White man who identifies as a Hindu woman is a university women’s centre coordinator

I couldn’t make this shit up even if I tried. A white man named “Daphne Shaed,” who identifies as a “tranny cyborg Hindu woman” is on staff at the University of Victoria Women’s Centre.


daphne 2

I clicked around a bit and discovered this charming stand-up comedy routine where he claims to be “asexual” and then spends the rest of the skit talking about how much porn he watches and tells the story of when he gave anal sex to someone who continuously said “ow.”

It is rather ironic that he claims to be an activist for women’s rights and anti-racism while actively harming women and appropriating the traditional clothing of Hindu women. This racist, misogynist man is being supported by the University of Victoria Women’s Centre.

daphne 3

It’s completely unbelievable that university women’s centres have become safe spaces for narcissistic MRAs and unsafe spaces for feminists. My only hope is that this guy brings more women to peak trans.

65 thoughts on “White man who identifies as a Hindu woman is a university women’s centre coordinator

    • The ironic thing is that it is possible to belong to a culture one is not born into – by being adopted and brought up into that culture.

      This reminds me of something I read about fantasy literature – people are ready to believe the impossible, but not the unlikely. (You can have dragons, but if your character lives in London and it doesn’t rain when your character wants to go for a walk, people will tell you your book is unrealistic.)

      Apparently, this holds true for reality, too. People readily believe that men are women (completely impossible), but a white woman who wears traditional Hindu clothes will be accused of appropriation, as her having been brought up in that culture is just unlikely, not impossible.

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      • really good point.

        An example of the unlikely thing: Vin Diesel’s stepdad who was his dad when he was growing up is African-American. So he grew up with African-American stuff.

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  1. Oh for fucks sake.. will this ludicrous drivel ever end..? rachel dolezals book about being transracial might help point out how insane this bollox is…Anyone can be black/female cos they say so. ‘Skin colour, natal sex and socialisation are irrelevant’… dear god… do they not hear themselves? Who DO they think they are? only narcissists could countenance behaving like this. alarm bells! BBRRRIIIIINGGGG!! seriously, what sort of person appropriates gender and culture to this delusional extent? and why would you want him anywhere near young students?

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  2. It is so sad that a Canadian university would side with this fraud, and very male-supremacist that the university would do so over the objections of actual women. Same prehistoric, chauvinistic games, now in woman-face.

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    • I thought the new PC was against “cultural appropriation”? How do these shiny new, all-wise (according to themselves), youthful, SJW types reconcile their support for trans with their opposition to so-called cultural appropriation? This guy is not only appropriating womanhood, but Hinduism, and Indian culture.

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      • I am surprised it hasn’t been pointed out yet that Hinduism is a religion, a way of life, not a culture to be appropriated. It is not exclusive to a singular race or group. What I find the most disturbing about calling this “cultural appropriation” is the hate directed at someone for practicing a peaceful religion or way of life, as if ones skin color dictates what philosophy they are allowed to believe in. She is not pretending to be a race, she is following the religion she identifies with.


        • And a cyborg. Hahahahaha. How can anyone defend that blatant troll? And he’s like the fourth guy I’ve seen that has gotten himself elected into student representation for women. It’s all so stupid, anyone who defends this shit is a moron who will believe anything.

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        • Wrong.

          It originated in India. India is its home nation. The vast majority of practitioners are Indians or other Asians closely related to them.

          If you don’t get the cultural, Indian side of things, you won’t understand the religion either. I have heard of ONE white dude who grokked the religion at all… and he’s dead now. Gurudeva, look him up. And I bet he still got a lot of stuff wrong.

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        • Hi Ir0nM0nkey,Yes, I know that Hinduism is a religion— I think we all do?!?! It can still be appropriated; “appropriation” being donning the trappings and practices, without any real, substantial, deep understanding or appreciation. (No, I don’t think the man in question is an expert.) Hinduism is a religion that started in a specific place (India), where most practitioners remain. I’ve been to that part of the world. I even somewhat understand it, having read the Gita (and many other books on Hinduism) cover-to-cover and I’ve traveled widely. (I do not claim expert status, but I probably know more about it than most.) It is 100% necessary to understand India and Indians to understand Hinduism, though not all Indians are Hindus (75-80% are.) Not all Hindus are in India, conversely (but most are.) But, that was not my point. Womanhood can be appropriated and it is universal. There is not this sharp, bright line between religion and geography that you are imagining. For example, one can be culturally Islamic, but not a Muslim. Another example, some pedantic woman on the internet was going off in the comment section of an article on “Western cultural eclecticism” and showing off her book knowledge of Eastern beliefs and practices. However, she failed to understand the reality of Eastern cultural eclecticism. She obviously did not realize (based on her comment) that, for example, Hindu paintings appear in Buddhist temples in Nepal. There is not this sharp line, or purity due to the universal reality of trade. All people have engaged in a complicated exchange of ideas, physical items, and genes since the beginning of time, so I do not like the term “cultural appropriation” or use it. It is not my term; it is one used often by SJW’s. I find it somewhat oversimplifying and disingenuous. But, as long as that is their frame, why are they not against this white guy’s appropriation of womanhood, Hinduism, and Indian culture? Yes, all 3 can be “appropriated.”

