because they get so much support despite them behaving like dudebros. Their movement is all about forcing everyone, especially women, especially women who are lesbians to participate in their sexual fetish.

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    • How sad, all these young women who think the only way to be claim full humanity is to deny that they are women. I guess if women are culturally defined as sexist stereotypes, i.e.; gender, and not as female people, then the only way for young women to resist sexist stereotypes is to claim the anything but a woman status.

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    • Me! Me me me! Your life should revolve around doing things for me!

      “Transgender voices are not being heard”

      LOL. I’ve never seen such a tiny demographic that’s as overrepresented in the media and the culture at large as trans people.

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  4. The conversation of the name is directly tied to the conversation of gays which is the real reason the group has been transformed as a generation of gay children have by such tactics heterosexuals used by reinforcing gender norms in our own spaces…Has no1 ever watched how conversation camps enforced gender roles on homosexual before or ever watched but I’m a cheerleader the steps are exactly the same in what is happening especailly to lesbians now pushed into picturing themselves with men by the same community she entered to help her deal with homophobia. This is how modern conversation camps work under the guise of being trans supportive ya supportive of transitioning everyone into heteros who reinforce gender above all.

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  5. My first reaction to this is actually, “What about the alliance and education of STRAIGHTS that occurred through gay-straight alliance programs?” Making it into genders and sexualities just further emphasizes the ridiculous ‘cis/trans’ divide, which is alienating not only to straight people – who will now no longer receive the inclusion and education as allies of LGB people – but also alientes us ‘cis’ lesbian and gay men and women. It really does just become a club for special snowflakes and meaningless.

    Having just fallen out with two straight people due to their lack of education on gay and lesbian issues, this is just disheartening. I was never in a GSA program in school, but they always looked like a great idea. So sad.

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    • Very good points. Plus, there’s no “gender alliance” given gender is an oppressive hierarchy. Unless it happens to mean the alliance of heterosexual men against everyone else, or the alliance of heterosexual and homosexual men against women. Which of course is what this “trans” business is.

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      • That’s essentially the problem, that genderism by its very nature insists classic feminist theory is incorrect. Is gender innate, or is gender oppressive? MRA’s say “it’s both, too bad, women;” leftist genderists say “it’s innate but not innately oppressive;” and classic feminist theory argues that it is not innate, but is innately oppressive. In a political context, gender is indeed a binary, but the politics of gender tend to split three ways in terms of assessing its significance.


        • That’s one of the things that piss me off with the “non binary” “agender” sparklequeers. They aren’t outside a binary, they’re just borrowing bits from the one that doesn’t pertain to their sex. There isn’t anything else to choose from, because it’s based on sex and there are only two of those, and sex is what people read, not gender.

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        • Friend D, exactly. Or worse: stick with the presentation you’ve always had and throw a fit when others don’t comply with the demand du jour.

          Friends of mine are dealing with that situation now. Their daughter is now insists that she is “they” and refuses to acknowledge that her parents might have any reason to continue addressing her as “she”. This, as you might imagine, has led to a certain amount of family awkwardness. Not helping matters is the fact that friend Junior is in her 30s and still living at home. Friend mother is suffering from major depression and friend father has ulcers, high blood pressure and all the stress markers, probably from being the only functioning adult in the house.

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  7. This video reminds me of this person, who is so “oppressed” that “they” has to check male or female to open a bank account just like everyone else on the planet. No, this person is not intersexed in some way that makes male or female actually an awkward question.


    ‘“When you’re filling something in and you don’t identify as male or female and you only see those two boxes then you don’t see yourself there,” Keith told BuzzFeed. “You are absent. That must hurt, and that’s what makes me angry. There’s no reason for it. It doesn’t need to be like this.”’

    I also don’t find personal affirmation in bank forms, but that causes me no pain whatsoever. Maybe it’s because I’m not trying to make the rest of the world go along with my fantasy of being able to opt out of sexism.

    It is a real problem if your electronic identity gets screwed up in such a way that you genuinely can’t do things like get identification, get bank accounts, rent an apartment, pass a basic background check, and so forth. It’s a real problem if someone steals your electronic identity and wrecks your electronic reputation, ruining your credit and leading to a false identification of you as a criminal for years or decades. Having to tick a box indicating your sex is not really a cause I can bring myself to rally behind.

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