Video: Gender choices for four-year-olds

Thank you so much to Stephanie Davis for speaking the truth! Kids are being punished for playing with the wrong toys, gender roles are being reinforced like it’s the 1950s, and the kids who are being punished are mostly gay.


15 thoughts on “Video: Gender choices for four-year-olds

  1. This is great! And the news guy let her say ALL her points!! From gender identity isn’t scientifically valid, through toy policing to it’s the gay kids who suffer. And that it’s homophobic! YEAH! 😃😃😃 🎈🎉🎈

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  2. Finally! A woman who speaks the truth!!! “Gender identity” is poorly defined, and its putting stereotypes on kids who will more than likely end up gay and ITS HOMOPHOBIC. She covers many of the bases directly and straightforwardly.
    And she makes it CLEAR YOU CANNOT CHANGE SEX!!!

    Kids havent yet a clue at 4 years old..they dont want to be limited or have stereotypes forced on them: how they can dress, act or what toys they like to play with or colors they like to wear. Leave them alone and free to be!!Address bullying against those who do not conform!! Expand the roles or eliminate the stereotypes altogether!!

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  3. Imagine growing up being told by all the trusted adults in your life that you are a certain way – would you believe it? Of course you would. They’re creating a bunch of self-fulfilling prophesies with these kids.

    Gender is the same thing as religion imo, where you grow up being told that there is a god and you have to worship it. Any rejection of devotion to that specific god, or that specific denomination that worships said god, is punished. Gender is the same – tranactivists are just creating a cult using the existing framework of gender that is already established within our society, a bit like those fringe christian cults that like to pop up withing christian societies.

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    • “Gender is the same thing as religion imo, where you grow up being told that there is a god and you have to worship it.”

      Yes, but only men have to sacrifice only their foreskin to some religions.

      Genderism demands that women sacrifice their uteruses and health and independence from medication, and men their testicles … religion is merciful compared to genderism.

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    • The weirdest thing is that the atheist movement has embraced genderism. Even fuckin PZ at FTB bought into it. Dude, I remember when he made all those posts about Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender. I remember how PZ supported his female students.

      But things went wrong over there when they let in the openly abusive Natalie Reed and the used to be a cool GNC boy but then cut off his balls and showed off his balless boners Zinnia Jones.

      How the fuck can anyone describing themselves as an atheist buy into gender identity? “I feel the presence of God.” Cool you feel that, but that doesn’t mean we all have to believe in God or engineer society around your feelings.

      But somehow gender identity is the holiest of holies. Mere ladyfeelz in a male atheist’s head makes gender identity sacrosanct.

      Aw hell nah. WTF happened to our supposed hard-nosed skeptic chops? Our desire to be grounded in physical reality? Gender identity? How can I know you a woman, and more importantly, how can you know you are a woman?

      Woman assaulter Natile Reed never addressed this shit. Ball-cutter who likes to still show off his ball-less boners Zinnia Jones never addressed this. Heather M who claims to be bisexual because she’s a straight woman who rode ZJ’s rapidly becoming impotent dick never addressed this.

      Believing in gender identity is harder than believing in God, Bigfoot, or Uri Geller.

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      • Hell yeah. Believe in anything beyond the material world, they’ll lump you in with the Ted Cruz types. But believing male can become female and vice versa, or that male IS female when the male says so, no problem at all. I wonder if they have the slightest clue how misogynistic and homophobic it is.

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  4. I’m more thankful than ever my parents raised me and my little brother as people, not a collection of stereotypes erroneously based on biological sex and the dominant culture. Neither of us has ever been particularly gender-conforming under the prevailing Western stereotypes, and our parents don’t think this is a big deal. My parents themselves aren’t what I’d consider super-gender-conforming either. At most, I wasn’t happy they kept my hair short when I was a child, and had to wait until fourth grade when they finally let me grow my hair long. Looking back, I honestly couldn’t say if I wanted long hair because I thought girls needed long hair, or because I just liked long hair.

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  5. She makes such perfect sense and says what’s true in such a neutral, noncombative way that I think that a lot of people hearing her will understand and be convinced. At least, that’s my hope. It was very satisfying to know this was on Sky News.

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