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        • ive known a few hari krishnas, and lots of westerners profoundly interested in Hinduism who dont feel the need to pretend they ARE Hindu. The ones who do are usually those who understand and respect it least as a religion… the ones who appropriate the bits of it they like, go about adopting odd behaviours and habits, performing rituals they dont understand and costuming up to look like a prat with a sari and kathakali bells – like the japanese girl i room shared with in calcutta.. you could hear her coming miles away and she kept them on at night.. i wanted to punch her everytime she got up for the toilet…so up her own arse it never occurred to her she might be disturbing the 20 or so people we shared a rooftop with in 40 degree heat, off she’d go with her 200 tiny bells tripping over the sleepers as she went jangling off to the bog.. ffs… so pleased with herself for ‘assimilating’ into the culture she was, but the first time a rat crawled over her bed she checked out and never came back. she was the sort of person who turned up to volunteer at mother theresas with a massive expensive camera and did fuck all but take pictures of dying people who could not say no to show off back home. Everyone, Indian and western i lived and worked with in India considered them pretentious idiots and it doesnt look like anything has changed either.

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        • Funny story! Yes, the Japanese are world famous photogs. When I was hiking the Lang Tang trail through the Himalayas, I stayed behind with a women who had severe altitude sickness and we saw a helicopter, and we were very concerned for those in our party who went ahead of us, since a helicopter usually indicated an emergency. So I race up as fast as I could, and eventually I met up with the helicopter. It was loaded with impeccably dressed Japanese tourists who couldn’t be bothered with trekking. They literally took a few photos to prove they were there and left!

          Yes, religious rituals can be culturally appropriated, absolutely! “Cultural appropriation” is not limited to current political borders or countries.


        • This is fantastic! If this was on wordpress I’d re-blog it. One tiny quibble, at the end she starts talking about The “meaning of femininity”. I think she means version of femininity. Because femininity don’t mean nothing.


      • When I first heard about transgender women I promptly saw the attraction, not because I envisioned myself as a man attracted to women but because it would be such a relief to be out of this tiresome women box where you have all these wretched, tedious social expectations foisted upon you. It’s always been clear to me that men have more fun with less effort, and are considered at a social premium in a way women just aren’t.

        So feeling a clear and strong sexual attraction to women would reinforce all this enormously, I’d think. If anything it says something positive about lesbians that so many have enough sense not to fall for it.

        Isn’t it interesting, though, how it’s progressed from being mostly about gay men who have certain personalities and physiques, to heterosexual male play acting, and now to this huge surge in lesbians. It’s spreading like some mutating infection, and it seems to be mostly an urban phenomenon.

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        • Interesting that this is supposedly a medical treatment. But who it’s “for” keeps changing radically. As you said gay men, to fetishists, to teen lesbians. 😫 If it’s OK to trans children now, why didn’t we do that in the 70s? It’s so clearly a fad and fashion.

          Mind you I don’t believe gender dysphoria exists. People with emotional distress about their sexual orientation or their body or their ability to fit sex role categories definitely exist. But it’s just emotional distress/depression. Those things just happen to be what’s causing it. Somebody else’s depression is caused by grief or by trauma. OR, even scarier, the people have depression that just came out of nowhere and is biological but they latch onto these things about sexual orientation, their body etc. because they are mildly bothered by them but they want an explanation for their scary scary depression. And the transgender nutheads promise a happy ending. Real psychologists and psychiatrists don’t. ☹️

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        • Petnuicat…

          I think that it is possible that gender dysphoria definitely exists, only that it is related to body dysmorphia. In some cases the dysphoria has disappeared once the person goes on hormones. Also, anti-depressants have proven effective in some cases. No doubt there are a # of causes.

