Tumblr provides some comedy relief

I would like to direct your attention to a new Tumblr account for Rejected Everyday Feminism Articles. Those of you who are Totally Excellent Real Females and love to laugh at how incredibly stupid Everyday Meninism is will enjoy these fake article titles.

9 Ways Straight People Can Call Themselves Queer without Having to Actually Experience Homophobia

80% of All Murdered Trans Women Are Black. Anyway! Let’s Talk to 5 White Trans Women Who Are Oppressed Because Lesbians Won’t Sleep With Them

Want to Make Your Discussion on Reproductive Rights More Inclusive? Here’s a List of Precisely 0 Instances In Which a Trans Woman Needed an Abortion

May this excellent Tumblr account live long and prosper!

(There, arainandagale, I wrote about another positive thing!) 🙂


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