          The problem is that trans persons make an attribution error. They feel that their body is ‘wrong’. and they attribute it to having a lady brain in a man’s body. Well, the trans-abled feel that their bodies are wrong, and they attribute it to the fact that their leg does not belong. Of course, no one would argue that they are a legless person trapped in the body of a bipedal person. That ‘nature intended’ for them to be born legless. No, what it is is a problem with brain-mapping. I believe the same exists for transgendered persons.

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        • Well, this is a matter of semantics. We can agree that “gender identity” is not some somatically hardwired thing, and that people are distressed for reasons that are not always clear and sometimes latch onto explanations because as humans we are invested in narratives, and transgenderism is a well-developed narrative.

          I think some things about personalities and preferences are indeed hardwired, or become so via development to the point where the distinction is academic, and that if these do not line up to gendered social expectations, you meet with resistance and enforcement and prejudice. This would explain why some transgender-identified individuals insist so strongly that they are born that way, because in a sense they are. It just doesn’t have anything to do with their biological sex other than that which is socially imposed. And individuals will react to this differently, depending both on other aspects of their personalities, and their social environments.

          So gender dysphoria is real only to the extent that gender is perceived as real. Otherwise I don’t think there has been any good research done that has found a true biological marker for body identity integrity disorders, as in feeling certain parts do not belong, but I don’t know that they’ve found one for schizophrenia or bipolor disorders either, and these both seem to me problems that can certainly be amplified by social factors, but that are not pure socialization either.

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    • My last vestiges of concern for those guys disappeared when they started calling men with genuine GID or GD “truscum.” I wonder how many leftist SJW’s know about that. They resemble victims about as much as my kitty resembles a bobcat.

      These people would be hilarious if they weren’t so dangerous.

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      • Their whole “truscum” raging was instrumental in my realizing early on what an incoherent, aggressive cultish revolting ideology “trans” was as a whole, and how many features it shared with bastardized “new identity politics” of contemporary liberals. (Not to be confused with leftists)

        It seemed crazy to not see it in medical, but in cultural, identity terms.

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  3. Hey purplesage have you ever seen the women’s humour anthology Women’s Glib? It came out in 89 I think. With a sequel in 1990. It’s very funny. 😆

    I just remembered it now after typing ‘teen lesbian’. Because there’s the item in it imagining the Leslie Sapphire Teen Lesbian Adventure Novel Series. If you can find the book you would like it. 📚😂


  4. Oh yeah..You might find these links to be very illuminating.

    https://autogynephiliatruth.wordpress.com/2015/07/20/narcissistic-pathology-and-personality-factors-in-gender-dysphoric-men/ <–Have a look at the comments, especially those by Rod Fleming. Transexualism is very common around the world, especially in patriarchal societies that believe in strict gender roles. The MTTs in Iran, Thailand, Pakistan and India are all gay men. Since there is such a stigma against actually being gay…they live their lives as women.

    Then we have the classic autogyniphiliac:


    I think that autogynephiliacs, who are usually straight, can suffer body dysmorphia, as both articles explain. The dysmorphia, however, comes from the intense, obsessive nature of the mental illness.

    It's also possible that people suffering from intense internalized homophobia begin to hate their bodies, which is what we are witnessing with all of the young women who are now mysteriously identifying as dudes.

    So yeah, lotsa causes.

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  6. Who on earth funds this kind of nonsense? Feminist notions regarding “intersectionality”and “gender fluidity” allow for the intellectual garbage known as self identification. The very thing that Jordan Peterson gets so irate about. How does such vacuous thinking become so prevalent at a university Woman’s Centre.


  7. Isn’t it amazing how fast gays and lesbians end up under the bus when they call bullshit on a new special SJW pet? One might even suspect an ulterior motive on the part of the university.


  8. ‘he gave anal sex to someone who continuously said “ow.”’

    He sounds like a rapist and/or abuser. He was probably anally abused in his childhood. I think anal is unhealthy, risky, patriarchal, and unnecessary. Genital-genital sex and (mutually) genital sex (regardless of gender pairing) exist for a good reason. If you don’t want to get anal fissures, HIV, Hepatitis C, etc. then don’t do anal or inject drugs. This guy needs some sort of good trauma-based psychotherapy, because what normal healthy compassionate respectful human being would anally penetrate another human being (especially when that human being is continuously saying “ow”). Not a good sign.


  9. Ok it’s over a year since the last comment. Anyone know what this character is up to now. I see he had a radio show for a while (fb) but where has he drifted now.


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